Staff Augmentation for AdTech Company

A technical solution for ad campaign automation that was developed within
the client’s integrated omnichannel DSP and DMP platforms.


About the Client

MediaMath is an AdTech company providing digital marketing solutions for over 3,500 advertisers and brands. Its extensive portfolio includes platforms and tools for programmatic media buying, data management, audience segmentation, targeting, and more.
The Custom Solutions business unit we collaborated with was based in the UK. Our team completed several projects that were all successfully approved by the client.

Technologies Used


The client needed a full-time team experienced in advertising technologies to improve the existing, and roll out new, features and components, and also to perform platform integration for the technologies to interact seamlessly. The client provided constant project flow and employed the Agile methodology.

Work Description

Our cooperation with MediaMath started more than 5 years ago when the company was looking for tech experts who would join its project. At that time, MediaMath was working on the creation of a technical solution for ad campaign automation.

Our client wanted to hire a full-time team with relevant expertise in AdTech to help them enhance the existing functionality and develop new features. Geomotiv turned out to be a perfect match.

We assembled a dedicated team that closely cooperated with the client’s core team and made its contribution to the process of building a major product for automating ad management. But it was only the beginning of our work with this company.

Over 5+ years of cooperation with MediaMath, our team developed dozens of sub-solutions of different types and complexity.


White-label ad management system

MediaMath has its DSP solution that it can offer to its customers. Nevertheless, not all advertisers need to use the whole functionality of the platform and want to have its simplified version at their disposal. That’s how the idea to build a white-label adaptive ad management system appeared. 

As our team already understood MediaMath’s products’ specificity, we could find the best approaches to solving the set tasks. A new platform had to keep the DSP’s core functions while excluding all UI complexities and excessive features. 

The main benefit of this system is its flexibility. It is possible to introduce changes to various functionalities and adjust them to users’ needs within a unified framework.

You can read more about this solution by following the link.


Scheduler system for ad campaigns

One of the other projects we contributed to was the development of the Scheduler system for ad campaigns and strategy scheduling integrated into the client’s DSP. The main goal of this project was to provide brands with a convenient tool for managing their advertising schedules. 

Our team had to design non-standard logic for the system acting as a CRM. It was necessary to offer a rich set of features for creating, editing, copying, deleting, and performing other actions with advertising schedules.

Geomotiv’s developers were responsible for a large part of the work, including system design. The realization of this project took nearly a year and resulted in the successful launch of Scheduler. The solution was positively welcomed by MediaMath’s clients as it directly addresses their needs and facilitates many processes for them.

Apart from these big projects, our team also helped MediaMath with the development of additional supportive tools and products.


Graphic representation of the results of ad campaigns

This is a stand-alone solution that can expand the functionality of other AdTech products. It can be used to analyze the results of ad campaigns and represent them in the form of diagrams and graphs.


AdTech entity validator

With this product, the MediaMath team can verify the data related to ad campaigns executed by its clients. This solution is currently available to other teams in a Python repository as a separate component. This means that if such functionality is required for other products, it won’t be necessary to develop it from scratch.


Automated test package

To streamline software testing, a separate package to automate it was decided to be created. This test package has been published in a private repository and can be used by other teams.


Website for feedback gathering

This website helps collect feedback from users of all the AdTech products MediaMath provides. Users can choose the required solution from the list and then share their thoughts. All their replies are sent to the mailbox, where the support team can consider and analyze them.


Boilerplate (template)

A lot of solutions that MediaMath develops for its clients are powered by practically the same tech stack. That’s why to avoid writing all elements from scratch in the future, it was sensible to create a project template (often called boilerplate). Thanks to this conducted work, developers will already have some ready-made modules for future products.

You can read more about these additional solutions here.

Work Stages

  1. Business requirements acquisition and analysis
  2. Preparation phase and architecture design
  3. Agile development cycles: development -> testing -> production
  4. Release


The cooperation with MediaMath is a bright example of how we can build fruitful long-term relations with businesses and add tangible value to their tech expertise. Together with this client, we have delivered a row of innovative AdTech solutions that are currently being used by advertisers from all over the globe.

The continuous improvement of the core MediaMath platforms, expansion of their functionality, as well as the introduction of separate tools, help to revolutionize the experiences for advertisers and transform the existing processes.

Our team’s solutions contributed to increasing user loyalty and satisfaction, as well as helping MediaMath reduce software maintenance costs and simplify many development tasks in future projects.


Case Studies


White-Label Ad Management Solution

A flexible ad management system for large advertisers that brought industry recognition for MediaMath.


Custom Solutions for AdTech Company

Discover our support solutions built for efficient software development and enhancement of AdTech products.


Custom Solution for Ad Campaign and Strategy Scheduling

Explore our user-friendly Scheduler system for ad campaigns and strategy scheduling integrated into the client’s DSP.


Video Streaming Platform

The OTT Advertising Service was a set of solutions designed to give the client full control over their ad related activities.


AdTech Bidding Module Development

Achieving a 40% development boost, 60% leak cut, and 200ms processing speed in optimizing the client’s Bidding module.


Automated Mail Marketing Platform

The Mail Marketing Platform was an automatic system created for niche digital-to-direct sphere operations.



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