Staff Augmentation for AdTech Company

A technical solution for ad campaign automation that was developed within
the client’s integrated omnichannel DSP and DMP platforms.


About the Client

The client was a leading programmatic company for marketers with more than 700 employees in 16 offices worldwide. The company acquired a solid reputation among brands and media agencies worldwide thanks to their outstanding services and solutions for real-time media buying. The Custom Solutions business unit we collaborated with was based in the UK. Our team completed several projects that were all successfully approved by the client.

Technologies Used


Custom solution development to be applied in-house. The client needed a full-time team experienced in advertising technologies to improve the existing, and roll out new, features and components, and also to perform platform integration for the technologies to interact seamlessly. The client provided constant project flow and employed the Agile methodology.

Work Description

Geomotiv initiated the development process that comprised planning, sprints, retrospective, and demo after the initial business analysis phase. Our dedicated team worked in close contact with the client’s core team.

Work Stages

  1. Business requirements acquisition and analysis
  2. Preparation phase and architecture design
  3. Back-/front-end development and QA
  4. Deployment


With 2 years of partnership, we released more than 10 different projects of varying complexity. The client appreciated a number of our subprojects and decided to integrate them into their core product. Apart from that, our solutions have improved user loyalty and reduced maintenance costs.


Case Studies


Automated Email Marketing Platform

The Mail Marketing Platform was an automatic system created for niche digital-to-direct sphere operations.


Media Buying Platform

A technical solution designed to optimize and automate ad campaign deals, and to streamline “advertiser-account manager-publisher” communication.


NFT Marketplace Development for Selling Digital Collectibles

NFT marketplace development for a private company selling unique digital collectibles.


Facebook Campaign Manager

An ad management application that allowed for administering ad sets faster than Native Facebook Ads Manager could do.


24/7 Telemedicine Solution for Doctors and Patients

A web-based cross-platform mobile app that allowed to assist/provide support for patients anytime and anywhere.



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