eCommerce Software Development

Are you looking to launch a successful eCommerce business and acquire more online customers addicted to your products or services? Our eCommerce software development company provides vast services for any demand. Geomotiv is ready to transform how you sell online, offer an omnichannel customer experience, improve conversions, and expand your audiences. You will get a scalable, custom eCommerce solution available on every medium with our dedicated teams, individual resources, or outsourced project teams.


Company Highlights

Why Delegate Custom eCommerce Web Development to Geomotiv

200+ Senior Engineering Talents

14+ Years in eCommerce Services Market

Trusted by Industry Leaders and Growing Companies

Which eCommerce Solution Do You Require?

Our Custom eCommerce Web Development Company Meets Your Specific Needs

eCommerce Stores
eCommerce Stores
eCommerce Stores

Our company crafts custom online stores, from inception to post-launch support, ensuring they align with your business goals and stand out. Whether you have non-typical requirements, want to integrate with Enterprise systems, implement marketing or sales tools, or scale your solution without failures, go with our custom eCommerce website development company.

B2C and C2C Marketplaces
B2C and C2C Marketplaces
B2C and C2C Marketplaces

Geomotiv is an experienced partner that knows how to build and launch an eCommerce marketplace on top of custom or open-source grounds. You can access the expertise that extends beyond development choices, guiding you through infrastructure decisions from cloud-based to on-premise solutions.

eCommerce Aggregators
eCommerce Aggregators
eCommerce Aggregators

If you consider eCommerce aggregator development, collaboration with our experienced company can create a scalable and high-performing platform. Geomotiv stands ready to craft custom aggregator solutions, providing expertise from project analysis to maintenance to help stand out in competitive sectors, including food delivery, hotels, shipping, and taxi booking.

Food Delivery Platforms
Food Delivery Platforms
Food Delivery Platforms

As eCommerce development professionals, we offer customizable solutions for various business models, such as order-only aggregator apps and vertically integrated solutions. With advanced features and cutting-edge functionalities, including Big Data integration and crypto food ordering, our forward-thinking approach ensures that your food delivery platform is up to beat the competition.

Booking and Ticketing Solutions
Booking and Ticketing Solutions
Booking and Ticketing Solutions

Geomotiv provides a properly structured and skilled development team that crafts user-friendly booking and event ticketing apps with adaptive design and optimized UI/UX. We offer scalable software solutions for miscellaneous events and add standard and advanced features to meet your requirements, comply with the overall vision, and respond to customer expectations with utmost precision.

Coupon and Deals Solutions
Coupon and Deals Solutions
Coupon and Deals Solutions

Our coupon and deals app development services make shopping engaging and cost-effective for users while providing businesses quick time-to-market, increased conversions, and enhanced customer loyalty. To reach your objectives, Geomotiv uses a proven approach to hiring skilled developers ready to incorporate diverse monetization models and advanced features like social login, gamification, and flexible coupon-saving options.

Auctions and Bidding Platforms
Auctions and Bidding Platforms
Auctions and Bidding Platforms

Geomotiv empowers you to create custom auction and bidding platforms, supporting diverse auction types and monetization models. You can choose between a custom solution for unparalleled customization or a ready-made platform for quick implementation – the rest is off your shoulders. Benefit from our tech expertise, knowledge about the latest eCom trends, and commitment to delivering secure, reliable, and transparent auction platforms.

Planning to launch custom eCommerce development solutions – marketplace, store, or aggregator – and tailor it to your specific business model?

Then, get in touch with Geomotiv’s experts for a comprehensive consultation. We’ll convert your vision into quality software that aligns with expectations and goes to market ahead of the competition.

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    eCommerce Business Models We Embrace

    Geomotiv Tailors eCommerce Solutions to Fit Your Business Model

    B2B eCommerce

    Our company provides customized B2B eCommerce development services and solutions that can meet the demands of any organization. We implement:

    • an unlimited number of product SKUs
    • categories
    • catalogues
    • unique price variations.

    We unite manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors under one umbrella eCommerce system.

    B2C eCommerce

    Fueling one of the economy’s fastest-growing sectors, our skilled and experienced eCommerce developers delivers your scalable and robust custom eCommerce solution. Tailored to your business and customers, these solutions:

    • improve conversion rates
    • incorporate the latest design
    • empower you to reach global audiences around the clock
    • facilitate transactions anytime, anywhere.

