Golang Development Services

Our Golang development company knows how to use Go’s native features to create agile, scalable, and performance-ready apps of any size and complexity. Let us bring your idea to life with the help of senior software developers with at least eight years of experience in your domain.



A Range of Golang Solutions We Provide

Apps for the Cloud

Go’s built-in support for concurrency, fast execution times, and seamless containerization make it an excellent choice for creating scalable cloud-based applications. We design resilient apps with the most optimal infrastructure using the tools written in Go:

  • Docker;
  • Kubernetes.

Enterprise Web Apps

Leveraging Go’s cross-platform compatibility, high concurrency, and efficient memory management, our developers turn your idea into high-performing, secure web apps. Our Golang web development company streamlines the delivery of:

  • Web servers;
  • APIs;
  • Command-line tools, etc.


Golang powers apps with microservices architecture thanks to its lightweight goroutines, rich standard library, and seamless integration with containerization tools. Our team has vast experience with managing, monitoring, and deploying microservices written in Go:

  • Datadog;
  • Prometheus;
  • gRPC;
  • REST, etc.

Our Offering

Golang Development Services We Provide

Product Consulting icon

Go consulting

Geomotiv’s technology consultants and senior Go developers assist your…

Go consulting

Geomotiv’s technology consultants and senior Go developers assist your company in reaching digital transformation goals of any scale. Our company can help with Golang initiatives, and you will receive comprehensive information.

MVP_Custom Software Development icon

Full-stack development

Our full-stack developers integrate front-end and back-end parts using the latest…

Full-stack development

Our full-stack developers integrate front-end and back-end parts using the latest technologies to manage your Golang mobile development and web app delivery projects. This results in cohesive, high-performance applications customized to meet your unique needs.

legacy software migration_icon

Legacy software migration

Geomotiv updates your outdated software by migrating applications or platforms…

Legacy software migration

Geomotiv updates your outdated software by migrating applications or platforms from on-premise servers to the cloud. Our developers modernize resource-intensive systems while optimizing their performance and security.

data science_icon

Data science

Our proficient developers leverage Golang’s powerful frameworks and tools…

Data science

Our proficient developers leverage Golang’s powerful frameworks and tools to process large datasets and analyze data. We know how to use Go’s efficient performance and support for parallel processing to drive the success of your complex data science project.

ai and ml icon

AI/ML development

Golang’s libraries and frameworks, concurrency features, and fast execution…

AI/ML development

Golang’s libraries and frameworks, concurrency features, and fast execution times enable us to deliver cutting-edge Machine Learning algorithms and natural language processing models. Partner with us to create data-driven applications ready to scale alongside increasing demands.

Refactoring icon


Golang is a powerful asset for DevOps, offering rapid build cycles, inherent concurrency, …


Golang is a powerful asset for DevOps, offering rapid build cycles, inherent concurrency, and robust networking capabilities. Our Golang development services leverage these strengths to optimize your DevOps workflows, ensuring efficient and reliable operations.

API development_icon

API development

Our company specializes in API development, leveraging Go’s simplicity, performance, …

API development

Our company specializes in API development, leveraging Go’s simplicity, performance, and extensive standard library. Go’s lightweight nature ensures our APIs handle high traffic and provide seamless integration for your apps.

Command-line interfaces_icon

Command-line interfaces

We tailor our Go development services to create automated command-line interfaces. …

Command-line interfaces

We tailor our Go development services to create automated command-line interfaces. Go’s rapid compilation into a single binary ensures cross-platform compatibility and immediate startup times, allowing our developers to build programs for multiple architectures and OSes.

Let’s work together to drive the success of your Go-related project.

Hire dedicated Go developers or assign the entire project to Geomotiv.
With our expert assistance, you will launch your new software solution faster
and cut down on expensive talent search processes.

Value for Your Business

Benefits You Get with Golang App Development

High-speed performance

Go compiles directly from binary files, skipping the virtual machine step for faster development. Golang’s seamless automatic garbage collection enhances speed, ensuring swift execution without compromising efficiency. Built-in parallel testing tools facilitate rapid development cycles without glitches.

Concurrency and scalability

Golang efficiently manages multiple concurrent processes at high speed by employing goroutines—functions that don’t rely on external resources while executing. This approach minimizes memory usage while ensuring the system remains stable and handles concurrent requests even under increased load.

Simplicity of use

Golang employs transparent syntax, easy-to-learn variables, and a consistent procedural approach. This clarity enables our developers to write code that is quickly revised and executed without the need for excessive clarifications. Moreover, Go’s simplicity ensures multiple developers can readily understand and collaborate on a shared codebase.

