ML and AI Development Services

We will help you to drive your business growth with innovative AI and ML services by automating routine processes, expanding your app features, and increasing the accuracy of business predictions. Our rich expertise and deep understanding of AI algorithms and ML capacities allow us to create, teach and integrate ML models of any complexity for absolutely different use cases.


AI and ML in Figures

Take Advantage of the Chance to Leverage
AI Capacities

$1.5 trillion – the projected global AI market size by 2030

$154 billion – the expected global spending on AI in 2023

300% – an increase in the number of businesses using AI in 5 years

Our Process

End-to-End ML and AI Development Services

Let us guide you through the process of ingesting AI and Machine Learning capabilities into your business and software ecosystems. Our Machine Learning development company can deliver on that promise by providing full-cycle services for your particular needs. Together with your stakeholders, we will identify relevant internal and external data required to implement an AI-driven solution and elicit core requirements for the software and AI.

Our team will also assess the current infrastructure, analyze your company’s business processes and suggest optimization options using statistical data science modeling.
Next, our AI ML development company lets you reap the benefits of end-to-end technology implementation and integration processes. We will develop, train, retrain, and fine-tune custom and ready-made ML models to guarantee the fulfillment of the project’s requirements.
Deep technology expertise enables us to turn these models into fully-functional cutting-edge products that integrate neatly with other systems. Our data scientists and AI and ML specialists ensure that Machine Learning models work as intended without affecting the overall performance of the whole ecosystem.

What We Offer

Top-Notch AI and Machine Learning
Development Services

AI/ML Consulting AI/ML Consulting

Our seasoned experts can deeply
analyze your business needs and
provide recommendations on
efficient ML and AI tools that will
streamline your business processes
and bring real value to your clients
and employees.

Custom AI/ML Development and Modeling Custom AI/ML Development and Modeling

We can build advanced ML and
AI-powered applications per your
requirements. With our AI development
services, US companies and businesses
worldwide can get reliable products
of any complexity.

AI Integration and Maintenance AI Integration and Maintenance

Besides high-quality custom machine
learning development services and AI
solution development, we can help you
seamlessly implement AI/ML models
into your existing software infrastructure
or cloud environments.

Use Cases

What You Can Get with Our AI/ML
Development Services

Natural Language Processing
Natural Language Processing
Natural Language Processing

We can build next-gen solutions enriched with NLP functionality, allowing your apps to process and analyze human language automatically. With such tools, you can automate time-consuming routine tasks, optimize your work with unstructured data, and enhance customer support service.

Computer Vision
Computer Vision
Computer Vision

As a part of our AI product development services, our engineers can build robust computer vision systems for your business needs. As such solutions can understand and interpret visual content, you can get valuable insights from videos and images and automate their processing.

Predictive Analytics
Predictive Analytics
Predictive Analytics

Our AI ML development services also include creating predictive analytics tools that can become real game-changers. Thanks to deep analysis of your business data, such apps can identify trends and offer accurate predictions that you can use for making better-informed decisions.

Smart AI Assistant and Chatbot Development
Smart AI Assistant and Chatbot Development
Smart AI Assistant and Chatbot Development

Chatbots and AI assistants are gradually becoming a standard for many industries. Thanks to natural language processing capacities, these solutions that can be integrated into your existing platforms will allow you to provide high-quality customer support 24/7.

Image and Video Analysis
Image and Video Analysis
Image and Video Analysis

Thanks to the new possibilities you can enjoy with computer vision functionality, you can not only entirely change how you work with images and videos but also significantly increase the efficiency of your security systems and various monitoring solutions.

Got an AI project in mind?

Then, contact Geomotiv expert team to get a free project consultation.
We provide highly adaptive business solutions using data science, machine learning, and robust AI expertise.


Reap the Benefits of AI and ML Development Services for Your Business

Increase customer loyalty via experience personalization

Use innovative AI tools to leave your rivals behind

Make better data-driven decisions to improve business outcomes

Enjoy higher security by reducing cybersecurity threats

Streamline your inner processes and make them more straightforward

Automate your business tasks to enhance your performance


Cloud Solutions We Use to Support AI and ML Projects


Our company is ready to leverage one of the most comprehensive ecosystems for implementing AI and ML solutions. Based on your business case, we can use ready-made and custom-built ML models and deploy them in the cloud to meet all objectives. Amazon provides an extensive list of tools, services, and infrastructure choices for the media file and text analysis, accuracy forecasting, personal recommendations:
Amazon SageMaker, Amazon Augmented AI, Amazon Forecast, Amazon Translate, Amazon Personalize, AWS Deep Learning AMI’s, Amazon Polly.


Google AI Platform

We rely on a suite of AI and ML-powered services provided on top of the Google Cloud Platform. Our data scientists and AI experts have years of experience creating, deploying, and maintaining Machine Learning models in the Google cloud.
We can use pre-packaged solutions, train, and convert them into business-specific applications with the right features.

