Opt in for custom SSP development with a team of AdTech professionals
to take advantage of in-house sell-side technology.



SSP in a Nutshell

SSP, or a Supply-Side Platform a.k.a. Sell-Side Platform, is specialised software to assist media selling that occurs in automated fashion. SSPs allow publishers to open access to their inventory for the maximum number of parties involved. The platform also ensures taking control over, and managing, complex and intricate ad selling processes. SSP’s main objective is to help publishers get the most of their advertising space by means of maximizing the prices their impressions sell at, and find the piece of advertising that will respond to publishers’ needs in the best way possible.


SSP Place in Programmatic RTB Flow

Data Management Platform Data Management Platform Ad Network (working for a buyer) Advertiser Ad server Agency trading desk or in-house Ad Network (working for a seller) Publisher Ad server Publisher Advertiser Consumer OpenRTB client Bidder service DEMAND-SIDE PLATFORM OpenRTB server Auction service SUPPLY-SIDE PLATFORM SELL-SIDE BUY-SIDE AD EXCHANGE


Must-Have SSP Capabilities

  • Compatibility with OpenRTB specification
  • Flexibility in setting up floor
    prices and yield management
  • Flexible API
  • Ability to plug into multiple channels such as ad exchanges, DSPs, ad networks at once
  • Unified dashboard with user-friendly interface
  • Access to all necessary metrics
  • Control over who buys the inventory and at what price
  • Partner interaction transparency
  • Detailed reporting and analytics
  • Compliance with GDPR
    requirements for companies that
    process EU citizens’ personal data
  • Support for all inventory types (display, video, audio, native)


Who Can Benefit from Having
an In-House SSP

Premium Publishers

Monetize your inventory with
maximum efficiency

Media Technology Companies

Add media sales features to
your platforms

Media Buyers

Take control and disintermediate
your supply chain


Take Advantage of In-House SSP


Full control over inventory and data
No need to pay to external SSPs
Control over product roadmap
Flexible opportunities for yield management
Access to a wide list of demand partners

Access to the most competitive CPMs
Fast integration into third-party services
Full support of all inventory types
Tracking of all necessary metrics on one dashboard
Maximum data efficiency


Why Entrust Custom SSP Development
to Geomotiv

Our in-house teams have
extensive SSP, DSP, DMP,
and Ad Exchange integration

We founded a sister company Adoppler whose product is a full-stack AdTech solution

We have exclusive
expertise in omnichannel
SSP, DSP, and Ad Exchange
platform development
and customization

We have a strong development team with unique AdTech expertise since 2013


Trusted Marketplace Technology

As true industry veterans, we’ve managed to deliver our own AdTech platform, Adoppler Trusted Marketplace.

Our sister company Adoppler provides a holistic video monetization solution to resolve the needs of streaming media services, video publishers, vMVPDs, media agencies, AdTech and media startups.

Thanks to the unbiased universal auction, your inventory gets the best yield compared to legacy waterfall ad serving. Adoppler delivers added value with ultimate supply and demand diversity – letting you access and manage direct, programmatic, and third-party partners. Adoppler Trusted Marketplace ensures that you monetize video, CTV, and OTT inventory with maximum efficiency.


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