A rich ecosystem

Golang offers a wealth of development tools through its open-source ecosystem. You’ll find the resources to support your projects from various editors, IDEs, and plugins, all readily downloadable from the GitHub repository. Several cloud-based IDEs tailored to Golang app development are also available, enhancing your team’s workflow flexibility.


Golang’s robust static type system and comprehensive error-handling capabilities ensure the production of reliable software regardless of its complexity and scale. Its error-free codebase reduces debugging costs and minimizes system downtime, which fosters a stable software environment for developers.

Community support

A dynamic, engaged developer community contributes to Go’s thriving open-source ecosystem. This vibrant support network offers many educational resources, empowering developers with tools for learning and problem-solving. Our experts leverage the latest advancements and trends in Golang programming to secure your competitive edge.


Golang prioritizes security through features such as memory safety and race condition detection, fostering the development of robust and secure applications. By emphasizing best practices and proactively addressing widespread programming pitfalls, Golang empowers our developers to mitigate security vulnerabilities.


Tech Stack that Powers Go Projects


Golang back-end stacks accelerate development cycles, build time, and runtime speed.



Go provides native support for major databases and in-memory storage solutions.



DevOps tools supercharge the software’s SDLC by automating build and deploy activities.

Github Actions

Cloud Services

Golang equips developers with multiple libraries and tools tailored for seamless interaction with industry-leading cloud services.

Digital Ocean


These tools ensure availability, reliability, and seamless operations for Go-based applications.



A gold-standard testing toolkit that seamlessly integrates into Go’s default testing library.



Architectural approaches provide different ways to design APIs for feature-rich Go applications.


Message Brokers

Message brokers mediate information exchange between different destinations through distributed layers.

GCP (Pub/Sub)

Apps in the Cloud

How We Deliver Your Cloud-Native Go Application

Geomotiv’s developers know how to apply powerful Golang capabilities to build and deploy resilient cloud-native solutions. We’ve successfully delivered projects ranging from scalable web applications to complex microservices architectures.

Our team leverages a robust cloud tech stack, including:

  • AWS-based services: EC2, EKS, ECS, S3, IAM, Cognito, Lambda, SQS, CloudWatch, RDS, CloudFront, Route53, ELB, EFS, Glacier, API Gateway;
  • Google Cloud Platform offerings: Compute Engine, Cloud Functions, Container Engine, Cloud Datastore, Cloud Logging, Autoscaler, Cloud Storage, and Cloud SQL.

Additionally, our expertise with Docker and Kubernetes, written in Go, ensures seamless deployment and management of containerized applications across various cloud environments.

We are a Google Cloud-Certified Company

Leverage Platform’s Powerful Capabilities to Build Innovative Products

Does your cloud development project require expert assistance from Google Cloud-certified professionals? Then, turn to Geomotiv – your go-to technology partner for realizing digital transformation goals of any complexity and scale. 

Choose our company to build and refine your products or services on top of the GCP infrastructure and get:

  • Performance: Optimized and efficient cloud solutions.
  • Scalability: Seamless scaling alongside growing demands.
  • Security: Top-notch safety measures for improved data protection.
  • Customization: Personalized approach to your specific needs.
  • Cost-efficiency: Maximum value from your investment.

Data Science and AI/ML With Go

Develop Cutting-Edge Solutions Using Our Expertise

Geomotiv uses Go to deliver real-time analytics and high-performance data pipelines; serve machine learning models as APIs; and develop IoT applications that require data analysis and machine learning. Our developers incorporate Go into their data science and AI/ML toolkit to leverage its readiness for high performance, concurrency, and scalability:


Built-in ML libraries: Gorgonia, GoLearn, Goml, and Heaton’s Encog simplify the construction of neural networks and other algorithms.

Data processing: Rich tools for handling JSON, CSV, and XML data; packages like Gonum and Goplot for numerical computing and data visualization.

Integration-ready ecosystem: Through Cgo, Go is interoperable with Python’s tools for data science and AI/ML (Pandas, Numpy). HTTP libraries are used to build APIs that deliver ML models.

Concurrency features: Goroutines and channels facilitate parallel data processing and training ML models on large datasets, which is useful for distributed systems.

golang development_Our Portfolio of Go-Related Projects

Case Studies

Our Portfolio of Go-Related Projects

AdTech and OTT TV Engineering for a Video Streaming Leader

Project Overview

A streaming services provider needed to optimize its high-loading platform to meet future expansion goals.


The client was looking to add a reliable partner to their vendor list to take care of their AdTech stack and OTT TV platform development.


