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Fast, reliable, and productive AdTech solutions ensure reaching business goals faster and more efficiently for numerous players, including AdTech companies, digital agencies, publishers, and brands. We offer end-to-end custom AdTech solution development and support services. Our vast expertise in creating and supporting scalable, high-load systems as well as deep knowledge of AdTech industry makes us an invaluable partner for implementing your ideas!


Why Geomotiv?

Entrust Your Project to Our Expert Ad Tech Software Development Company

60% of our clients come from AdTech and MаrTech

Our clients are market leaders in their industry

Cooperation with us accelerates ramp-up time and time-to-market by 30 to 40%

What Are Your Ad Tech Needs?

The Range of Ad Tech Software Development Services You May Need

AdTech Consulting AdTech Consulting

Do you need more clarification about the kind of AdTech functionality you need? Do you doubt the credibility of your new idea? Our reliable team can assist you by carefully listening to your needs, collecting all requirements, and thoroughly analyzing accumulated input. With our AdTech consulting services, you will gain an impartial assessment of your current situation and a deep understanding of your pressing technological and strategic challenges. Our experienced domain consultants will analyze your systems, processes, and technology, providing valuable insights and recommendations to help you make informed decisions and enhance your overall performance.

From-Scratch Custom AdTech Dvelopment From-Scratch Custom AdTech Dvelopment

Do you plan to launch a brand-new AdTech solution but need a hand with the technical side? Let us help turn your vision into competitive, feature-rich, and scalable software solutions ready to hit the ground in less time. Our team is fully equipped to take on from-scratch AdTech software development, whether it involves developing a stable and scalable MVP or a fully-featured solution. You don’t need to explain any AdTech industry specifics to our team, and we can guide you to a fast product launch ahead of the competition. We also understand that your business has unique needs and requirements, so we collaborate closely to create personalized solutions that meet your specific goals.

Current AdTech System Improvement Current AdTech System Improvement

Do you want your systems to remain evergreen and adapt to the ever-changing nature of the AdTech landscape? What steps do you need to take to respond to new challenges? Keep the limitations of your current AdTech solution at bay with our expert development company. Tap into our exclusive tech expertise to continuously enhance your systems, improve their performance and efficiency, polish algorithms, and facilitate faster transactions between all parties. Our team excels at leveraging innovative technologies, integration-ready APIs, DevOps tools, Cloud platforms, containers, or microservices to deliver on these promises.

Value for Your Business

How Custom AdTech Development Lets You Dominate the Competition

The Adtech industry’s valuation has reached an impressive $886.19 billion in 2023, with continued growth projected in the coming years. Suppose you’ve already entered the game of AdTech or only plan to take a stride in that direction. In these cases, it’s crucial to differentiate between other players and offer technically flawless and unique solutions.

Luckily, you can count on our world-class custom AdTech development services to help you propel growth in the ever-evolving world of digital advertising. With over 14 years of experience in the market, our AdTech developers build custom solutions to help you:

    • Gain complete transparency of the media buying and selling costs;
    • Develop custom AdTech platforms to diversify revenue sources and strengthen your company’s brand;
    • Forge direct relationships between the buy- and sell-sides of programmatic and RTB processes;
    • Control the platform’s features and the development roadmap;
    • Leverage tailor-made algorithms, features, and integrations.



Benefit from AdTech Development

Optimize your company’s budget as commissions to intermediaries are no longer required

Integrate the technology into your marketing tech stack or third-party services

Coordinate all advertising campaigns across platforms

Outperform your competitors using innovative methods of Big Data collection and analysis

Reach goals of any complexity based on unique business needs

Gain full control over advertising inventory and data

Improve your advertising strategy with up-to-date and efficient tools

Build your own end-to-end platforms that can resolve AdTech challenges in a timely manner

Establish trusting relationship with your partners

Wonder how to reap the advantages of custom AdTech development?

Let us help you open new opportunities with a tailor-made AdTech platform.
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Explore Our Ad Tech Platform Development Success Story

As true industry veterans with vast in-house AdTech expertise, we assembled a highly skilled team of specialists who participated in from-scratch custom AdTech platform development.

In response to the inefficiencies and legacy procedures plaguing the AdTech industry, Geomotiv identified an opportunity to revolutionize the digital advertising landscape.

Geomotiv founded Adoppler, a dedicated product subsidiary, with a clear mission: to develop a standalone programmatic AdTech platform to streamline interactions between media buyers and sellers while eliminating outdated practices from the supply and demand chains.

Adoppler’s platform matured and became a standalone company that continues to empower all sides of the media buying process to thrive in the ever-evolving digital advertising landscape.

Discover Our Works

More Notable Projects from Our Extensive Portfolio

Empowering a Leading OTT Service with Efficient Video Advertising Solutions

Pluto TV, one of the leading OTT service providers, thrives on video advertising, generating substantial revenue from a high-load system handling millions of requests per minute. Geomotiv, a dedicated technology partner, has been instrumental in architecting and managing the solution that addresses such an immense ad traffic amount.
Since 2017, Geomotiv has partnered with Pluto TV to enhance its underlying AdTech solution for OTT services. Starting with a dedicated team of 3 specialists, Geomotiv expanded our support to a 10-member team within the first year. The group grew exponentially, comprising mixed sub-teams of developers, QA specialists, and the client’s in-house employees.
The collaboration continues to evolve the system, ensuring Pluto TV remains at the forefront of the dynamic OTT advertising landscape. With Geomotiv’s support, Pluto TV provides a seamless ad experience for millions of users while maximizing ad revenue. Find more details.

