Coupon and Deals App Development

Let us help you develop your own deals and coupon platform to achieve sales objectives with precision, increase conversions, and track the outcomes of marketing activities. With our team, you will be able to leverage feature-rich coupon software that integrates with other systems and becomes an essential part of omnichannel operations.



What Is a Digital Coupon Platform

A coupon platform provides multiple companies a single place to create, manage, and distribute digital discounts, offers, and promotions by aggregating and distributing them in various formats. It provides one of the simplest ways to implement, track, and measure a coupon-based marketing campaign so that the merchants generate more sales and increase customer loyalty through the use of technology.

With a coupon and deals app in place, online retailers can show that they value their audiences by rewarding them with a coupon – redeemable both offline and online.
On the customer’s end, this tactic helps to find the best deals, saves a lot of money on purchases, and makes shopping a fun and engaging process. Because of that, couponing serves to create value for ordinary consumers and online businesses alike.

A coupon platform can become a rock-solid base for marketing campaigns if it ensures full compliance with security and legal requirements. It is important to connect it with various data sources and distribution channels to generate personalized discounts for different audience segments.


What You Get with a Coupon and Deals App

For users

  • makes shopping cost-effective and engaging;
  • provides constant access to good deals instead of seasonal sales events;
  • lets them redeem coupons anytime, anywhere;
  • supports multiple promotion types: offers, discounts, or deals.

For businesses

  • provides quick time-to-market;
  • increases conversions and first-time visits;
  • increases customer loyalty;
  • helps to acquire and retain customers;
  • boosts engagement and brand awareness;
  • drives quality traffic to online stores.


Primary Revenue Sources We Can Implement

Affiliate commissions
This monetization model implies that a web or mobile coupon platform promotes a particular brand in exchange for a small payout. The platform generates and distributes affiliate links or discount codes to target audiences. Whenever a user purchases a product through their link or applies a coupon, the merchant rewards you as an affiliate partner with a pre-negotiable commission.
media buy
A brand can purchase ad space on your coupon platform and showcase their deals on the best spots in this model. So, if their targeting and ad placement hit on target, they can profit and be satisfied with that form of advertising. On the other hand, a coupon and deals app owner gets a new revenue source without mediators.
Ad arbitrage enables coupon platform owners to earn profits from the margin of buying traffic and monetizing their solution with display ads. In other words, merchants can purchase an advertising asset at a lower price and sell the same asset at a higher price. This monetization model can generate a steady income through legit ad exchanges, networks, and other platforms.


Features that Go with Digital Coupon
Platform Development

Admin Panel

  • Deals (new/active/approved/completed/expired);
  • Categories and Subcategories;
  • Track Website, IP, Login/Logout Time, Visitors, IP blocking;
  • Graphs, Statistics, and Dashboard;
  • Deal Review and Comments, Facebook Comments;
  • Coupon Statuses (all, purchased and pending, used, purchased and expired, expired);
  • Manage Merchants/Consumers/Partners/Subscribers;
  • CMS-based pages for FAQ, About Us, Buying guide, etc.;
  • Share Deals on Social Media.

Merchant Panel

  • Add/Manage Deals;
  • Manage Coupons;
  • Manage Subscriptions;
  • Manage My Favorites Section;
  • Track Acquired Deals;
  • Share Deals on social media;
  • Track Deal Status;
  • Manage Orders;
  • Manage Mail System and Notifications;
  • Manage Redemptions of Coupons;
  • Access Graphs, Statistics, and Dashboard.

User Panel

  • Sign Up/Login;
  • Invite Friends;
  • Complete Profile;
  • Browse Coupons by Categories/Stores;
  • Access Deals Listing;
  • Access My Favorites Section;
  • Use/Apply Coupon Code;
  • Share Deals on Social Media.


Alex Kharkauski Chief Operating Officer

Coupon and deals apps can bring unique experiences to users and
become a source of stable revenue for businesses. If you are planning
to launch such an app, you need to be sure that your solution will stand out from the row of others. And our team can help you reach this goal!
Our apps are known for their security, reliability, and advanced features
that make interacting with them highly engaging.

Advanced Capabilities

Cutting-Edge Features that We Implement in
Your Coupon Software

Social Login
Social Login
Social Login

Simplify login and registration experiences by pulling existing credentials from Twitter, Facebook, Google, or other social network providers.


Inspire participation and conversation with audiences by adding gamification elements to couponing offers.

Install an App
Install an App
Install an App

Gain better exposure by requiring couponers to install a mobile coupon software app to access the service.

Share Claim
Share Claim
Share Claim

Get extra reach for your digital coupon platform by requiring customers to share on social media.

Watch a Video
Watch a Video
Watch a Video

Require your customers to watch a video in exchange for redeeming the coupons on the application.

Flexible Coupon Saving Options
Flexible Coupon Saving Options
Flexible Coupon Saving Options

Empower website visitors with an ability to choose between multiple coupon saving options for further redemption.

Mobile Wallet
Mobile Wallet
Mobile Wallet

Integrate your digital coupon software with a mobile wallet to provide a quicker way to complete purchases for all offers.


Provide an easy way to bring customers back by adding a button to redirect users to your coupon and deals app.

Coupon Validation Methods
Coupon Validation Methods
Coupon Validation Methods

Ensure secure validation and single-use of all the coupons issued through your platform using designated widgets, QR codes, a scannable barcode, etc.

Various Redeem Locations
Various Redeem Locations
Various Redeem Locations

Add this advanced feature to make it easy for users to navigate relevant redeem locations in their area.

GPS Tracking and Map
GPS Tracking and Map
GPS Tracking and Map

Visualize all offers and deals on an interactive map to let users search for valid addresses and locations.

Flexible Expiration Counters
Flexible Expiration Counters
Flexible Expiration Counters

Trigger a sense of urgency by offering coupons for a limited time. Show app users how many days, hours, and minutes they have at their disposal.

Advanced Search Options
Advanced Search Options
Advanced Search Options

Go beyond a one-line search bar by implementing advanced options: add price-based, keyword-based, and discount-based search to your digital coupon software.

Price Comparison
Price Comparison
Price Comparison

Let customers compare the prices/features of different offers by implementing a Compare Now button.

Push Notifications
Push Notifications
Push Notifications

Improve user retention and cart abandonment rates with push notifications enabled on desktop, web, and mobile marketing coupon software.

Let Us Estimate the Functionality and Related
IT Services
One platform (iOS or Android apps)Multiple platforms(iOS and Android apps, and a web app)
Standard featuresAdvanced functionality
Basic payment gateway integrationsCustom features
Standard designComplex design
User and admin panels with core functionalityThird-party API integrations
Merchant web app with core functionalityUser and admin panels with advanced functionality
Merchant web app with advanced functionality


Tech Stack for Coupon Platform Development


Why Geomotiv for Coupon and Deals App Development

Secure payment gateway options

User-oriented design
that responds to project

Cross-functional specialists with years of expertise

Industry-proven QA practices that ensure outstanding UX

Streamlined project delivery within stipulated timelines and budget

Vast experience in adjacent verticals: (delivery, logistics, martech)

Scalable eCommerce
solutions with microservices-
based architecture

Proficiency in AI, ML, Big Data, Cloud development, and other advanced techs

An Agile mindset with a focus on ongoing collaboration and continuous feedback


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