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What is MarTech Stack and How Does It Aid Marketing?

To effectively implement various aspects of marketing, marketers utilize a comprehensive toolbox – marketing technology stack. This stack comprises the essential technologies required to execute automated workflows and a wide range of other initiatives:

  • lead generation;
  • data collection, processing, storage, and analysis;
  • reporting automation;
  • email marketing;
  • social media management;
  • content management, etc.

The multitude of MarTech tools available makes it challenging to navigate and identify, integrate, or streamline an optimal tech stack efficiently and reap the following benefits:

  • streamline marketing operations;
  • improve customer targeting and engagement;
  • increase marketing ROI.


What Problems Do MarTech Solutions Help to Solve?

Reduce the number of manual workflows and automate time-consuming tasks

Activate marketing data to enhance user experience and meet changing expectations

Enhance the efficiency of the marketing strategy by predicting the outcome of marketing efforts

Improve cross-department efficiency by speeding up underlying processes

Align sales and marketing departments pursuing shared goals

Gain valuable insights into the needs and preferences of your target audiences

Outperform competitors offering similar products or services

Increase your business value by implementing innovative proprietary technologies

Personalize marketing campaigns and increase their relevance

Gain access to large amounts of user behavior data and create user profiles

Build custom platforms unparalleled on the market

Save money in the long term by investing in your Marketing solution


Solve Your Marketing Challenges with Geomotiv


While some companies may develop MarTech solutions in-house, many hire MarTech developers or work with external development firms to leverage their expertise, save time and resources, and ensure their marketing technology initiatives are executed efficiently.


That is what Geomotiv is ready to deliver to their clients:

  • We hire tech-savvy and talented MarTech professionals;
  • We have vast experience with cutting-edge MarTech solutions for renowned customers;
  • We easily navigate the complexities of the MarTech industry.


Signs Your Business Needs MarTech Software Development

  • Your current solution does not meet your business needs,
    and available market solutions also can’t offer a better alternative.
  • Your solution is too expensive, and investments in your own
    technology may be more cost-effective and help save money
    in the long run.
  • You want to stand out among competitors and offer your
    customers a better experience.
  • You plan to increase the value of your business through
    proprietary technology or attract additional investment.
  • You have a startup and want to offer innovative marketing
    features to your target audience.


Essential Tools for Building a Comprehensive Marketing Approach


How Geomotiv Helps With Your MarTech-Related Needs

MarTech Consulting MarTech Consulting

Our MarTech consultants help with
strategy development, software analysis,
and technical assessments. We clarify
your vision, validate ideas, and provide a
roadmap by incorporating comprehensive
business analysis in our MarTech
consulting services. The deliverables
include a specification with clear
development stages, cost and time
estimate, scope definition, and required
team composition.

Custom MarTech Development Custom MarTech Development

We can develop your custom MarTech
solution from scratch, designing proprietary
architecture, tailoring functionality to your
needs, and launching an MVP. Alternatively,
we offer a cost-efficient approach by
leveraging existing frameworks and
integrating capabilities through APIs and
third-party tools. Our consulting and
in-depth business analysis determine
the optimal approach for your business

Current MarTech Solution Improvement Current MarTech Solution Improvement

If your MarTech solution needs
improvement, our experts will collaborate
with you to understand your needs and
develop a strategy and roadmap for an
extensive upgrade. With our help, you
will add extra features, improve the
performance of your current solution,
incorporate new technologies and trends,
and emove operational issues from your
existing IT infrastructure.


Explore The Full Range of Custom Tools that Match your Business Needs

Are you looking for cutting-edge advertising technologies to enhance your marketing strategy?

If your MarTech stack requires AdTech-related solutions such as SSP and DSP, you can also count on us.
Explore the full range of our AdTech development services and solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Next-Gen Capabilities

We Add Intelligent Technologies to Enhance Your Martech Solution


Power your MarTech solution with cutting-edge AI technology to solve day-to-day marketing challenges, infuse automation into your operations, and leverage precise insights for informed decision-making. With Geomotiv’s expert help, you will achieve greater personalization and utilize Big Data platforms for advanced monitoring and analytics.


