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The education landscape is changing, and you shouldn’t miss your chance to catch up with the progress. With our eLearning software development services, you can be sure that your solutions will not only fully correspond to all the latest market trends but also will help you significantly boost the efficiency and quality of the educational process for users. In our work, we rely on our multi-year experience in custom eLearning development and deep understanding of all the advanced tools and technologies that allow us to guarantee the highest quality, excellent performance, and absolute security of our solution.



eLearning Development Services Are Continuously Gaining Popularity

$350 billion – eLearning market will hit by 2025

90% of companies provide digital learning experiences

$44.6 billion – corporate eLearning segment will reach by 2027

We Work with the Following Types of Organizations
Educational InstitutionsNon-Profit OrganizationsCorporate
We are tech-enablers who never fear highly complex tasks and non-trivial projects that require unique expertise. That is why you can fully rely on us to turn bright ideas into working products enriched with cutting-edge functionality.
With our custom eLearning development services, your EdTech startup can join the rows of market leaders.
We help universities, colleges, and schools deliver even better educational services and experiences. With us, you can digitize every part of the educational process. We can build a new solution from the ground up, customize the existing educational software solution, add the modules that would best fit your institution, and make the right integrations.From course providers to free libraries, we build EdTech solutions for non-profit organizations of any type. Our eLearning software development services aim to supply volunteers and non-profit representatives with easy-to-use tools, training programs, and other relevant resources. In addition, we fully back up the developed software and facilitate its functioning.Companies working in absolutely different industries may need to organize various corporate training sessions for their staff, including but not limited to onboarding educational courses, machinery operation training, etc. Our eLearning software development company can build any solution that will be fully tailored to the needs of your business and your staff.
Alex Kharkauski Chief Operating Officer

Our experienced team excels in custom eLearning development, tailoring software to your needs. Geomotiv’s experts can enhance your existing
products, create new solutions from scratch, or integrate new features
for a seamless learning experience. You can trust us to securely and
consistently turn your brand-new vision into reality as we prioritize IP
protection and NDA agreements.


What We Can Do for You

Custom eLearning Development from Scratch Custom eLearning Development from Scratch

Our custom eLearning development services include creating software products per your requirements and needs. Before offering you a solution, we always deeply study your situation, analyze your requirements and try to get as much information about your expectations as possible. When your EdTech app is ready, we conduct user training to ensure that you fully understand the capacities of your new software.

Customization of Existing Solutions Customization of Existing Solutions

Our eLearning software development company can also work with your existing solutions that were previously built by other teams or us to increase the performance and scalability of your applications and make them look and feel more up-to-date. We can redesign all the existing eLearning processes, migrate your solutions to the cloud, and update the used technologies based on your ongoing business conditions and further plans related to your software.

Development of New Functionality Development of New Functionality

To expand the range of features provided by your EdTech solution and to make interaction with it more comfortable and seamless for learners, we can integrate various types of collaboration tools, third-party educational apps, payment services, and internal corporate software systems. Depending on your requirements, we can create absolutely any new functionality for your already existing eLearning software products and customizable ready-made apps.

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Our programmers have rich expertise in custom eLearning software development and can cope with tasks of any complexity.

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    Our Offers

    Custom EdTech & eLearning Solutions We Provide


    With our expert LMS development services, you will be able to close training gaps, automate workflows, enhance learner interactions with advanced techs, and reduce ongoing costs. We don’t just develop and implement every needed feature but do everything possible to make it a valuable asset for your business.


    Geomotiv will help to create a fully-featured Learning Content Management system tailored to unique requirements. From content authoring and production to its reuse and multi-format delivery, this type of software can become a single source of knowledge for your company.

    Virtual Classroom Software
    Virtual Classroom Software
    Virtual Classroom Software

    Addressing the needs of different companies that want to include Virtual Classroom software into their operations, we are ready to create custom solutions for any type of learner. Take advantage of our deep eLearning expertise to enable hassle-free access to your platform for all users and include only relevant features for your online classroom activities.

