Linear and OTT TV

We will be able to help you create efficient solutions for advertising campaigns on all screens using existing and new marketing tools. Our aim is to develop superior software that can not only connect media buyers and sellers, but also control each aspect of TV advertising campaign for each player. With Geomotiv’s help, you will be able to break into OTT and CTV game and take your business to a new level.



Benefit from TV Media Software Development

Build and support scalable platforms

Bridge the gap between linear
and digital TV inventory

Measure the performance
of TV ad campaigns

Automate TV media buying and selling

Ensure precise targeting on all screens

Achieve transparency and control transactions

Enhance TV ad strategies and
outperform your competitors
using innovative technologies

Integrate the technology into third-party services

Gain full control over advertising inventory


We Create Value for TV Industry

Traditional Linear Non-addressable Over-the-Air (OTA with ATSC 1.0)

Back in 2015 through 2017, Geomotiv was among the first to develop a custom linear TV media buying automation system. We are very well aware of buy-side requirements, and we can create systems that integrate well into the sell side based on those requirements. We’ve integrated such modern linear TV media sales automation systems as WideOrbit Programmatic and Videa SSP. We can also develop systems similar to, or better than, those for TV companies.

Current Generation Addressable
Over-the-Top (OTT)

Geomotiv is a development partner to one of the US largest ad-supported OTT services with a focus on their advertising technology stack. We’ve created numerous mechanisms for yield management to accelerate the client’s fill-rate and revenue. Our sell-side and buy-side experience makes us the most preferred partner for OTT TV companies willing to take their advertising technology in-house.

Next Generation Linear Addressable (OTA with ATSC 3.0)

Our experience in traditional linear TV media buying automation, digital AdTech solutions, and OTT yield management system development makes us one of the best custom AdTech partners for TV station groups that are implementing the ATSC 3.0 standard. Together with your specialists, we will be able to create NextGen TV ad inventory monetization opportunities.


Choose What’s Relevant for Your Business

AdTech Consulting

Demand-Side (DSP)
Platform Development

Media Sales Automation
Platform Development

Supply-Side (SSP)
Platform Development

Third-Party Demand
Partner Integration

Yield Management
Software Development

Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI)
System Development

Data Management
Platform Development


similar to those already used by such industry leaders as:


Trusted Marketplace Technology

As true industry veterans, we’ve managed to deliver our own AdTech platform, Adoppler Trusted Marketplace.

Our sister company Adoppler provides a holistic video monetization solution to resolve the needs of streaming media services, video publishers, vMVPDs, media agencies, AdTech and media startups.

Thanks to the unbiased universal auction, your inventory gets the best yield compared to legacy waterfall ad serving. Adoppler delivers added value with ultimate supply and demand diversity – letting you access and manage direct, programmatic, and third-party partners. Adoppler Trusted Marketplace ensures that you monetize video, CTV, and OTT inventory with maximum efficiency.


Why Entrust TV Media Development
to Geomotiv

Deep understanding
of industry specifics

Vast technological experience

Non-trivial niche

Risk-free problem

Commitment to Agile
best practices

Highly proficient team

Focus on your business needs

Transparent and trusting relationship with customers


Our Work Speaks for Itself

Programmatic TV Advertising Exchange

PDX was a web-based software product that integrated the in-house TV CRM, programming, and inventory maintenance systems.


OTT Advertising Service

The OTT Advertising Service was a set of solutions designed to give the client full control over their ad related activities.


Tech Partnership for WordPress Development Projects

Web development and technology integration services for a Chicago-based design company.


Student Information System

Student Information System was a centralized platform developed to store, manage, aggregate, and process student-related data.


Healthcare CRM Software for Medical Center Sante

A custom Healthcare CRM system for doctors and administrative staff to securely access, edit, and manage information.


Virtual Medical Assistant in Your Pocket

A comprehensive medical chatbot that could provide medical consulting, improve outcomes, and reduce operational costs and personnel expenditures.



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