Supply-Side Platform Development

Geomotiv brings years-long expertise with custom AdTech solutions to create your SSP from scratch or improve the current system’s functionality or architecture. Overcome tech challenges and boost ad campaign performance with an experienced SSP development partner who navigates AdTech intricacies and speaks professional domain language.


What is Supply Side Platform?

How an SSP Aids Publishers in Achieving
Advertising Success

What is an SSP?

  • SSPs, or Supply-Side Platforms, act as intermediaries between publishers, media owners, and the vast landscape of potential buyers in the programmatic advertising ecosystem. SSPs connect publishers to multiple entities, including Ad Exchanges, Demand-Side platforms (DSPs), and Ad Networks without manual intervention.
  • For a comprehensive understanding, the Supply Side platform definition highlights its critical role in facilitating transactions and optimizing the monetization of publishers’ inventory.

Place in the RTB Flow

  • SSPs commonly sell inventory via Real-Time Bidding (RTB) auctions, which automates the selling of a publisher’s inventory to DSPs.


  • One of the primary functions of SSPs is to empower publishers to optimize their yield by opening up inventory to as many potential buyers as possible and setting price floors.
  • SSPs ensure that publishers can distribute impressions to a maximum number of parties interested in their ad space, creating a competitive environment that enhances the value of the inventory.

If you plan to build and launch your own Ad Tech Supply Side platform to increase your ad revenue and optimize the ad space available on your digital resource, you can count on us. Since 2010, Geomotiv has been instrumental in delivering an impressive average uplift of 3X ad revenue and 4X ad impressions growth for its clients due to expert application of next-gen programmatic advertising technology.


Signs You Need SSP

Inefficiency ICON1


Challenge: Manual yield management process.
Solution: SSPs enable publishers to monetize their inventory without manual intervention. Automation streamlines the selling and buying inventory…


Challenge: Manual yield management process.
Solution: SSPs enable publishers to monetize their inventory without manual intervention. Automation streamlines the selling and buying inventory for all devices, increasing fill rate and maximizing RPM (revenue per mile) and RPS (revenue per second).

Transparency icon

Lack of insights

Challenge: Misinformed decisions.
Solution: SSPs provide detailed reporting on bidding activities, purchase prices, and individual advertiser behavior. This built-in functionality…

Lack of insights

Challenge: Misinformed decisions.
Solution: SSPs provide detailed reporting on bidding activities, purchase prices, and individual advertiser behavior. This built-in functionality empowers publishers with valuable data, helping them understand the performance and demand for their ad space and enabling them to make informed decisions for yield management.

Reduce Hiring Costs icon 64 variant2

Low fill rate

Challenge: Limited bidders.
Solution: SSPs connect to multiple programmatic platforms simultaneously, expanding the pool of potential buyers participating in real-time…

Low fill rate

Challenge: Limited bidders.
Solution: SSPs connect to multiple programmatic platforms simultaneously, expanding the pool of potential buyers participating in real-time bidding. This peculiarity increases competition and demand for the ad space, potentially leading to better yield and higher revenue for publishers.

fewer risks_icon

Brand safety concerns

Challenge: Displaying inappropriate ads.
Solution: SSPs act as intermediaries, ensuring brand safety for publishers by blocking unwanted ads and restricting distinct categories, domains, …

Brand safety concerns

Challenge: Displaying inappropriate ads.
Solution: SSPs act as intermediaries, ensuring brand safety for publishers by blocking unwanted ads and restricting distinct categories, domains, or creatives. Publishers can also limit inventory access to specific buyers, maintaining a safer and more suitable transactional environment.

What Is A Supply Side Platform Place in RTB Auction

How SSP Interacts with Other Players in the Programmatic Chain

Data Management Platform Data Management Platform Ad Network (working for a buyer) Advertiser Ad server Agency trading desk or in-house Ad Network (working for a seller) Publisher Ad server Publisher Advertiser Consumer OpenRTB client Bidder service DEMAND-SIDE PLATFORM OpenRTB server Auction service SUPPLY-SIDE PLATFORM SELL-SIDE BUY-SIDE AD EXCHANGE

Programmatic Supply Chain in Action

What Processes Does SSP Manage

Step 1
Data Exposure

The publisher submits the data associated with the inventory, including available ad space, audience, and targeting choices, and sends it to the Supply Side platform software.

Step 2
Website Visit

The publisher’s website loads upon a user’s visit. This event activates an ad request – the website forwards the user’s data to the SSP automatically.

Step 3
Ad Request Transfer

The SSP transfers the request to the Ad Exchange, which connects the buy- and sell-sides of the programmatic process. In some cases, the SSP can plug into DSPs directly.

Step 4
Matching with the Buyer

Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) obtain the impression from the ad exchange, enabling advertisers to purchase relevant ad space and target specific audiences.

Step 5

Bids on ad units from DSPs flow to the ad exchange, and the advertisers submit their bid price and accompanying creatives to the system.

Step 6
Selection of a Winning Bid

The ad server, following pre-set rules, determines the winning bid and selects the highest bidder. This advertiser wins the ad impression.

Step 7
Ad Rendering

The creative returns to the publisher’s website, where it is presented to the user within the pre-defined ad space.


Which SSP Development Services Do You Need

Custom SSP Development

Our AdTech development company specializes in creating custom SSPs from scratch. When you choose to build your platform with us, you:

  • gain full ownership of technology and data;
  • reduce hidden fees and commissions associated with online media buying;
  • control the product roadmap and build only relevant features.