We designed and developed microservices in Golang with demanding performance requirements and minimal business logic.


Achieving up to 10x performance gains, significantly reducing server costs, and reducing expenditures on introducing new features.

golang development_Our Portfolio of Go-Related Projects

Case Studies

Our Portfolio of Go-Related Projects

Go Development for a High-Load AdTech Platform

Project Overview

A programmatic audio advertising integration company needed improvements to its AdTech platform’s Bidding module.


Optimize one of the functional parts of a complex AdTech platform.


Refactoring of the Bidding module from Python to Golang to improve performance, reduce memory leaks, and optimize execution speed.


Our specialists helped achieve a 40% increase in development efficiency, reduce memory leaks by 60%, and meet the 200-millisecond request processing limit.

golang development_Our Portfolio of Go-Related Projects

Case Studies

Our Portfolio of Go-Related Projects

Optimizing a Programmatic Advertising Platform with Go

Project Overview

An AdTech company providing solutions for media buyers and sellers required experienced developers to optimize and maintain their platform.


Optimize and maintain the oRTB code, develop new features, and meet critical performance requirements.


Our developer rewrote Node.js code in Golang, monitored the system’s performance, and observed its behavior under heavy load.


With our developer’s support, the client reached the desired RPS limits and eliminated performance bottlenecks.


Complete Go Projects with our
Flexible Cooperation Options

IT Staff

  • Add missing technical capabilities for temporary and long-term projects.
  • Cut down on expenses by hiring senior Go developers at competitive rates.
  • Get new team members in 1-2 weeks from the initial contact.
  • Integrate new specialists into your team without disruptions.
  • Stay in charge of contractors’ responsibilities and performance.
  • Increase your headcount without overwhelming the HR department.


  • Hire a software development team of any number of Go developers.
  • Save on talent sourcing recruiting costs for a development team.
  • Create a standalone dedicated development team in 2-4 weeks.
  • Blend a team of contractors into your current organizational structure.
  • Track team performance and manage resources on your own.
  • Scale your team on-demand without direct involvement in the hiring pipeline.

Go Development Outsourcing

  • Outsource an entire project or its part to Geomotiv’s developers.
  • Entrust development tasks to our full-cycle project team, which is managed on our end.
  • Leverage an experienced team of Go developers, PMs, and other specialists.
  • Offload your development team by delegating non-core tasks to us.
  • Track the project’s progress, adjust milestones, and provide feedback.
  • Expand your outsourced development team without extra charges.
Does a lack of experienced Go developers hold back your new project idea?

Don’t let talent scarcity interfere with your plans.
Hire our developers or assemble dedicated teams that are ready to start your project in two weeks.

Hire Go Developers or Entire Teams

Quality Recruitment for Your Projects with
the Best Talent Match


Leverage a streamlined hiring process that lets you access pre-vetted candidates from 10+ locations without the limitations of traditional recruiting.


Geomotiv ensures the quality of the candidates we present to you. Once we’ve collected your requirements for individual developers or entire teams, we start looking for the best-matching talent in our base of 80k candidates. Pre-vetted specialists undergo obligatory HR and technical assessments with our senior recruiters and tech leads.


As a result, you gain access to top-notch Go developers, enabling you to accelerate project development while minimizing time investments. We prioritize a seamless onboarding process to facilitate the contractors’ integration into your team. Once it is over, you can expect us to take care of day-to-day administrative, HR, and bookkeeping tasks.

Project-Based Development

Entrust Golang Development Outsourcing with Geomotiv

Global spending on digital transformation is projected to reach $3.9 trillion by 2027, driving businesses to outsource software development, including Go-related projects. Here’s how outsourcing Go development with Geomotiv will help bring your idea to life:
1. Project discovery

Discovery calls and consecutive discussions will help identify the best solutions to your problems. That’s why we start by gathering comprehensive information about the project:

  • business domain;
  • objectives and plans;
  • approach to development
  • budget and time constraints;
  • project scope and stage;
  • the structure of the development team; 
  • current system in use, etc.

This research helps us identify what technical talent aligns with your needs.

2. Project roadmap

We discuss how to develop the functionality, choose the right technologies, and specify the most suitable approaches to development, design, and other processes. We set priorities for each task, establish milestones, and create a project backlog. By the end of this phase, you’ll have a detailed roadmap that guides the development process and ensures successful project execution.

3. Team formation

Based on the collected information, we select the optimal team to execute the project on a turnkey basis and select its best-matching members:

  • Go developers;
  • designers;
  • QA specialists;
  • DevOps professionals;
  • A dedicated project manager, etc.

