Mobile App Development Services

Every company has unique business goals when opting for mobile app development. But the milestones are universal – meeting current and future user expectations, delighting customers and generating high ROI. Geomotiv understands how to translate your vision into a superior digital product by giving you all the necessary competence and resources.


Mobile is King

Why your Business Needs Presence on Mobile Devices

1 billion – the number of consumers that use iOS in 2023

2.5 billion – the number of active Android users in 2023

$230 billion – the projected amount of mobile app downloads by 2025


Native and Cross Platform Mobile App Development

Native Mobile App

Need different versions of one app to target every OS? We’re ready to step in! We tailor mobile apps to a specified platform like iOS or Android to meet your needs.


Have no time to maintain separate iOS and Android projects? Let us help you create a single and universal app ready to run on all platforms simultaneously.

React Native Flutter

One App for Each OS

Let Our Cross Platform Mobile App Development Company Deliver on That Promise

You can reach consumers faster and more efficiently by opting for our cross-platform mobile app development services. Relying on the “Write Once, Run Everywhere” principle, our developers can craft a single codebase that simultaneously makes apps available on iOS and Android platforms. 

We employ key cross-platform technology enablers, including JavaScript, Typescript, Dart, React Native, Ionic, Xamarin, Flutter, and Cordova. As a result, your business gets faster time-to-market, reduces development costs, and reaches wider audiences without going bust. 

Enter the World of Android Apps with Us

Build With A Top Android Mobile App Development Company

Are you looking to establish a presence on popular Android devices – smartphones, tablets, wearables, smart TV, and other platforms? Our mobile app development services are geared towards providing a magnitude of Android benefits for businesses of all scales.

We use the latest Android technologies, including Java, Kotlin, Jetpack, Dagger2, and more, to create business-friendly features, scalable architecture, and fast deployment. Acquire a flawless app with an intuitive UI that will get a lot of attention from end-users and tons of downloads on the Google Play store.

Dedicated iOS Teams

Top-Notch iOS Mobile App Development Company

Do you have a bright idea for an app on Apple devices – iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch? Then you need the exclusive expertise of our proficient iOS development teams! With us, you can leverage a high-quality custom solution with a five-star rating on the AppStore.

As the OS with one of the most demanding audiences and strict regulatory standards and guidelines, it requires a sophisticated approach to mobile application development. Luckily, our teams have what it takes to meet any challenges and deliver flawless apps with optimal performance, clear code, and user-friendliness. We ensure the app passes Apple’s rigorous review procedures and goes live in the AppStore without any roadblocks.

Mobile App Development Services

Tailored for You by Our Custom Mobile App Development Company

Let us take care of every aspect of mobile application development and guide you throughout the whole delivery process. Here’s what we offer to deliver on these promises

  • Mobile UX and UI Design – Our designers bring extensive expertise to craft user-friendly experiences on any platform.
  • Native Mobile App Development (Android or iOS) – Need separate apps for iOS and Android platforms? We’ve got you covered!
  • Cross-Platform Mobile App Development – Let us craft superior mobile applications that run on multiple platforms.
  • Automated QA and testing – We ensure everything works as intended by incorporating a continuous end-to-end mobile testing process.
  • Maintenance & Support – Our team remains by your side after the deployment to resolve any potential issues.


End-to-End Approach to Mobile App Development

Client and Product Owner:

We step in when you must go from a basic idea to a fully-functional mobile application. Our team evaluates your needs, assesses potential roadblocks, and analyzes individual requirements. Our business analysts suggest the best-matching features and functionality based on the collected data.

Project Backlog:

We take advantage of the Agile project backlog that a Product Owner arranges as a prioritized list. Based on current priorities, our developers choose features from the top of the list and get started with the development process in the current sprint.

Development Cycle:

Stages: Plan – Design – Develop – QA – Review
We use iterative and incremental approaches to mobile development to move fast with the project. We break down the work into short cycles, each consisting of planning, designing, developing, QA, and reviewing. Each iteration delivers part of the functionality that developers can change based on new input.