    Online Course Platform
    Online Course Platform
    Online Course Platform

    Let us step in and help you achieve various educational goals with a custom online course platform designed specifically for your brand. With our expert development team, you will be able to add new modules, adjust each element of the course, and open new revenue streams with advanced monetization models.

    Mobile Learning Apps
    Mobile Learning Apps
    Mobile Learning Apps

    As Geomotiv has accumulated solid mobile development expertise through the years, we are eager to use this knowledge to create outstanding mobile learning experiences. We make it a breeze to implement trendy technologies, add gamification elements, intelligent chatbots, and other innovative elements of digital learning.

    Assessment and Evaluation Software
    Assessment and Evaluation Software
    Assessment and Evaluation Software

    We bring together the right technologies and tools to meet the assessment and evaluation needs of your organization. Our team of dedicated professionals in the eLearning domain is ready to drive continuous innovation so you can develop and scale your digital testing platforms with ease.

    Educational Reporting and Analytics Systems
    Educational Reporting and Analytics Systems
    Educational Reporting and Analytics Systems

    With custom reporting and analytics systems developed by Geomotiv, you can solve complex data challenges and make informed decisions faster. We apply proven methodologies to create user-friendly reporting systems and dashboards that provide 100% visibility into the learning process on local, state, and national levels.

    Educational Data Analysis
    Educational Data Analysis
    Educational Data Analysis

    We can help you embrace the abundance of data generated in your organization or educational institution. Leverage our extensive know-how to improve the outcomes of education and training efforts, better understand your students, educators, and contributors, and unite disparate data sources under one roof.

    Learning Experience Platform (LXP)
    Learning Experience Platform (LXP)
    Learning Experience Platform (LXP)

    Our feature-rich LXPs, built with the help of the most reliable and advanced tools and technologies, guarantee a high level of engagement among all users of these solutions. Having the possibility to adjust their learning journeys to their needs, users can not only achieve the best results but also enjoy the process.


    similar to those already used by millions of people worldwide:


    Cutting-Edge EdTech Solutions
    That Impact the Market


    Over 3 billion internet users watched downloaded or online videos at least once a month in 2022. And today, this figure is growing as video is believed to be one of the most convenient formats for consuming information. Let learners leverage all its advantages. Our eLearning software development company can build a video-based learning solution for your business based on our EdTech expertise. Its popularity, simplicity, and accessibility open up various possibilities, such as in-video quizzing and interactive video transcripts, which will become increasingly highly demanded in the digital era. Moreover, we can create video features for your existing apps and seamlessly integrate them.



    With a cloud-based solution, your users won’t have to install or download anything, contributing greatly to the user experience. In addition, we offer comprehensive cloud software development services that may presuppose building solutions of any complexity fully from scratch. But if you already have an eLearning product and have decided to migrate it to the cloud, we can do it for you. We work with many reliable and innovative technologies and the most advanced tools. You can choose the cloud services you want to use – AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure based on your requirements.



    If you rely on us to provide custom eLearning development services, you will get a solution that will be comfortable to use on all modern devices. There is no sense in building apps compatible only with a limited number of devices and platforms as, in this case, you seriously restrict the number of potential users. Today mobility is one of the fundamental principles of our lifestyle. That’s why your eLearning products would be available on computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. It will help users continue their learning process anytime and from any location.



    Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can enrich education through adaptive learning, neural networks, intelligent chatbots and assistants, and natural language processing. We develop eLearning solutions that unite all those features and provide users with captivating and entertaining educational experiences. Moreover, thanks to our expertise in AI and ML, we can help you to ensure highly personalized experiences for learners. eLearning solutions with AI-powered features will be able to get information about users’ interests, needs, and difficulties in learning in order to offer a set of the most valuable recommendations and create individual learning plans.

    Have an idea for an edtech solution?

    Our eLearning software development company will be always ready to provide you with our help at any step of your project realization!