We can quickly assemble a team thanks to our access to a global tech hiring market, an extensive internal candidate base, and 300+ in-house engineers.

4. Project implementation

Our developers start working on your Golang project after the onboarding period ends. They follow the earlier detailed roadmap, ensuring all tasks align with your vision and objectives. Our dedicated project manager can oversee the process to deliver timely quality solutions. You can track real-time progress, monitor performance, and adjust outsourcing engagement.

Egor Zablotski Director of Engineering

Our company specializes in delivering large and complicated projects, which generally require the attention of multiple teams. Golang is ideal for such purposes due to its simplicity and efficiency. Its concurrency model allows for efficient handling of multiple tasks simultaneously, making it perfect for high-traffic applications. Golang’s strong performance, comparable to C++, ensures that applications run without downtime. The language’s robust standard library and comprehensive tooling streamline development processes and
reduce dependency on third-party libraries.

Our Strengths

Reasons to Partner with Our Go Development Company

Senior Go

Geomotiv specializes in hiring mid and senior-level developers. With us, you can access proficient Go developers with strong soft skills, mentoring experience, and at least 8 years of practice in back-end development. Our recruiters utilize time-tested hiring pipelines to match you with specialists whose skills and experience align with your requirements.


We leverage Golang’s capabilities to create custom solutions that meet the unique demands of your industry. Our expertise spans multiple sectors, including AdTech, MarTech, OTT TV, eCommerce, and EdTech. Count on us to deliver tailor-made applications that provide robust performance, rich functionality, and seamless user experiences.

Transparent cooperation

Geomotiv ensures transparent remote collaboration using Slack, Zoom, and Jira. Our process includes regular stand-ups, sprint planning, and reviews. We offer personalized collaboration models, monitor efficiency through KPIs, and provide regular reports on project status, outcomes, and risks to keep everyone informed and aligned.

ISO-certified processes

Let us power your project with ISO-certified software delivery, security management, and quality assurance processes. These certifications ensure that our projects meet rigorous industry standards and respond to user expectations. We help minimize risks of all kinds, translating to reliable, high-performing solutions tailored to your needs.


Since 2010, we’ve delivered Agile software development projects for startups and Enterprises. Over the years, we’ve mastered multiple Agile practices, including Scrum and Kanban. Our team comprises Agile experts who deeply understand its value and implementation peculiarities, guaranteeing successful project delivery and client satisfaction.

Quality is
our priority

Geomotiv takes quality assurance seriously, utilizing advanced testing methodologies to mitigate potential issues. Through comprehensive unit, integration, and regression testing efforts, we verify deliverables’ functionality, performance, and reliability. By ensuring software stability, we prevent costly disruptions and produce quality solutions that meet expectations.

Additional Offerings
Are You Interested in Other Services?
Enterprise Software DevelopmentSoftware Product DevelopmentCustom Software DevelopmentHigh-Load Software Development
Explore the full range of
our Enterprise software development services and solutions. Let us create and implement a personalized digital transformation journey for your Enterprise
or a growing company. Automate and standardize disparate business processes with our
expert help.
Partner with us to implement your software product idea cost-efficiently. Let us help you develop, customize, and modernize SaaS apps, web and mobile applications, digital platforms, or desktop solutions. If you need an external opinion on your idea, opt for our consulting services.Engage our company to create custom software from scratch, improve your current system, or upgrade legacy applications using cloud-based technologies. Supercharge your digital solutions with next-gen technologies, including
AI/ML and Big Data.
Take a look at Geomotiv’s high-load development services that ensure your infrastructure can handle massive user traffic and scale seamlessly. Our expertise in creating robust systems helps businesses convert increased traffic into higher revenue and improve user satisfaction.


Reviews from Our Valued Clients

Jason Schwartz
Creative Director at Bright Bright Great

Bright Bright Great had been looking for a reliable technology partner for almost a year. Geomotiv was recommended to BBG through a mutual friend, and we immediately started work. Jumping into previously created work is always tricky. However, the Geomotiv team not only helped us maintain deadlines but delivered ahead of time. They are very communicative. We work with their team daily from Chicago to Belarus without issue. BBG clicks with Geomotiv. We understand each others needs and work to get things done collectively. Also, they are great people. We look forward to speaking to them every day. Working with Geomotiv has been amazing, and we expect to continue, and grow our partnership. I recommend the Geomotiv team.

Show more
Victor Fei
Founder and CEO at Ormi Labs, Inc.