Existing SSP Improvement

Geomotiv’s developers help incorporate new capabilities and functionality, and expand the current feature set to:

  • enhance your offering by providing publishers with increased transparency and control mechanisms;
  • introduce innovative solutions that align seamlessly with emerging programmatic trends;
  • achieve optimal system performance and adaptability.

Integration with External Data Sources

Our company will seamlessly connect your SSP with DMPs, data providers, and CMPs to help you:

  • harness the power of miscellaneous data sets for improved media selling;
  • incorporate additional insights for precisely targeting relevant audiences;
  • optimize ad placements by assessing multiple perspectives.

Sell-Side Ad Fraud Prevention

Geomotiv’s developers fortify your Sell-Side platform against various forms of ad fraud and ensure its integrity by incorporating:

  • robust anti-spam systems;
  • real-time fraud detection mechanisms;
  • regular traffic quality checks;
  • fake advertiser detection systems.
Are you looking to launch a custom software solution for AdTech or adjacent industries?

Then, engage Geomotiv’s developers or outsource the entire custom software development project to our company.


Must-Have SSP Capabilities

  • Compatibility with OpenRTB specification
  • Flexibility in setting up floor
    prices and yield management
  • Flexible and scalable APIs
  • Ability to plug into multiple channels such as ad exchanges, DSPs, ad networks at once
  • Unified dashboard with user-friendly interface
  • Access to all necessary metrics
  • Control over who buys the inventory and at what price
  • Partner interaction transparency
  • Detailed reporting and analytics
  • Compliance with GDPR
    requirements for companies that
    process EU citizens’ personal data
  • Support for all inventory types (display, video, audio, native)
  • Automated real-time ad placement


Who Can Benefit from Having
an In-House SSP

Premium Publishers

Monetize your premium inventory
and optimize yield with our tailored
solutions. We empower you to maximize
ad revenue with the highest efficiency,
ensuring your ad space generates
the revenue it deserves.

Media Technology Companies

Boost your AdTech platform by
incorporating cutting-edge media
selling features. Our solutions provide
advanced tools to enhance advertising
capabilities, maximize revenue, and
stay ahead of the curve.

Media Buyers

Take complete control of your
supply chain with our comprehensive
solutions. Disintermediate and optimize
your processes to ensure transparency,
efficiency, and strategic control over
your media buying efforts.


Take Advantage of In-House SSP


Full control over inventory and data
No need to pay to external SSPs
Control over product roadmap
Flexible opportunities for yield management
Access to a wide list of demand partners

Access to the most competitive CPMs
Fast integration into third-party services
Full support of all inventory types
Tracking of all necessary metrics on one dashboard
Maximum data efficiency

Explore Our Ad Tech Platform Development Success Story

Adoppler is a full-stack AdTech solution that traces back to Geomotiv’s product subsidiary.

It offers a vertically integrated platform encompassing SSP, DSP, Ad Exchange, and Ad Server functionalities. Adoppler’s robust feature set includes:

  • Video transcoding capabilities;
  • Complete SSP solution that supports working with VAST tags, OpenRTB 2.x, and Prebid Server inventory sources;
  • Complex traffic routing, filtering, throttling, and other traffic management and shaping capabilities;
  • Standard and preferred PMP deals, deal priorities; pass-through PMP deals;
  • Built-in ad server with a unified auction and direct campaigns;
  • Custom adapters for SpringServe and Publica;
  • Bidder adapters for all major programmatic buyers, including Magnite, Unruly, Smaato, Pubmatic, Xandr, FreeWheel, BidSwitch, etc.; 
  • Integration with LiveRamp, Neustar, TruOptik DMPs;
  • Integration with Kochava Publisher suite for closed-loop attribution;
  • Creative Library with support for rule-based allow/block listing;
  • Custom real-time reporting.

Egor Zablotski Director of Engineering

Thanks to working in the AdTech space for over a decade, we’ve
gained a profound understanding of the market participants’ needs.
We build solutions of different types, and supply-side platforms are
among the products we can create per your requirements. We know
what goals publishers expect to achieve using such solutions and
how to make it possible with innovative tech tools.


Why Entrust Custom SSP Development to Geomotiv

14+ Years of AdTech Experience

Geomotiv has been a custom AdTech development partner to leading niche entities since 2010 and a driving force for our product subsidiary, which evolved into a standalone company – Adoppler.
Vast proficiency with industry specifics, deep knowledge of the inner workings of complex AdTech platforms, and extensive track record of developing custom AdTech solutions from scratch –  are the things that make us stand out.

Professional Developers with a Rich Case History

Our in-house teams excel at translating your business requirements into actionable solutions due to extensive niche expertise.
Geomotiv’s developers have played a critical role in enhancing a
programmatic optimization platform, leveraging Big data for an ad-serving system, automating media buying and selling, and achieving 3X revenue growth for a renowned OTT services provider.

Agile Approach to SSP Development

Our development teams use a time-tested Agile methodology to deliver custom SSP solutions of any scale. This iterative process ensures the continuous shipment of product increments to users and stakeholders. Through regular feedback collection, we can swiftly make adjustments, enhancing the adaptability and responsiveness of your SSP to meet changing requirements.

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What is an example of an SSP?

An example of what is an SSP in advertising is Google Ad Manager. This ad tech supply-side platform provides comprehensive ad monetization capabilities and specialized tools for media selling optimization and management. It enables publishers to connect with various programmatic demand sources, including Ad Exchanges and DSPs. Google Ad Manager offers features such as ad serving, real-time bidding, and ad network optimization, among others.

What are the pros and cons of Supply Side platform?


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