Google AI Platform

Azure Machine Learning

As an expert AI and ML software development company, Geomotiv provides specialists with varied skill sets to create, maintain, and deploy ML solutions in a secure and auditable Azure Machine Learning environment. Thanks to its easy-to-use interface and drag-and-drop features, we will be able to reduce the development time, implement new features faster, and extend the existing functionality with advanced capabilities.

Azure Machine Learning


An End-to-End Approach to Delivering AI and ML Development Services

BA Stage
Deep Data Analysis
Modeling and Development
Egor Zablotski Director of Engineering

We tailor our AI and ML development offerings to meet your specific
requirements. Our team considers your business needs, the maturity
of data governance practices, and the current AI and ML landscape
(if applicable) to determine the scope of end-to-end technology
implementation and integration services. Whether you’re just
starting with AI and ML or looking to take your existing systems
to the next level, we’re here to help.


Tech Stack We Deliver

We rely on the latest tech tools and trends to ensure our custom AI solutions successfully handle complex tasks. We have strong expertise in AI and ML development and a deep understanding of the needs of different business domains, which helps us choose the most appropriate tech stack based on the requirements and goals of each project.

When considering different tools for building your products, we believe in various parameters, but the performance and security of your software and the possibility to optimize the use of resources are among our top priorities.

We also always recommend our clients opt for the most widely applied tech tools to ensure the possibility of integrating their solutions with popular third-party services.

Databases for ML and AI

MySQL, PostgreSQL, Apache Cassandra, Couchbase, Redis, Elasticsearch, DynamoDB, MLDB, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB


Tesseract OCR, Caffe, H2O, fastTest, Scikit Learn, Amazon Machine Learning, Azure ML Studio


Tensorflow, NLTK, Scikit-learn, XGBoost, Theano, Lasagne, Keras, Gensim

Programming Languages

Python, Java, C++

ML and AI Development for Industry-Specific Verticals
ML and AI Development for Industry-Specific Verticals
ML and AI Development for Industry-Specific Verticals
Logistics & Supply Chain
ML and AI Development for Industry-Specific Verticals
ML and AI Development for Industry-Specific Verticals
ML and AI Development for Industry-Specific Verticals
Retail & eCommerce
ML and AI Development for Industry-Specific Verticals
Logistics & Supply Chain
Retail & eCommerce


Why Entrust Your ML and AI Development to Geomotiv

Al and ML Expertise

Our AI and ML experts have deep theoretical knowledge and outstanding practical skills required for building effective AI solutions. We have applied our expertise in Artificial Intelligence to create our approaches and work methods to deliver projects faster and ensure results surpass the client’s expectations.


We are always open to new ideas and do our best to stay up-to-date with all the latest tech trends. Geomotiv can help you identify opportunities to leverage AI and ML technology and deliver breathtaking and entirely unique AI and ML products to outperform the competitors.

Individual Approach

At Geomotiv, we do not believe in “one-size-fits-all” solutions and always develop products that are fully tailored to your specific needs and compatible with your existing business processes.


What We Can Offer

Dedicated Development Team

As a professional AI & ML development company, we can assemble a team of dedicated developers with all the required skills and expertise under your requirements. This option is for you if you want to work with a development team that will stay focused on your project and will be fully managed by you.
But at the same time, you can avoid many hiring and onboarding issues.
Learn more about dedicated teams ->

IT Staff Augmentation

If you do not have enough in-house resources for your project, you can easily extend your team by leveraging the benefits of the staff augmentation model. Based on this model, you can hire just one specialist or the entire team working on your project or its part. We have access to a rich pool of the best IT professionals, including those who have already gained significant experience providing AI & ML development services.
Learn more about IT staff augmentation ->


Case Studies


Smart Medical Assistant App

A comprehensive medical assistant chatbot that could provide medical consulting, improve outcomes, and reduce operational costs and personnel expenditures.


Advertising Automation

Powering up a unique independent marketplace to automate the entire advertising ecosystem across all inventory.


SSP and DSP Advertising Technology

A system to optimize the entire ad serving system that allowed for collecting, processing, and reporting on, billions of transactions every month.


Player Churn Prediction System

Our Prediction System provided churn player evaluation based on player metrics and statistics.


Text Mining Software Platform

Text Mining Platform was a semi-automatic application that was able to search, process, and present industry related data to any consumer.


Staff Augmentation for AdTech Company

A technical solution for ad campaign automation that was developed within the client’s integrated omnichannel DSP and DMP platforms.



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What is Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is the ability of machines, especially computer systems, to mimic actions that require human-like intelligence. This concept also includes a sub-domain of Machine Learning, which comprises AI algorithms to learn from previous experience and adjust processes accordingly. With the help of AI and Machine Learning services, it is possible to replicate how human beings perceive the world and use that practice to derive insights from raw data and automate repetitive tasks.

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