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Our virtual classroom software development services deliver collaborative experiences for learners and teachers. We craft full-fledged virtual classroom platforms and bring digital transformation.



What is Online Classroom Software

The online classroom is a digital platform that aims to provide access and deliver eLearning materials to a wide group of learners. This type of software enables real-time collaboration between teachers and students through the use of technical devices and a stable Internet connection. It works similarly in any virtual learning setting, be it coaching, employee training, webinars, or live office sessions.

Think of an online virtual classroom as a digital substitute for a conventional classroom for students, employees, or any other type of learners and their educators. They can exchange course materials, discuss them via chats, work in project groups, and get instant feedback on progress, and do other tasks they’d do in a traditional classroom. All this is possible through the use of technology.
Organizations can combine virtual classroom software with a
custom LMS through seamless technology integration. It brings to the table the best of the two worlds and helps to reduce the number of technological solutions. Further, it enables organizations to cut down on expenses and provide better teaching and learning experiences for users. 

Under One Umbrella

LMS and Online Classroom as a Single
eLearning Product

Native LMS module development

This option helps to deliver a seamless user experience as all underlying LMS features are integrated out of the box.
As a result, users can access the required functionality without switching windows by using an all-in-one eLearning solution.

API-based development

You can add a custom online classroom API to give your learners access to useful LMS features. This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to enable connectivity between software components, but usability issues may arise.

Full third-party integration

Online classroom software and LMS can leverage full synchronization using pre-developed integrations on the back-end parts of each application. In this case, users can connect both apps through a convenient graphic interface with a straightforward authentication scenario.


Integral Parts of Online Classroom Software

Core features

  • Different devices compatibility
  • Planning and scheduling module
  • Live streaming and screen sharing
  • Grid view
  • Interactive online whiteboard
  • Real-time messaging and quizzing
  • File-sharing
  • Cloud recording
  • Break-out rooms
  • API integration capability 
  • Digital wallet, calendar, and email integrations
  • Push notifications

Advanced features

  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Touchscreen support
  • Chatbots
  • AR/VR technologies
  • Real-time data and analytics


Key Benefits of Online Classroom Platforms
For Each Organization

For universities and schools

  • Improved digital skills as students get comfortable with using interactive online tools;
  • Accessibility as students can log in to a virtual classroom and start learning irrespective of time and location;
  • Enhanced inclusivity as shy students have less pressure when presenting within a virtual classroom system;
  • Immediate feedback on completed assignments, which accelerates students’ progress.
For universities and schools

For governmental organizations

  • Ease of introduction of country-level educational programs;
  • Enhanced security and flexibility of government training programs;
  • Streamlined administrative processes with easy importing and exporting of user data;
  • Robust reporting and analytics for a real-time view of student progress on the personal, classroom, or even department-wide level.
For governmental organizations

For enterprises and businesses

  • Reduced expenses on employee training and onboarding;
  • Better opportunities for team collaboration and improved team cohesion;
  • Flexible and scalable learning process with advanced technologies’ back-up;
  • Personalized approach for each user and social inclusivity;
  • Lack of impact on employee workload.
For enterprises and businesses

For globally distributed workforces

  • Ease of acquiring relevant knowledge and skills for a current job or a new job opportunity;
  • Accessibility of relevant courses and specializations anytime, anywhere;
  • Saved time and effort due to lack of commute;
  • More opportunities to land a job with fewer distractions;
  • Promoted peer-to-peer collaboration and ease of knowledge sharing.
For globally distributed workforces


Online Classroom Development Services

  • Business analysis, project estimation
  • End-to-end development from scratch
  • Enhancement and custom components development
  • Integrations with third-party software
  • Mobile development
  • Testing and QA
  • Post-implementation support, user adoption, and training
Let Us Estimate the Functionality and Related
IT Services
Features Cost
Live streaming
Screen sharing
Live quizzes
Real-time messages
Calendar and email integrations
Cloud recording

Our Strengths

Why Choose Geomotiv to Create Online Classroom Software

Dedicated Engineering Talent

We hire top experts for our dedicated engineering family with skills in web, mobile, cloud, QA and testing, Big Data and analytics, and other fields. Let us match you with the right talent from our base of 5000 developers or ramp up a full-cycle team for immediate project needs.

End-to-End eLearning Development

Our team covers the entire eLearning software development lifecycle, fine-tuning cloud infrastructure, adopting Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms, crafting intuitive mobile-ready interfaces, and integrating crucial third-party services through custom APIs.

High-Quality Solutions within Scope and Time

Our eLearning developers deliver solutions that meet our clients’ quality, time, and budget expectations. Engage our experts to create a flawless and result-driven virtual classroom website or app that aligns with stakeholders’ expectations and meets end-user demands with utmost precision.


Tech Stack for Virtual Classroom Software Development

Sergey Lobko-Lobanovsky Founder and CEO

Virtual classrooms are already a well-known format to many learners
and professors worldwide. But today’s tools and technologies allow us
to deliver cutting-edge solutions and ensure unique user experiences.
With such technologies as AI/ML or VR/AR, you can significantly boost
the efficiency of the learning process.


Our Work Speaks for Itself


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