    What Functionality We Can Build for Your
    eLearning Solutions

    Learning Management System (LMS)

    • Real-time communication
    • AI-powered recommendations
    • BI reporting
    • Gamification
    • Online payments
    • Integration of webinar functionality

    Learning Content Management System (LCMS)

    • Tools for authoring
    • Collaborative editing tools
    • Repository of learning materials
    • Reporting
    • Content use tracking 
    • Lesson, exam, and survey templates

    Virtual Classroom

    • Live broadcasting
    • Collaborative features
    • Integrated digital whiteboard
    • Attendance tracking 
    • Data and file sharing
    • Integration with an LMS

    Online Course Platform

    • Course library
    • Exam and test functionality
    • Personalization
    • Social features
    • Payment gateway integration
    • Performance tracking

    mLearning App

    • Reporting and analytics
    • Push notifications
    • Multimedia content support
    • Progress syncing
    • Scores and leadership boards
    • Social media sharing

    Assessment and Evaluation Software

    • Automated test creation
    • Assignment checking
    • Time tracker 
    • Real-time reporting
    • Advanced analytics
    • Performance monitoring

    Educational Reporting and Analytics Systems

    • Big Data features
    • Automated reports
    • Data visualization
    • Predictive analytics
    • Ready-to-use report templates
    • Drag-and-drop reporting

    Learning Experience Platform (LXP)

    • User-generated content
    • Collaborative and social learning
    • Data analytics and reporting
    • Rewards
    • AI features
    • Process automation


    Why Entrust Your EdTech & eLearning Software Development to Geomotiv

    Multi-year expertise around eLearning software development

    Agile squads with a focus
    on ongoing collaboration
    and continuous feedback

    Intellectual Property rights
    assignment for the result
    of our specialists

    Streamlined project delivery
    within predicted scope,
    timeframe, and budget

    Usability-driven development
    and focus on UI/UX

    Vast experience in AI and ML, and Big Data

    Support for the rising
    number of users and
    changing goals

    End-to-end software testing
    to ensure stable, error-free
    IT infrastructure


    Services You May Be Interested In

    Dedicated Development Team

    For your eLearning software development project, you can hire a dedicated team that will be fully focused on building your solution or its part. It is very comfortable to work with such a team that will be assembled following your needs if you have a long-term project but need additional resources for its realization.
    Hire a dedicated development team ->

    IT Staff Augmentation

    You can also establish cooperation with our eLearning software development company following the principles of the augmentation model that will allow you to scale up your existing team at any stage of your project. This model provides you with access to the best remote developers from all over the world.
    Opt for IT Staff augmentation ->


    Case Studies


    AdTech Bidding Module Development

    Achieving a 40% development boost, 60% leak cut, and 200ms processing speed in optimizing the client’s Bidding module.


    Programmatic Advertising Optimization Platform

    Custom software development for a programmatic advertising platform with critical performance requirements.


    Advertising Automation

    Powering up a unique independent marketplace to automate the entire advertising ecosystem across all inventory.


    SSP and DSP Advertising Technology

    A system to optimize the entire ad serving system that allowed for collecting, processing, and reporting on, billions of transactions every month.


    Linear TV DSP

    PDX was a web-based software product that integrated the in-house TV CRM, programming, and inventory maintenance systems.


    Video Streaming Platform

    The OTT Advertising Service was a set of solutions designed to give the client full control over their ad related activities.



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    What is eLearning software development?

    eLearning software development is a term used to describe the process of creating digital solutions and tools that can be used for educational purposes. The key goals of implementing such software products in the learning process are increasing the quality and efficiency of educational initiatives, diversifying the formats of learning courses and used materials, cutting operational costs, and optimizing all the related processes and tasks for organizations that provide educational services.

    Which is the most popular eLearning software?
    What features can you implement in eLearning software?
    What monetization options do educational apps offer?
    What types of online learning software do your developers create?
    What eLearning development services does Geomotiv provide?
    How long does it take to build an eLearning solution and what is the cost of custom eLearning development?
    Which technologies are applied for eLearning software development?
    What integrations can you implement?
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