Facilitate your solution with Blockchain-powered marketing tools using the expertise and skills of our developers. The technology can provide a decentralized and secure data storage and sharing platform, leading to increased transparency and accountability in your industry, reducing fraud, and establishing meaningful customer relationships.


Our MarTech apps development company harnesses the power of modern technologies to extract, process, and act on massive amounts of marketing data generated by IoT-enabled devices. Our developers have the right mix of knowledge and expertise to help marketers effortlessly collect and organize customer data, improve advertising efficiency with real-time analytics, and streamline sales data exchange.

Big Data
Big Data
Big Data

Our advanced Big Data tech stack enables us to elevate your MarTech solutions with cutting-edge functionality. Seamlessly integrate Big Data capabilities into your marketing strategies, enabling robust data analysis and in-depth monitoring. Leverage our experience with Big Data tools to address key marketing challenges with data activation, cleansing, and consolidation.


Throughout our experience in custom software development for MarTech and adjacent industries and other domains, our development teams have cultivated robust expertise in cloud software development. This deep understanding empowers us to tailor solutions that efficiently address the unique business challenges of our customers in the MarTech sector.
As a certified Google Cloud Partner, Geomotiv is ready to craft scalable, efficient, innovative cloud-based systems that drive financial, operational, and technical benefits.

Wearable technologies
Wearable technologies
Wearable technologies

Our developers help you unleash the potential of wearable technologies for marketing initiatives. As trends indicate a surge in the use of wearables, Geomotiv enables marketers to connect with potential customers at the right moment and place, personalize campaigns, and improve conversion rates.

VR/AR content
VR/AR content
VR/AR content

Our professional developers assist in meeting modern consumer expectations by seamlessly integrating augmented and virtual reality into your subsequent MarTech implementation. With our expert help, you will captivate a younger audience with innovative and immersive experiences and elevate your marketing strategy with comprehensive solutions.


Empower your MarTech solution by incorporating a cornerstone in conversational marketing – AI and ML-powered chatbots. With their help, marketers can automate customer interactions and offer real-time and personalized communication. With the integration of AI and ML tools, the chatbots we develop reach a significantly higher level of quality, enabling 24/7 communication to answer queries, initiate conversations, and influence purchasing decisions.

Voice technologies
Voice technologies
Voice technologies

Vast experience in delivering software development services enables us to develop voice user interfaces with improved voice recognition accuracy for MarTech solutions. As the prevalence of voice-enabled devices like smart speakers and voice assistants is gaining steam, marketers must adjust strategies to embrace this evolving channel. MarTech platforms must optimize content for voice search and deliver personalized experiences through this medium to stay relevant and impactful.

Low-code technologies
Low-code technologies
Low-code technologies

MarTech application development on top of low-code platforms is another area in which Geomotiv specializes. Embracing low-code tools in your MarTech stack allows designing, developing, and deploying applications more efficiently. With built-in visual user interface components, these low-code web-based and SaaS MarTech platforms boost productivity, automate generic coding tasks, and enable software developers to tackle more complex challenges.


Agile Software Development Journey for Your MarTech Solution

Requirement Gathering:

At the onset of a MarTech software development project, our team focuses on understanding your stakeholders’ business problems, project needs, and potential roadblocks. Beyond project requirements, we delve into the existing software infrastructure and current systems, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of the most critical aspects. Those insights are integral to crafting solutions that resonate with your vision and propel business growth.

Planning and Backlogging:

With a wealth of information collected, our team starts with detailed planning and creating a step-by-step implementation roadmap. We evaluate resource needs, estimate costs, and determine project timelines. Next, we’ll prioritize use cases with a restricted number of the most vital features. Having created a prioritized task list, we’ll discuss strategies, tools, and frameworks necessary to develop the solution. This phase lays the foundation for a comprehensive roadmap that steers the project’s realization.

