CDP / Customer Data Platform Development Services

With an experienced team of AdTech and MarTech developers, you will be able to use the
CDP technology and gain access to the data on the audience’s real preferences and interests
thus ensuring maximum efficiency and personalization of online services in real time.



CDP in a Nutshell

CDP, or Customer Data Platform, is a software platform that can bring together the data of any type and category from various data sources, and transform it into a marketer-friendly format. As a result, CDP can help in creating a full 360 degree customer profile and using it to craft a superior omni-channel customer experience.


How CDP Works

ORCHESTRATION VIA CONTOUR DATA INTEGRATION CUSTOMER CUSTOMER DATA PLATFORM Clever ID & Cross- devic Tracking Multi-channel & Data Segmentation Predictive Email Push Messaging SMS Social Direct Mail Web DATA CHANNELS
DATA CHANNELS DATA INTEGRATION ORCHESTRATION VIA CONTOUR CUSTOMER DATA PLATFORM CUSTOMER Clever ID & Cross- device Tracking Segmentation Predictive Personal & Demographic Onsite Behavioural Data Engagement Data Transactional Data Mobile & Device Data Push Messaging Social Email SMS Direct Mail Web Multi-channel & Data


Must-Have CDP Capabilities

  • Data integration from relevant systems
  • Single Customer View
    (SCV) creation
  • Contractor’s customer data ingestion and retention
  • Secure real-time data access
  • Support of various data sources
    in various formats
  • Access to data analytics and visualization
  • Raw data processing
  • Easy-to-use and seamless interface
  • Customer profile data refresh
  • All-in-one reporting
  • Data accessibility to external platforms and instruments
  • Scalability


Who Can Benefit from Having
an In-House CDP


Improve your customer
conversion and connect user
data across various sources


Unify first- and third-party data
and improve advertising
campaign efficiency


Take Advantage of In-House CDP


Big Data and high-load processing
Regular release of new features
Ability to add non-standard modules
Unified system reporting

Persistent data access
Ability to plug into CRM and customer support systems
Third-party service integration
High performance rate


Why Entrust Custom CDP Development
to Geomotiv

Our in-house teams have
extensive SSP, DSP, DMP,
and Ad Exchange integration

We founded a sister company Adoppler whose product is a full-stack AdTech solution

We have exclusive
expertise in omnichannel
SSP, DSP, and Ad Exchange
platform development
and customization

We have a strong development team with unique AdTech expertise since 2013


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