Thanks to Geomotiv’s efforts, we have been able to secure deals with top blockchain providers and decentralized finance projects that have over 3 billion assets. I can say that Geomotiv provided the best engineers to be a foundation for our success. We’ve been truly impressed with the quality of candidates they offer, their flexibility, the interview process, and their pleasantness to work with. The team has exceeded expectations and solves any engineering problem. Overall, they’re reliable, driven, and easy to work with.

Show more
David C Peterson
CTO at PebblePost

I’ve worked with Geomotiv since 2013. 4 Years when I was at the Rubicon Project and am currently using them for the past two years at PebblePost. We work together to find excellent quality engineers in big data, high performance, high scale computing and tiered web development. We utilize the engineers as a team extension which allows us to build our core team faster, get our products to market more quickly, and have near round-the-clock coverage of our systems. The engineers have good English, maths, computing skills, and a great attitude in collaborating. I will continue to use Geomotiv since they are an excellent partner, and I would encourage anyone else who has similar needs to do the same.

Show more
Mike Ory
Director of Engineering at Pluto TV

We have been working with Geomotiv teams in multiple locations for quite some time now. They are hard-working, excellent developers who have proven to be a valuable part of our team. Happy to have finally met most of the team in person. They are a fun group with excellent English skills as well.

Show more
Andrei Shavel
Director of Operations at Sante

Geomotiv has done an incredible job of automating the internal processes of our medical center. We appreciated that the guys were always in touch and actively participated in discussing ongoing tasks and use cases. We’re delighted with the team’s technical background and engineering skills of each developer in particular. We also appreciated the terms of project delivery – all the work was done on time and, importantly, within the budget.

Show more
Shafi Mustafa
CEO and Co-Founder at Savveo

Geomotiv has been an invaluable full-cycle development partner for Savveo during our ongoing multi-year relationship. From product inception and ideation to implementation, we see Geomotiv as more than a traditional offshore outsourcing group, but rather an essential team extension. Geomotiv works closely with Savveo on some of our toughest challenges and has proven a great thought partner. The members of the Geomotiv team for Savveo are dedicated resources who focus on our business on a full-time basis. From its management team to business analysts and engineers, Geomotiv has proven the capability of providing experienced and highly skilled team members on an ongoing basis.

Show more
Eugene Nashilov
Chief Product and Marketing Officer at Black Beacon

Cooperation with Geomotiv was smooth and productive, and we were pleased to have such a company as a partner. We needed to develop a solution for player churn prediction in the game. Geomotiv provided continual interactions with our team and helped define critical features that would predict the churn. Thanks to their dedication, the project was completed on time.

Show more
Hed Bar-Nissan
VP of R&D at HIRO

We (HIRO-Media) started working with Geomotiv in 2013. We have a lot of experience working with outsourcing and software consultants – and it’s a tricky thing for a small development team. For example, encapsulating projects or components – understanding how they get integrated into your product’s hectic lifecycle. Geomotiv and Sergey Lobko-Lobanovsky, in particular, understand the inherent difficulty and have helped us with tailoring this cooperation to the benefit of both sides. On the technical level, they have exceeded our expectations by supplying fast, accurate and innovative solutions. I like their intuitive balance between the two forces: On the one hand, the will to understand the full context to help you identify the actual challenge and supply the best solution, and on the other hand, working with you to provide you with the needed component even if you both understand that it’s only a temporal bandage.

Show more
Gintautas Kišonas
Former CTO at Natify

Code developed by Geomotiv was used as a stable foundation for future expansion. They communicated daily and were available via multiple channels. They’re professional and place a high value on customer service.

Show more
David C Peterson
SVP Technology at Rubicon Project

I recommend working with Geomotiv’s team for data, platform, middle-tier API, and back-end systems. Pros: diligence and persistence in achieving code quality standards set by our team to address our code review comments. There is also dedication in solving complex technical challenges.

Show more

Other Cases

Our Work Speaks for Itself


Video Streaming Platform

The OTT Advertising Service was a set of solutions designed to give the client full control over their ad related activities.


Staff Augmentation for AdTech Company

A technical solution for ad campaign automation that was developed within the client’s integrated omnichannel DSP and DMP platforms.


Custom Solutions for AdTech Company

Discover our support solutions built for efficient software development and enhancement of AdTech products.


White-Label Ad Management Solution

A flexible ad management system for large advertisers that brought industry recognition for MediaMath.


Custom Solution for Ad Campaign and Strategy Scheduling

Explore our user-friendly Scheduler system for ad campaigns and strategy scheduling integrated into the client’s DSP.


AdTech Bidding Module Development

Achieving a 40% development boost, 60% leak cut, and 200ms processing speed in optimizing the client’s Bidding module.



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