Product Development:

Stages: Plan – Design – Develop – QA – Review

Our developers create MarTech software following the Agile approach, which fosters the incorporation of change, timely delivery of the essential features, and the best quality of deliverables. This practice provides transparency throughout the consecutive phases of project development. A dedicated project manager oversees the MarTech development process, keeping you constantly in the loop.

Each iteration, spanning one to two weeks, comprises planning, design, development, QA, and review. Your feedback prompts us to refine processes, introduce changes, and iteratively deliver product increments until the desired outcome aligns seamlessly with your vision and goals.


The development journey involves client approvals and validation at the end of each iteration. Deploying new features requires careful testing to ensure flawless functionality and timely correction of occurring bugs. Leveraging Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, we guarantee the timely release of the proper MarTech functionality with ultimate quality.

Building a High-Load Programmatic AdTech Platform

Emerging from the initiative to leverage our extensive expertise with AdTech and programmatic technologies, Adoppler has become one of the most notable projects in our software product development portfolio.

In 2017, Geomotiv established Adoppler as a product subsidiary tasked with developing a programmatic AdTech platform for streamlined media buying and selling.

Recognizing the growing need for continuous system improvement and support, Adoppler became a standalone company, gaining autonomy in defining its business strategy. The team prioritized enhancing platform capabilities, incorporating support for direct deals through a programmatic pipeline, and adding DSP capabilities and an advanced reporting tool.

The development team delivered a horizontally scalable system within six months, rigorously testing it with peak loads of up to 200K QPS. Adoppler successfully introduced the platform into international markets, ensuring it met all declared requirements and adhered to industry standards.


More Martech Projects from our Extensive Portfolio

Development of an Automated Mail Marketing Platform to power niche digital-to-direct operations

Client’s background: PebblePost, a venture-backed company pioneering in the digital-to-direct mail domain, with over 100 brand partners and recognition from Forbes Magazine, Business Insider, and Business Wire.
Client’s goal: Rebuilding the existing platform to meet growing business demands, ensuring scalability, and integrating Big Data technologies for enhanced performance.
Work description:

  • Technological analysis and new architecture planning.
  • Implementation of Big Data technologies – Scala, Spark, and GraphX.
  • Simultaneous support for the original project and development of the new platform.
  • Complete data migration from the actual solution.
  • Web development using Java and Spring for the back end and React for the front end.


  • Complete system revamp to meet new business requirements.
  • Implementation of a specialized Big Data stack for enhanced scalability and fault tolerance.
  • Cost reduction in additional customer support and improved service scope for users.

Explore the complete case study to delve deeper into our success story. Read more

Development of an Automated Mail Marketing Platform to power niche digital-to-direct operations

Business analysis stage for a MarTech agency

Client’s background: A digital transformation agency specializing in crafting successful digital marketing strategies that help online businesses reach their milestones.
Client’s goal: The client had a new project idea to unify disparate marketing tools and automate internal processes through a comprehensive AI-powered MarTech solution. But first, creating a proper product vision and assessing the idea’s feasibility before launching the project was necessary.
Work description:

  • Initiation: Our BA communicated with project stakeholders to gather background information and discover business objectives.
  • Analysis: Together with the project team, the BA assessed the collected data, visualized current and desired flows, and helped formulate the project vision.
  • Evaluation of options: The assigned team narrowed down possibilities to a shortlist of viable alternatives based on an analysis of risks, benefits, and potential impact and presented them to the client.
  • Documentation: Our specialists provided a detailed project specification, a step-by-step implementation roadmap prepared together with engineers, development stages, and cost estimations.

Our team prepared in-depth documentation that included project scope, necessary estimates, and other accompanying information. Based on these deliverables, the client was able to get started with the project implementation process by partnering with Geomotiv or any other software development company.

Business analysis stage for a MarTech agency
Ready to elevate your business with comprehensive MarTech solutions?

