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Geomotiv is dedicated to bringing custom eCommerce marketplace solutions to life and helping them grow and prosper. Let eCommerce marketplace developers put their creative minds to tasks of any scale and complexity.



eCommerce Marketplace Software in a Nutshell

A marketplace is a platform where multiple vendors can come together to present and sell a broad assortment of products and services to a wide customer base. The platform facilitates transactions between buyers and sellers and gains a commission from each sale, while third-party vendors deal with manufacturing and shipping. The role of a marketplace owner is to ensure a great volume of quality traffic from search engines and engage users with a functional, intuitive, and aesthetic shopping experience.


Besides, the platform needs to provide simple payment methods, rewards and discounts, notifications, social media integrations, ratings and reviews, and other powerful features.
But to win more customers and ensure a high conversion rate for their businesses, you need to develop an outstanding platform that will satisfy all marketplaces participants. Being an experienced eCommerce marketplace website development company, Geomotiv builds unique software with end-user needs in mind.
We thoroughly analyze your target audience, align with their expectations, and deliver intuitive custom apps that end-users will love. Geomotiv is ready to create a competitive solution that complies with the latest industry and tech trends and quickly resolve any arising issues. With us, you will be able to leverage a secure, scalable, and maintainable marketplace and add new functionality when needed.

Your Options

Custom vs Open-Source eCommerce
Marketplace Solutions

Custom development

– access to qualified experts proficient in cutting-edge technologies for eCommerce marketplace development;
– purpose-built product that is aligned with your goals and vision;
– flexible architecture that integrates well with current and future components;
– compliance with industry standards, privacy, and security requirements;
– scalability that responds to future needs;
– end-to-end approach to development, dedication throughout the development process and beyond.

– high upfront costs associated with hiring a professional development team for custom marketplace development;
– relatively high time investment;
– labor-intensive requirements gathering process.

Custom development

Open-source development

– reduced expenditures and lower total cost of ownership;
– freedom to choose from a variety of vendors on the market;
– vast community support in improving the solution and its security;
– innovative features based on the latest techs.

– template-based design with basic functionality;
– data challenges under heavy load and rising traffic;
– additional team training to address GUI’s inefficiency and lack of user-friendly interface;
– integration with third-party services to enable additional functionality.

Open-source development

At a Glance

Infrastructure Choices for Your eCommerce Marketplace Software

Cloud-based solutions


  • “pay-per-usage” pricing model about the type of the cloud service (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS);
  • flexibility, high availability, on-demand scalability, enhanced security, and reduced costs.


  • more than 40% of companies fail at public cloud cost management;
  • most companies opt for hybrid cloud strategies as they still rely on on-premise solutions for their mission-critical workflows.

On-premise solutions


  • complete control of all infrastructure elements;
  • streamlined marketplace’s performance, extended functionality, enhanced consumer data security.


  • high management costs;
  • recurring fees for licensing, facilities, support, and service contracts.

Hosting service solutions


  • no server and hosting worries;
  • ease of management, complete configuration, maintenance, and support;
  • ideal for first-time entrepreneurs and startups with tight budgets and those lacking tech expertise.


  • limited customization options and flexibility;
  • low performance and website speed;
  • extra effort is required to protect sensitive data.

Key Functionality

Features that Go with eCommerce Marketplace
Website Development

Key Marketplace

  • User account;
  • Vendor/Merchant panel;
  • Admin dashboard with reporting & analytics;
  • Payment gateway and checkout;
  • Product catalog and product pages;
  • Category pages;
  • Online shopping cart;
  • Customer reviews & ratings;
  • Search & filtering engine;
  • Messaging & notifications;
  • Recommendation engine & suggestion sections;
  • Monetization features.

Advanced Marketplace Features

  • “Sell more” features:
    discount campaigns, promote listings, coupon codes;
  • Order tracking, integration with third-party shipping providers;
  • Marketing features (social media integrations, automated SEO, user-friendly interface);
  • Advanced analytics and reporting;
  • Customizable front stores for vendors;
  • A standalone mobile application;
  • Badges and performance scores;
  • Multi-user access to a vendor’s account.
Ready to win new customers with a feature-rich and customizable marketplace?

Let’s discuss your business plan and further actions together!

Solution Spectrum
Kinds of Online Marketplace Platforms We Deliver
By Target Customer TypeBy Business Focus
This kind of platform helps to distribute goods and services from one business system to another
This kind of platform aggregates products and services
with common attributes
This kind of platform helps businesses to sell their products
directly to customers
This kind of platform offers products and services aimed at specific
niches, industries, or customer types
C2C (P2P)
This kind of platform provides its users a space for sharing products and services
This kind of platform facilitates the buying and selling of a broad category of products and services
Online Marketplace Platforms by Type of Products
Online Marketplace Platforms by Type of Products
Online Marketplace Platforms by Type of Products
Online Marketplace Platforms by Type of Products
Online Marketplace Platforms by Type of Products


Next-Gen Marketplace Development Services

  • Custom marketplace development;
  • Business Analysis and project estimation;
  • MVP and proof-of-concept design;
  • Mobile development;
  • Custom-built improvements to an existing website;
  • Platform migration;
  • Integration with third-party software;
  • Open-source platform development.


Why Entrust Your eCommerce Marketplace Development to Geomotiv

Experts in full-stack custom eCommerce solution development

Competitive prices and protection against
sudden losses

Vast experience in AI, ML,
Big Data, and Cloud

Commitment to Agile
best practices

Secure third-party integrations

Proven experience across
adjacent verticals (delivery,
logistics, martech)

Extensive expertise in microservices architecture design and development

Decreased time to market

Transparency of the entire development lifecycle

Egor Zablotski Director of Engineering

eCommerce marketplaces have considerably altered the way
buyer-seller relations are built and have demonstrated that making
purchases without going to a supermarket is possible. Security and
regulatory compliance, combined with innovations and flexibility, are
among the most important principles we follow in custom eCommerce
platform development.


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What is an eCommerce marketplace?

An eCommerce marketplace is a type of digital platform that brings together buyers and sellers. Instead of owning a product or service, online marketplaces earn revenue based on commissions of sales conducted via their platform. Acting as a middleman, it aggregates products from a wide array of participants, presents them on their app or a website, and facilitates consumer transactions.

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