    C2C eCommerce

    With us, you can leverage the benefits of an eCommerce marketplace that facilitates sales between consumers.
    Our custom eCommerce development services for a C2C business can help buyers and sellers:

    • locate each other
    • enable transactions between them
    • ensure a user-friendly experience for each party.

    Custom eCommerce Development Services

    Geomotiv is Your Full-Service Partner

    Explore the service scope we offer to transform your ideas into a reality and ensure a successful and engaging custom eCommerce website development experience.

    • Business Analysis and UI/UX design – We help you shape the overall vision and create a compelling design before developing.
    • Custom eСommerce platform development – Our company helps pick the most optimal platform and technical tools to ensure a transformative impact on your business.
    • Integration with third-party services – Our developers facilitate seamless connections between disparate systems and enable uninterrupted data exchange.
    • eCommerce mobile app development – Our specialists craft user-friendly native and cross-platform mobile apps to let users interact with your business anytime, anywhere.
    • Development of Modules and Plugins – We design, build, and launch feature-rich, integration-ready, and user-friendly modules and plugins.
    • Legacy software upgrade and platform migration – Our development teams assist you in transitioning to modern platforms and embracing more efficient architecture.

    Platforms for eCommerce Development We Embrace

    Delivering Platform-Based Solutions
    to Improve Your Bottomline


    Magento eCommerce development lets you leverage powerful tools that enable high performance, fast loading times, and scalability for your online store. Ideal for: established mid- and large-scale businesses.
    Opt for an open-source platform that goes with advanced personalization and integration capabilities:

    • An extensive library of customizable design templates;
    • Advanced features through Magento’s apps and extensions;
    • Robust control and customization abilities for the eCommerce online store owner;
    • Third-party hosting and infrastructure maintenance.
      Learn more about our Magento development services.

    WooCommerce Development

    WooCommerce stands firm within the WordPress ecosystem of tools, enabling you to hit the ground with a feature-rich eCommerce solution – online store, marketplace, aggregator website, etc. The platform targets mid-sized and large businesses committed to leveraging the WordPress platform. Its extensive out-of-the-box feature set allows you to:

    • sell unlimited product options,
    • incorporate attributes,
    • implement advanced filters,
    • integrate popular payment gateways and delivery systems.

    The platform’s advanced capabilities let you quickly expand functionality with official extensions or choose from vast storage of WooCommerce-native WordPress plugins.

    WooCommerce Development

    PrestaShop Development

    PrestaShop is an open-source CMS designed to streamline the process of building eCommerce websites for growing businesses and large companies with 100,000+ items in stock. The platform focuses solely on creating eCommerce solutions and delivers value through a comprehensive suite of tools tailored for unique business needs:

    • Out-of-the-box features: price tiers, multi-language support, catalog mode, product comparison, data import;
    • Built-in functionality for efficient stock management, order processing, and customer service;
    • Continuous updates with new features, themes, and integrations to meet evolving business requirements.
    PrestaShop Development


    Whether you have any extraordinary requirements and do not want to be limited by existing platforms’ functionality, go with custom eCommerce solutions. As a top eCommerce service provider, we can meet any business objectives and enable complete control of the processes. We enable:

    • Unique design and personalization for specific operations;
    • Increased capacities that accommodate the growth of the business;
    • Flexibility to modify and upgrade the eCommerce website to meet new requirements;
    • Protection from security threats.


    eCommerce Development Solutions Drive Better Business Outcomes

    Leverage full-stack development services from discovery to project launch and refinement

    Unlock powerful functionality that helps your eCommerce store to boost conversions

    Ensure seamless shopping experience that drives sales forward

    Build effective omnichannel presence by integrating commerce across mediums

    Earn customers’ trust with rock-solid data privacy and security

    Attract visitors with intuitive design and polished front-ends

    Increase the capacity to accommodate business growth

    Control your branding without limitations

    Facilitate business expansion with international sales

    Rank higher on search engines

    Create tailor-made interaction patterns

    Introduce innovative technologies

    Advanced Capabilities in Your eCommerce Solution

    Cutting-Edge Technologies We Add to Custom eСommerce Projects

    AI and ML

    Geomotiv has profound knowledge of AI algorithms and ML capabilities. Our developers can create, teach, and integrate ML models of varying complexity across diverse use cases in the context of eCommerce:

    • AI-powered chatbots
    • Personalized product recommendations
    • Dynamic pricing
    • Fraud prevention mechanisms, etc.