Our proven track record boasts successful cases, showcasing our years-long expertise in developing market-leading MarTech functionalities.
Our team can create similar solutions and solve other technical challenges in your MarTech-related project.


Why Partner with Geomotiv for MarTech Software Development

Experienced Company

With over 13 years of expertise in AdTech and MarTech, our company has accumulated extensive industry knowledge through partnering with leading entities and developing custom solutions for their projects. Our team has been instrumental in the improvement of a programmatic optimization platform, Big data development for an ad serving system, creating custom solutions for a media buying platform, and other solutions.

Deep Niche Expertise

Our focus on niche solutions sets us apart, ensuring you receive tailored strategies and services catering to your unique needs. One of our standout achievements is the successful launch of Adoppler, a full-stack AdTech project that matured into a standalone company. This undertaking points to our commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions that drive success in the evolving online advertising and marketing ecosystem.

Specialized MarTech Developers

Tap into the expertise of our highly skilled and competent software developers who don’t need to explain “what’s MarTech” and its underlying specificity. On average, our software engineers boast over 8 years of experience crafting solutions for MarTech and adjacent fields and have the necessary skills to comprehend the most intricate challenges and propose optimal solutions from technical and business standpoints.

Sergey Lobko-Lobanovsky Founder and CEO

Since its inception, Geomotiv has firmly established itself within
the AdTech/MarTech sector. We have the privilege of partnering
with industry-leading entities such as PlutoTV, The Rubicon Project,
MediaMath, Adform, and Adoppler. Through our engagements,
we have been instrumental in refining their product offerings
and facilitating the introduction of novel solutions to the market.
By leveraging Geomotiv’s specialized professional services, our
clients have realized a 30-40% acceleration in their go-to-market
strategy and have benefited from more feature-rich solutions and
superior quality than those developed solely in-house.


How You Can Cooperate with Our MarTech Development Company

Project-Based Outsourcing

The project-based engagement model is ideal when launching projects with well-defined requirements and deliverables. Geomotiv’s full-cycle development team, composed of developers, testers, designers, and more, ensures seamless execution of your project or its part.

Learn more

IT Staff Augmentation

The IT staff augmentation model offers the flexibility to enhance your existing in-house team with additional expertise. Geomotiv facilitates the sourcing of MarTech developers with the necessary skills, experience, and seniority level to seamlessly integrate into your current internal team structure.

Learn more

Dedicated Development Teams

A dedicated development team model fits those willing to leverage the expertise of tech-savvy specialists who will work collaboratively and maintain a long-term commitment to the project. Geomotiv provides access to MarTech development teams that will join your company in the fastest time frames.

Learn more


Our Work Speaks for Itself


Staff Augmentation for AdTech Company

A technical solution for ad campaign automation that was developed within the client’s integrated omnichannel DSP and DMP platforms.


Media Buying Platform

A technical solution designed to optimize and automate ad campaign deals, and to streamline “advertiser-account manager-publisher” communication.


Automated Email Marketing Platform

The Mail Marketing Platform was an automatic system created for niche digital-to-direct sphere operations.


Facebook Campaign Manager

An ad management application that allowed for administering ad sets faster than Native Facebook Ads Manager could do.


Custom Solution for Ad Campaign and Strategy Scheduling

Explore our user-friendly Scheduler system for ad campaigns and strategy scheduling integrated into the client’s DSP.


AdTech Bidding Module Development

Achieving a 40% development boost, 60% leak cut, and 200ms processing speed in optimizing the client’s Bidding module.



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What is MarTech?

A comprehensive definition of MarTech meaning involves the strategic use of specific pieces of technology in the marketing domain. MarTech denotes the tools and assets employed by business entities for creating, implementing, managing, orchestrating, and evaluating both online and offline content, campaigns, and customer experiences, among other things.

What is a MarTech example?
What does MarTech do?
What is the MarTech industry landscape?
Is Martech an attractive industry for startups?
What are MarTech solutions?
Is there a universal MarTech stack?
What is the difference between MarTech and AdTech?
What is a MarTech company?
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