Legacy Application Modernization

Promote faster digital transformation journeys and build the foundation for future innovation with Geomotiv’s legacy application modernization services. We revive your cumbersome legacy software by updating applications and adopting Agile methodologies, integration-ready APIs, DevOps practices, Microservices architecture, and Cloud technologies.


Why Geomotiv

Partner with Experienced Company to Modernize Your Applications

13+ years of special software transformation delivery

8+ years – average professional experience of our developers

Up to 50% of system efficiency with our legacy modernization services

Challenges You May Face

Signs That Your Software Requires Modernization

Legacy software holds back business initiatives and stumbles underlying business processes

If your company continues to use outdated technology, it can fail to grasp new opportunities and face roadblocks in addressing critical needs.

Other challenges include:

  • Inability to address changing business needs due to scalability and customizability limitations;
  • Increased technical debt due to low test coverage, complexity, and unmaintainable codebase;
  • Inefficiency and instability due to lack of vendor support and maintenance;
  • Security risks due to a lack of updates and patches to address exploitable vulnerabilities.
Why modernize legacy apps instead of buying or developing new software?

A legacy modernization approach is viable in the following scenarios:

  • Replacement with an alternative solution has the budget and cost implications;
  • The app is an indispensable part of the product offering;
  • The app follows stringent security regulations.

It is time to modernize legacy applications if they lack the agility to respond to changing requirements, don’t generate business value, or no longer fit the current market conditions. From a technical perspective, legacy applications require urgent modernization when TCO, complexity, and operational risks increase.


Legacy System Modernization Strategies

Legacy Application Modernization Legacy Application Modernization

We unlock the new value of the front end of a legacy system by improving or enhancing its current capabilities. Our legacy system modernization services breathe a new life into the back-end code if it requires a complete re-architecture. However, we can redesign or upgrade it within the current infrastructure.

Legacy Application Migration Legacy Application Migration

We ensure a seamless transition of your data, apps, infrastructure, or APIs without affecting core business logic and architecture. Geomotiv will develop a tailor-made legacy data migration strategy depending on the application and business needs while ensuring efficiency, continuity, and minimizing disruption.

Enterprise-Grade Software Development Enterprise-Grade Software Development

We replace outdated though business-critical systems or develop them from scratch. Our legacy modernization services aim to replace or redesign the complete enterprise application system when it is impossible to reuse the existing legacy business logic.

Don’t know what modernization strategy to choose?

Our expert team of developers evaluates modernization’s business and technical sides
to offer you the best approach in your case.

Sergey Lobko-Lobanovsky Founder and CEO

Geomotiv’s comprehensive approach to legacy app modernization
encompasses the A to Z transformation of outdated technology
through assessment, planning, implementation, and maintenance.
Our extensive expertise lets you decouple monolithic code into
individual components, move existing applications to more efficient
business platforms, and shift outdated software systems to modern
hosting solutions. We can also modify the required tools for Enterprise
applications, substitute a legacy application, add more features and
functionality, and retire aging systems or replace them with new

Our Process

How We Enable Legacy App Modernization


Initially, Geomotiv collects data about the legacy system, clarifying the business case for consecutive transformation and revealing potential gaps and roadblocks. Our team evaluates modernization’s business and technical sides to disclose the issues and concerns hindering innovation.


Then, we identify the steps necessary to reach the project’s milestones
and prioritize further actions according to costs, benefits, and risk factors. Our team evaluates the scope of changes, estimates migration risks, chooses a modernization approach, and creates a comprehensive project roadmap.


During this stage, legacy software transforms based on the chosen modernization approach and project goals. Our development team ensures ultimate product quality and timely delivery of envisioned functionality. We recommend implementing changes iteratively, which helps to release stable versions of software early and assess user feedback straightaway.


We ensure the software meets user expectations over time and runs to the best of its abilities. Our developers continuously fix bugs, observe performance, improve features, and maintain technical documentation and user manuals.

We Provide

A Vast Scope of Application Modernization Services


As a simplistic approach to legacy app modernization, encapsulation enables you to decouple monolithic code into individual components and transform them into microservices. Our tech experts decompose the legacy software and make it available for flexible open-system platforms via API. We provide low-cost and low-risk legacy system modernization to meet your demands based on the wrapping technology, which leaves the code in the current environment.



We can move your existing applications to more efficient business platforms and preserve the existing functionality and business logic. We modify the system components to adapt the code to a new platform until they can run in new environments. The changes will be minimal for end-users, yet the modernized application will have faster speed and be easier to update, modify, and maintain.



If you opt for rehosting as the modernization strategy, we can move an outdated software system to modern hosting solutions without significant changes to the application’s features or functions. When shifting from legacy hardware to up-to-date open systems, we enable timely UI/UX updates, performance optimization, and database migration without reformatting. Port legacy software to virtual machines using our solid expertise to ensure a future-proof, cloud-native, microservices-based architecture.