We ensure that we release the right functionality at the right time and with sound quality by implementing time-tested CI/CD pipelines. For complex scenarios, we also employ feature toggling and A/B testing techniques. That helps us to assess each output and its impact on end-users. We also ensure your app is compatible with App Store/Play Store guidelines and requirements.

Have a remarkable idea for a mobile app?

Let our mobile development experts turn your vision into an outstanding digital product.

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    Your Go-To Mobile App Development Company

    Here’s Why Entrust Your Project to Geomotiv

    Technology Expertise

    Get access to unmatched expertise and combined experience of professional mobile developers.
    Our teams comprise cross-functional specialists with 8+ years of experience and proficiency in modern programming technologies, mobile platforms, and robust Android/iOS/cross-platform development toolkits.

    Top-Notch Design

    Intuitive and responsive mobile user experiences drive conversions and increase traffic to your application.
    Geomotiv comprehends that and can create perfect customer journeys on any platform or device. We ensure your apps are built with the best UI/UX design techniques and industry best practices.

    Transparent Workflow

    With us, open communication and transparency become starting points for future success. We know that a productive business partnership is based on trust – and we do our utmost to stay transparent throughout our collaboration.
    We update our clients about the project’s status, share each detail concerning technological changes, and are always available for discussion.

    eCommerce and Retail
    Mobile Application Development for Your Vertical
    Mobile Application Development for Your Vertical
    Mobile Application Development for Your Vertical
    Travel and Hospitality
    Mobile Application Development for Your Vertical
    Mobile Application Development for Your Vertical
    Education and eLearning
    Mobile Application Development for Your Vertical
    Real Estate
    Mobile Application Development for Your Vertical
    Sports and Fitness
    Mobile Application Development for Your Vertical
    Beauty and Fashion
    Mobile Application Development for Your Vertical
    Mobile Application Development for Your Vertical
    Mobile Application Development for Your Vertical
    eCommerce and Retail
    Travel and Hospitality
    Education and eLearning
    Real Estate
    Sports and Fitness
    Beauty and Fashion


    Tech Stack We Apply

    At Geomotiv, we know what technologies are best suitable for a particular platform.
    This allows us to deliver comprehensive on-time and reasonable-budget solutions.


    Swift, Objective-C


    Java, Kotlin


    JavaScript, Typescript, Dart, React Native, Ionic, Xamarin, Flutter, Cordova
    Alex Kharkauski Chief Operating Officer

    One of the key factors in your mobile project success lies in
    the alignment between technology and business strategy.
    That’s why our experts begin with a comprehensive analysis
    of high-level requirements, stakeholder expectations, and target
    user necessities. We then adapt the project’s technology
    backbone to address these needs efficiently.


    Our Work Speaks for Itself


    Smart Medical Assistant App

    A comprehensive medical assistant chatbot that could provide medical consulting, improve outcomes, and reduce operational costs and personnel expenditures.


    24/7 Telemedicine Solution for Doctors and Patients

    A web-based cross-platform mobile app that allowed to assist/provide support for patients anytime and anywhere.


    Library Supply Management System

    A united library supply manager created for students and teachers. One single interface to publish books and media assets and one single interface to use them.


    Sports Application for Basketball Players

    A complex system comprising both software and hardware components that provided an easy paperless way to track workouts that players completed.


    Instagram for Schools

    A solution that allowed students to transform everyday school tasks and activities into photos and videos while sharing them with the school board.


    Travel Industry Application

    An application that connected travelers with hosts around the world and simplified the entire travelling process at the same time.



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    Need Help? We’ve Got You Covered!

    How long does it take to build a mobile app?

    To answer this question, assessing the factors that can impact the overall development timeline is necessary. Developers will require a longer time to create native solutions from scratch than cross-platform solutions with a shared codebase. The development time also increases with complex apps that require advanced features. Other factors include:

    • the number of screens;
    • the complexity of the design;
    • the number of integrations with third-party apps.
    How much does it cost to build a mobile app?
    How to choose a mobile app development platform?
    What team do you need to build a mobile app?
    Why choose Geomotiv for mobile app development services?
    What is the difference between cross platform and hybrid mobile app development?


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