Empowering a Leading OTT Service with Efficient Video Advertising Solutions

Providing AdTech Expertise for a Programmatic Advertising Optimization Company

A programmatic advertising optimization company sought qualified resources with relevant AdTech expertise for an ongoing project. Optimizing and maintaining its programmatic platform with critical performance requirements and lightning-fast execution speed. Additionally, the client sought technology solutions to identify and block traffic fraud from penetrating the platform.
Geomotiv matched the client with an experienced software engineer with previous experience in Ad Tech development projects. The client achieved substantial cost reductions through our developer’s recommended solutions and witnessed significant performance advancements. Continuous code optimizations and careful system monitoring successfully met critical performance requirements. Moreover, implementing the anti-fraud system enhanced ad-serving efficiency and ensured a secure transaction environment. Read more.

Providing AdTech Expertise for a Programmatic Advertising Optimization Company
Do you need experienced, dedicated teams of senior AdTech talent to overcome your technology challenges?

Then, give us the green light to get started with team setup and integration into your processes.
Our developers are ready to get down to your project from day one and keep a long-term focus on your goals.

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    Our Approach

    How we Implement your AdTech Solution

    STEP 1 Gather project information, identify objectives, and foresee technical challenges
    STEP 2 Select a suitable tech stack based on project complexity and goals
    STEP 3 Document AdTech solution functionality and project details comprehensively
    STEP 4 Develop, design, and launch the solution on production servers
    STEP 5 Collect user feedback to refine post-launch iterations


    Why Entrust Your AdTech Development to Geomotiv

    Experienced AdTech Developers Experienced AdTech Developers

    Since 2010, our developers have been at the forefront of designing, building, and maintaining cutting-edge AdTech platforms. Our teams contributed to adopting Adoppler Trusted Marketplace – and formed the backbone of Geomotiv as a trusted and reliable AdTech product development company. Diverse skill sets, expert knowledge of the latest AdTech trends and advancements, and commitment to excellence enable Geomotiv’s developers to create comprehensive and efficient AdTech solutions for businesses like yours.

    Vast Cooperation Models Vast Cooperation Models

    Whether you need to assemble dedicated teams, cover talent gaps, or cooperate with an experienced AdTech app development partner to take care of your project, Geomotiv is up to the challenge. Our range of cooperation models for your AdTech project includes project-based outsourcing, dedicated teams, and IT staff augmentation services. No matter the cooperation model you select, our experienced AdTech developers will bring their expertise, creativity, and dedication to ensure your project’s success.

    Exclusive Domain Knowledge Exclusive Domain Knowledge

    With over 14 years of experience in the market, our AdTech developers have a deep understanding of the industry from technical and business perspectives. There’s no need to explain AdTech demand development specifics to our team or clarify the aspects of programmatic and RTB flows. All our specialists have the required skills to understand the most intricate challenges and suggest the best solutions. Geomotiv’s developers are well-versed in the nuances of the AdTech ecosystem, enabling seamless communication and efficient collaboration on your projects.

    Agile Approach Agile Approach

    Geomotiv’s developers are well-versed in the Agile methodology, leveraging its principles and best practices to drive AdTech development. All our specialists have an established history of delivering successful projects through iterative development techniques. This structured approach enables efficient progress, helps our developers adapt quickly to changing requirements, and ensures continuous improvement throughout the AdTech development process.

    Alex Kharkauski Chief Operating Officer

    AdTech development demands a distinctive skill set, profound technical insight, and experience gained through years of practice. The domain’stechnological intricacies and continuous innovations require adapting to emerging standards. At Geomotiv, we possess these essentialattributes, as we have been designing, building, and maintaining AdTech platforms since 2010. Our teams ensure that your AdTech project is not just another development attempt but a strategic move toward digitaltransformation and business success.


    Our Work Speaks for Itself


    Custom Solutions for AdTech Company

    Discover our support solutions built for efficient software development and enhancement of AdTech products.


    White-Label Ad Management Solution

    A flexible ad management system for large advertisers that brought industry recognition for MediaMath.


    Custom Solution for Ad Campaign and Strategy Scheduling

    Explore our user-friendly Scheduler system for ad campaigns and strategy scheduling integrated into the client’s DSP.


    AdTech Bidding Module Development

    Achieving a 40% development boost, 60% leak cut, and 200ms processing speed in optimizing the client’s Bidding module.


    Programmatic Advertising Optimization Platform

    Custom software development for a programmatic advertising platform with critical performance requirements.


    Advertising Automation

    Powering up a unique independent marketplace to automate the entire advertising ecosystem across all inventory.



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    What does an AdTech do?

    AdTech encompasses software platforms and tools for all sides of media buying and selling processes. Publishers, advertisers, and advertising agencies leverage modern AdTech functionality to create, facilitate and streamline digital advertising campaigns.

    What is an example of AdTech?


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