Sergey Lobko-Lobanovsky

Founder and CEO of Geomotiv

  • More than 13 years runs and manages the Geomotiv/Adoppler group of companies
  • 21 Years in IT Industry
  • Expert in cross-cultural business relationships

Key Skills

Sergey is the founder and CEO of Adoppler, a provider of OTT monetization solutions, and Geomotiv – a bespoke software engineering company with a niche focus. Geomotiv designs and develops custom products in the AdTech, MarTech, OTA and OTT TV, and a number of other domains.

Sergey has always acted as a “hub” that connects people, businesses, teams, and projects; additionally, he enjoys stressful and challenging business contexts where he can leverage the experience he’s gained to create new opportunities for Geomotiv and its partners. Sergey is an expert in cross-cultural business relationships.

Before starting his own businesses, Sergey served to a variety of product development companies & outsourcing vendors as a developer, team lead, project manager and CTO.

Sergey is fond of social networking (both as activity & business) and often contributes his ideas into local start-up communities, mentors others on the intrinsic details of the business relationships, and implications of doing business abroad.


AdTech, TV marketing tech, high-load & Big Data, interactive entertainment, start-ups, acceleration, social networks, new business development, computer games, mentoring, coaching, operations, recruiting.