Our rearchitecting application services involve unparalleled tools and methodologies to move on from legacy systems with medium risk. We are your strategic partner in shifting to a new application architecture while altering the code to make it ready for ecosystems with better capabilities. With us, you will take advantage of improved functionality, unrivaled scalability, and enhanced performance of renovated and polished architecture of your outdated software.



With a vast pool of legacy modernization skills, we can create a reengineering plan that aligns with your visions and goals. We prioritize and modify the required tools for your long-running enterprise applications by extracting the business-critical and antiquated features. As a result, we boost the system’s functionality and scalability and enhance its performance.



To smoothly substitute a legacy application and dig practical value in creating optimized code, we can refactor an application component without affecting its external behavior or functionality.
With us, you will be able to remove technical debt, maximize the cost efficiency of each software part, and access UX updates just at the right time.


Rebuilding (Redesign)

If you want to add more features, functionality, and processes on top of the current system, opt for our rebuilding application modernization services. Our legacy modernization specialists will redesign the application’s parts from scratch without modifying their specifications to perform similar functions. Eventually, your app will rely on a renovated back-end but preserve the original front-end part with slight or minimal changes.

Rebuilding (Redesign)


When legacy code modernization isn’t worth investing in from technical and business perspectives, it is best to retire the aging system and move forward to a new solution that matches business requirements. While this approach falls out of the modernization paradigm, it is still an efficient way to move your business out of legacy code. In replacing obsolete systems, our teams help replace existing components with new parts built from scratch and bring new business logic to your product.

Rebuild, update or totally replace?

We provide a whole range of legacy modernization services depending on your needs.
Gain a trusted partner to support your transformational journey to a modern environment.

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    Key Tech Stacks for Legacy App Modernization

    Our developers navigate a wide range of intersecting technologies that power application modernization. We use classic and cutting-edge tech stacks and apply modern development and deployment practices to facilitate a seamless transition to innovative environments.

    Geomotiv’s experts have the right combination of skills and experience to help you modernize legacy software of any scale and complexity. We remain looking for new technology trends and approaches to help you design the most successful paths toward digital transformation.

    We help you upgrade your outdated software using the following technologies, services, and tools:
    Cloud platforms: shift legacy software to Public, Private, and Hybrid cloud platforms.
    Containers: use Docker for containerization and Kubernetes for container orchestration.
    Microservices: separate small functions into containers and deploy them independently.
    DevOps: automate testing and QA and implement continuous integration and deployment.
    APIs: allow apps to interact directly with one another.


    AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure

    Containerization and Orchestration

    Docker, Kubernetes


    Maven, Gradle, GitHub



    Key Advantages

    Benefit from Legacy Application Modernization

    Optimize business processes and gain better performance

    Mitigate operational risks and cut related losses

    Enable seamless integration with all parts of IT infrastructure

    Comply with the latest security requirements and gain protection from cyber threats

    Reduce total costs on business operations: maintenance, infrastructure, and security

    Improve customer satisfaction and brand reputation

    Incorporate innovative technologies and trends in your application

    Improve current offerings and create new ways of serving customers

    Keep pace with the modern demands of digital businesses


    Top-Tier Legacy Software Modernization Company

    Right Development Process

    The Geomotiv team will help you to employ the right legacy system modernization strategy suitable for your business needs. Often dealing with legacy systems, our teams have developed a mature approach to meet the needs of an organization. With us, you can remove barriers to digital transformation, reach your goals faster, and benefit from cost-effective services without hidden expenses.

    Agile Approach

    We follow the best practices of Agile methodologies like Scrum and Kanban to accelerate the provision of legacy modernization services. With us, you can reduce delivery time and implement
    higher quality applications with fewer errors by enabling incremental releases and gaining continuous feedback from end-users.

    Technology Proficiency

    Our cross-functional experts possess hands-on experience with legacy code migration and modernization projects based on innovative tech stacks. Our team managed to optimize and reduce the TCO of one of the fastest prediction-based RTB systems, migrate a legacy system to the cloud within a short timeframe, and address complex modernization challenges of other organizations.


    Our Work Speaks for Itself


    AdTech Bidding Module Development

    Achieving a 40% development boost, 60% leak cut, and 200ms processing speed in optimizing the client’s Bidding module.


    Project Launch Optimization on Typo3 CMS

    Helping the client streamline the work on projects and automate mundane tasks with our IT staff augmentation services.


    Programmatic Advertising Optimization Platform

    Custom software development for a programmatic advertising platform with critical performance requirements.


    NFT Marketplace Development for Selling Digital Collectibles

    NFT marketplace development for a private company selling unique digital collectibles.



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    What is a legacy application?

    A legacy application is a system that is based on outdated technology but remains critical to the operation of the enterprise. Due to lack of support to meet new business requirements or technological inability to scale or integrate with the latest platforms, such a system requires modernization or redesign or complete replacement in extreme cases.

    What are the examples of legacy software?
    What is legacy application modernization?
    How to modernize legacy applications?
    How do APIs help to modernize legacy applications?
    Why do companies prefer using legacy systems instead of modernizing them?
    Why choose Geomotiv for legacy app modernization?


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