eCommerce Store Development

Looking to get the most optimal way of setting your eCom businesses apart from the competition?
Geomotiv provides custom eCommerce store development services tailored to your precise requirements. With vast experience creating custom eCommerce websites from scratch and up to post-launch support and maintenance, we craft unique software solutions geared towards achieving your business goals.
That enables us to deliver custom online stores, which provide the features and functionality that will best match your mission.



When to Go with Custom Online Store Development

Large Projects

  • When you have one million+ unique users per month
  • There are 50.000+ items in inventory, or you plan to grow fast to that number

Non-Typical Requirements

  • If you sell specific or customizable products
  • If you require non-traditional payment options and methods

Technical Aspects

  • To avoid constraints in integration with modern ERP and marketing tools
  • To enable easy customization, scalability, and maintenance 
  • To meet critical security benchmarks
  • To get easy updates without depending on the provider

Marketing/Sales Reasons

  • To leverage adaptive design that improves Google rankings
  • To gain faster loading time that improves bounce rate and enhances user experience 
  • To get better Adwords performance and lower ad costs through optimized “Landing page experience” metrics

Surge in Online Sales

  • To handle traffic spikes
  • To decrease loading times
  • To combat with low scalability
  • To align with a transformed supply chain

Key Functionality

Features that Make a Successful eCommerce Store

Key Features

  • User-friendly interface
  • Mobile app/mobile-friendly website
  • Product navigation
  • Searchbar
  • Shopping Cart
  • User-generated reviews
  • Special offer options
  • Wish list
  • Find in store/stock availability
  • Multi-level security features 
  • Payment methods
  • Return/privacy policy
  • FAQ
  • Live chat

Important Back-End Features

  • Content management
  • Customer management
  • SEO management
  • Administrator dashboard
  • Reporting tools
  • User management
  • Email marketing integration
  • Payment, order, and shipment management

Advanced Techs

Cutting-Edge Functionalities with Custom eСommerce Store Development

Headless eCommerce

Go far beyond the constraints of a traditional monolithic model with headless eCommerce store development services. Instead, our developers decouple and remove a front-end delivery layer (“head”) from the back-end and let them communicate via API calls. This gives more freedom and flexibility to use those APIs to create personal and consistent user experiences.
Besides, it helps reach clients across different devices using the same backend, which, in turn, helps to optimize development costs.

Headless eCommerce

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT brings numerous disruptions to the eCommerce industry with its vast capabilities:
– inventory management using sensors, RFID tags, smart shelves, beacons, and others.
– order management with autonomous robots
– order tracking and delivery using IoT-enabled tracking devices.
With our expert online store development services, you’ll be able to leverage the whole network of connected devices for your benefit.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Artificial Intelligence

Let us empower your business with AI-driven solutions that deliver unmatched shopping experiences.
With us, you will be able to analyze millions of interactions, create personalized customer journeys, retarget potential customers, drive conversational commerce with AI-powered chatbots, and integrate a predictive recommendation engine with your online store.

Artificial Intelligence

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Allow your audiences to immerse themselves deeper into the shopping experience by integrating an eCommerce store with VR and AR solutions. These technologies enable customers to visualize and interpret how the product would look after purchase and help them make more informed purchase decisions. Besides, they add a new level of fun with virtual showrooms and offer genuinely immersive experiences with real-life simulations.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Drones and Droids

Leverage new eCommerce technologies that are already shaping the future of the online retail world. We supply our online store development services with new air and ground robot technologies to enable greater profits for retailers and potentially lower prices for shoppers.
With drones in the sky and droids on the ground, you can enhance the shopping experience, reduce delivery times, and simplify order management in the long run.

Drones and Droids

Voice Shopping

Vast experience in delivering eCommerce store development services enables us to design, develop, and optimize voice user interfaces for online stores of any size.
Let your customers search and shop “hands-free” without having to type anything when looking to purchase a product.

Voice Shopping


Rely on blockchain technology to add more value to business and end-users:
– Control inventory with smart contracts
– Enable peer-to-peer transactions without intermediaries
– Analyze the customers’ purchasing history to create personalized product offerings
– Access trustworthy product information
– Verify customer reviews
– Foster transparency throughout the entire Supply Chain.

Ready to turn heads with a custom online store?

Attain your brave business goals with our dedicated teams!
Tell us about your plans – and we will provide senior-level talent for immediate project needs.

Our Offers

Custom eСommerce Store Development Services
We Provide

  • Custom eCommerce website development
  • Business Analysis and project estimation
  • MVP and Proof-of-Concept Design
  • Software Testing & QA
  • Mobile development
  • Custom-built improvements to existing stores
  • Platform migration
  • Integration with third-party software
Our Approach
Let Us Estimate the Functionality and Related
IT Services
MVP: 2-3 monthsBasic: 3-6 monthsMedium: 6-9 monthsLarge: 9+ months
Key functionality development
to validate a business idea and generate user feedback
Project AnalysisProject Analysis“Medium” feature set, plus
User-friendly interface with
simple messaging
DesignComplex DesignComplex multi-level
website design
Mobile application/mobileArchitectureArchitectureOngoing development
Friendly website versionCore feature set with
responsive design
Multiple features Management and support
Product navigationDeploymentMultiple integrations and
payment gateways
Search barAutomated testsEmail marketing features
Shopping cartQAPromotion and discount
code tools
User-generated reviewsManagement and supportSEO-optimized code and layout
Special offer optionsDeployment
Payment methodsAutomated tests and QA
Management and support


Why Entrust Your Custom eCommerce Store Development to Geomotiv

A diverse portfolio of successful eCommerce development projects

Competitive prices and protection against
sudden losses

Vast experience in AI, ML,
and other advanced

Commitment to Agile
best practices

Secure third-party integrations

Vast experience across
adjacent verticals (delivery,
logistics, martech)

Extensive expertise in microservices architecture design and development

Decreased time to market

Transparent customer interaction process


Our Work Speaks for Itself


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