    Vast experience with eCommerce custom development enables us to incorporate a decentralized system into your solution.
    Through blockchain technology, our developers let you:

    • Manage inventory
    • Eliminate intermediaries
    • Analyze customers’ purchase history
    • Validate customer reviews, etc.

    Big Data

    Our company equips your eCommerce website with advanced analytical and reporting tools to let data drive your operations to envisioned goals.
    We help you take advantage of
    Big Data development to:

    • Get a 360-degree view of each customer
    • Improve conversions
    • Personalize experiences
    • Enhance customer satisfaction, etc.
    Are you ready to unlock even more benefits of custom eCommerce development?

    Then, feel free to reach out to our experts.
    Our team will study your specific needs and suggest the right implementation path
    that will pave the way for eCommerce success.

    eCommerce Design Experts

    Geomotiv Tailors Look and Feel for Seamless eCommerce Experiences

    Our eCommerce Designs Extend Beyond Aesthetics

    eCommerce websites we design go beyond transmitting the right visual look and feel as we strive to refine how users perceive and interact with a website and motivate them to become returning customers.

    Our UI/UX designers are experts in cutting-edge tools to make that happen: Figma, Sketch, InVision, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator.

    Our Approach to eCommerce Design

    Here’s what we undertake to reach your eCommerce design goals:

    • Create a visual composition that showcases products and services and reflects and reinforces your brand identity;
    • Use the right blend of colors, fonts, and layouts that evoke emotions and leave a lasting impression;
    • Craft every detail that motivates customers to complete checkout;
    • Incorporate the latest trends: engaging layouts, personalized suggestions, or dynamic page designs.
    Food and Beverage
    Software Development for Your eCommerce Vertical
    Software Development for Your eCommerce Vertical
    Beauty and Fashion
    Software Development for Your eCommerce Vertical
    Apparel and Footwear
    Software Development for Your eCommerce Vertical
    Household Goods
    Software Development for Your eCommerce Vertical
    Education and Learning
    Software Development for Your eCommerce Vertical
    Travel and Hospitality
    Software Development for Your eCommerce Vertical
    Software Development for Your eCommerce Vertical
    Sport and Fitness
    Software Development for Your eCommerce Vertical
    Software Development for Your eCommerce Vertical
    Software Development for Your eCommerce Vertical
    Software Development for Your eCommerce Vertical
    Real Estate
    Software Development for Your eCommerce Vertical
    Software Development for Your eCommerce Vertical
    Software Development for Your eCommerce Vertical
    Software Development for Your eCommerce Vertical
    Software Development for Your eCommerce Vertical
    Precious metals
    Software Development for Your eCommerce Vertical
    Food and Beverage
    Beauty and Fashion
    Apparel and Footwear
    Household Goods
    Education and Learning
    Travel and Hospitality
    Sport and Fitness
    Real Estate
    Precious metals

    Agile Workflow

    Time-Proven Process to Deliver Your eCommerce Project

    Requirements Gathering:

    Our developers start by analyzing, understanding, and clarifying your project requirements and business needs. Following this assessment, we factor in the complexity of the envisioned eCommerce solution and the number of required integrations, features, and functionalities. Geomotiv consistently strives to align ourselves with your specific needs, ensuring a shared understanding of expectations and a clear comprehension of our responsibilities.

    Planning and Backlogging:

    Next, Geomotiv’s developers carefully select the appropriate technology stack, map out the project and team structure, and create detailed use cases and user stories tailored to your specifications. Moreover, we break the project into iterations and develop a backlog of prioritized tasks to realize the project.

    Development Cycle:

    Stages: Plan – Design – Develop – QA – Review
    Our specialists craft your eCommerce solution in iterative cycles, which span planning, design, development, QA, review, and deployment. Typically lasting one to two weeks, each iteration produces shippable product increments and seeks continuous feedback from users and stakeholders. This dynamic process enables real-time adjustments, ensuring swift adaptation to changing project requirements and evolving customer expectations.


    Our developers are ready to implement and integrate the solution into your eCommerce ecosystem (if applicable) once they complete all planned iterations. To reach these milestones, our team performs end-to-end testing and quality assurance, sets up the production servers, and deploys the final version of your eCommerce solution.


