Advertising Automation

Powering up a unique independent marketplace to automate the entire advertising ecosystem across all inventory.


About the Client

Rubicon Project is a US-based AdTech company focusing on automation of media buying and selling. Their innovative digital advertising platform enables leading publishers, brands, content creators, and application developers to transact and protect trillions of advertising requests every month.

The platform comprised campaign planning, ad serving, optimisation, analytics, reports, etc. The client wanted to provide its users with Facebook ad campaign performance tracking and relieve them of the necessity to re-create the campaigns on the platform. The customer had a large development team of 100+ specialists with a focus on the platform core functionality as it generated the main revenue stream.

Technologies Used


The client expressed keen interest in a 3rd party team to perform external ad network integration. The client didn’t want to risk by focusing the internal team on a secondary task, yet was eager to meet the current needs and expand their service offer.

Work Description

Geomotiv worked in close contact with the client during the entire project. The team provided daily reports via Skype as part of the meetings, delivered weekly builds through the TeamCity continuous integration server, worked in weekly sprints to implement project features incrementally, and ensured high quality standards by employing TDD practices. Our engineers studied the FB Ads API documentation and samples, and designed their proof-of-concept as an API set to comply with the client’s high quality standards.

Work Stages

  1. Proof of concept
  2. Review and feedback cycle
  3. Production deployment


As a result of our cooperation, the client was able to provide their users with additional services thus securing new revenue opportunities.


Case Studies


SSP and DSP Advertising Technology

A system to optimize the entire ad serving system that allowed for collecting, processing, and reporting on, billions of transactions every month.


Amazon Web Services in Online Video Ad Network

A perfect programmatic video-distribution platform for content owners that maximized monetization and personalization.


CTV Ad Server

Adoppler was a system comprising DSP, SSP, and Ad Exchange that allowed all market parties to transact directly.


Brand-Safe Advertising Platform

Our Advertising Platform was a fully operational system with Facebook integration that allowed for the creation of advertising campaigns.


Data Processing Layer Optimization in an RTB Platform

An RTB platform with a particular layer for preprocessing data to be used in subsequent OLAP cube preparation.


Custom Solutions for AdTech Company

Discover our support solutions built for efficient software development and enhancement of AdTech products.



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