CTV Ad Server

Adoppler was a system comprising DSP, SSP, and Ad Exchange that allowed all market parties to transact directly.


About the Client

Based on its accumulated experience, Geomotiv founded its product subsidiary Adoppler in 2017 in order to provide faster time-to-market for the companies in the TV sector through the use of programmatic technologies. Adoppler was tasked with developing a programmatic AdTech platform that would facilitate the media buying and selling process. Now, Adoppler has matured and become a standalone company that provides the Trusted Marketplace, a unique and fully customizable solution for media buyers and sellers.

Technologies Used


Develop a programmatic AdTech platform that would help clients to avoid legacy approaches and take into account both sides of the media buying process. Comply with modern industry standards in a standalone, secure, and transparent environment for AdTech transactions based on the Trusted Marketplace technology.

Work Description

As a first step, the platform became an RTB exchange that could interact with programmatic buyers and sellers based on the OpenRTB protocol. Later on, SSP capabilities were added that allowed the inventory to be taken directly aboard the platform by creating publishers, sites, apps, and corresponding ad units. As the number of new features and functions started to grow, Geomotiv noted the widening demand to provide continuous support and maintenance for the platform. Adoppler was granted more freedom in defining the milestones in platform development, and thus became a standalone company with its own core professional team whose primary task was to provide the possibility to conduct direct deals through a programmatic pipe. To achieve this, the Adoppler team built support for PMP and PG deals. Then, DSP capabilities were added. At this stage, the Trusted Marketplace made it possible to manage advertisers, their campaigns, and creatives. And finally, Adoppler  developed an advanced reporting tool that added a full-stack AdTech functionality to the system. 

Work Stages

  1. Collect business requirements
  2. Define technology stack
  3. Develop functional specifications
  4. Implement requirements
  5. Assure quality
  6. Fine-tune performance
  7. Deploy in production


A horizontally scalable system was developed half a year later and then tested in production with peak loads up to 20K QPS. The work was accomplished on time in compliance with all requirements declared and industry standards involved. As a result, the first version of the product was successfully introduced into international markets.


Case Studies


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