    Tech Stack We Use for Your Project

    We narrow down the list of the right technologies for your particular case.
    This enables us to deliver custom eCommerce website development services with precision.


    JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, React, Vuejs, Angular


    PHP, Java, С# , Nodejs, Golang


    EKS, AKS, GCE, Docker, Kubernetes

    Clouds and Cloud Storages

    AWS (S3), Google Cloud (Google Cloud Storage), Azure (Azure Blob)
    Alex Kharkauski Chief Operating Officer

    When planning to start your own eCommerce business, your software
    solutions’ quality and reliability will be among the most important
    factors ensuring your success. At Geomotiv, we can build powerful
    products for many industries, but eCommerce is among those sectors
    in which we have the most robust expertise. Share your ideas with our
    team, and we will find the right approach to transforming them into real solutions.

    How You Can Cooperate with Geomotiv

    Choose One of Our Diverse Engagement Models

    Project-Based Outsourcing

    Does your eCommerce project have well-documented requirements and fixed priorities? Our end-to-end development team will bring your vision to life, managing the entire cycle from inception to completion.

    Go with outsourcing ->

    IT Staff Augmentation

    Do you need to expand your in-house IT department with additional eCommerce developers? You can count on Geomotiv for sourcing and hiring skilled and proficient specialists who will work with your in-house team.

    Go with IT staff augmentation ->

    Dedicated Team

    Does your company require a standalone development department to work on your eCommerce solution or its part? Our dedicated teams will collaborate directly with your company and focus exclusively on your project.

    Go with dedicated team ->


    Why Entrust Your Custom eCommerce Development to Geomotiv

    Proven track record of 50+ successful projects

    Expert selection of eCom platform according to your requirements

    Magento-certified developers with 14+ years of expertise

    Secure third-party integrations with payment gateways, ERPs, CRMs

    Collaboration with us reduces time-to-market by 30-40%

    Cross-functional experience across adjacent verticals (delivery, logistics, martech)

    Vast expertise in microservices architecture design and development

    14+ years of experience with AI, ML, and Big Data

    Google-certified cloud development company

    Success Stories

    Featured eCommerce Development Cases
    from our Portfolio

    Web Development and Integration Services for a Design Agency BBG

    Challenge: Hire experienced web engineers capable of platform-based development and plugin integration on WordPress, WooCommerce, and Shopify. 

    Solution: Geomotiv provided expert web developers engaged in WordPress CMS and PHP development, along with API integration with PayPal, Stripe, Constant Contact, etc. With our technical help, the client obtained a seamlessly integrated and user-friendly website that became ready for increased traffic and conversion rates. Learn more.

    Web Development and Integration Services for a Design Agency BBG

    NFT Marketplace Development for a Private Company

    Challenge:Create a custom NFT platform with built-in bidding capabilities, allowing users to mint and sell digital collectibles through the Ethereum blockchain.

    SolutionGeomotiv’s developers carefully analyzed business requirements, selected the most appropriate technologies, and implemented the required protocols to facilitate decentralized transaction flows. Further, our team designed, developed, and deployed the envisioned NFT marketplace, which attracted 10,000 users in three months. Learn more.

    NFT Marketplace Development for a Private Company


    Case Studies


    Transforming Retail: Geomotiv’s Trade Auction Platform Success Story

    Discover Geomotiv’s journey in developing a cutting-edge trade auction platform for a UK startup.


    NFT Marketplace Development for Selling Digital Collectibles

    NFT marketplace development for a private company selling unique digital collectibles.


    Tech Partnership for WordPress Development Projects

    Web development and technology integration services for a Chicago-based design company.


    Staff Augmentation for AdTech Company

    A technical solution for ad campaign automation that was developed within the client’s integrated omnichannel DSP and DMP platforms.


    Custom Solutions for AdTech Company

    Discover our support solutions built for efficient software development and enhancement of AdTech products.


    White-Label Ad Management Solution

    A flexible ad management system for large advertisers that brought industry recognition for MediaMath.



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    What is eСommerce development?

    eCommerce development creates and implements highly functional, interactive, and secure software that seamlessly runs a business in one place. Its purpose is to embrace logistics, warehousing, inventory and shipment management, payment tools, marketing and sales, billing and accounting, and other eCom operations and present them in a user-friendly format. As a result, it enables people with non-technical backgrounds to oversee all business aspects without switching different services.

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