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Are you looking for a tech-savvy development team to build and launch an online course platform? Geomotiv specializes in delivering beyond standard functionalities of course creation platforms for various industries, end-user types, and learning paths. We know how to create and supercharge custom online course websites like Udemy or Coursera, and will be happy to help you to disrupt the EdTech and eLearning domain.



What is an Online Course Platform

An online course platform is a software solution specifically designed to help course creators to develop, launch, teach, manage, and promote an online course. It enables businesses and individual creators to earn money by selling their courses to wide audiences and provides all the required tools and functionality to complete the task.

Whether you want to teach a foreign language, coach people, or provide professional certified training, a modern feature-rich platform to sell online courses can streamline the process. This eLearning solution lets you focus on content, marketing, and building a relationship with end-users and experts, coaches, and instructors.

Your Options

Proven Ways to Create Online Course Platforms

Custom development


  • Unlimited customization abilities to meet unique business needs;
  • Unlimited scalability when the number of courses and students starts to grow;
  • Full ownership of the whole system and control of the life cycle;
  • Unique feature set with advanced or rare functionality.


  • High initial costs as creating custom software from scratch require a large budget;
  • Time-consuming development and implementation processes;
  • The need for immediate fixes for the custom code.

Open-source LMS and CMS


  • Low costs as open-source software are often available for limited budgets;
  • Reduced time-to-market thanks to pre-built ready-to-go functionality;
  • Powerful built-in features to build and launch an online course;
  • The vendor is responsible for the maintenance of the whole system.


  • Limited customization abilities;
  • Limited scalability as the architecture and the structure of the code is not ready for high load;
  • Low network bandwidth, which can support up to 10,000 users.

SaaS platforms


  • Low upfront costs with subscription-based services;
  • Faster time-to-launch as SaaS solutions are already deployed in the cloud;
  • Flexibility to switch subscription plans to access more functionality;
  • Unlimited bandwidth for high load;
  • The provider is responsible for software and hardware updates.


  • Minimal customization abilities as the code are owned by the provider;
  • Limited scalability of the system.


Features that Make an Online Course Website a Success

Main features

  • Search with autocomplete
  • Filters and categories
  • Recommendations
  • Feedback and rating system
  • Easy sign-up
  • Teacher profile 
  • Сourse page
  • Course management
  • Dashboard 
  • Course creation
  • Multiple payment options 
  • Admin panel 
  • Blog 
  • Support

Advanced features

  • Social network authentication
  • Advanced filtering
  • Intuitive UX/UI design
  • Web & mobile apps
  • Schedule & appointments
  • Member group creation
  • Chat & notifications
  • Activity reports & evaluation
  • Gamification elements


Primary Revenue Sources For Online Course Platforms

With this model, you can charge a one-time fee to let users access your platform. A particular course can also become a product that users can access via free or premium subscription.
This option lets you place third-party ads on an online course website with free access. Such an approach brings more learners and drives more traffic to your resource.
In-app purchases
With in-app purchases, the product can be free but offer premium services for learners. Platform owners can sell paid certificates, college degrees, or degree courses using built-in transactions.
P2P payment
This model lets educators sell courses on online platforms directly to students. In this case, a platform serves as a middleman that facilitates transactions and charges a fixed rate for their services.


similar to those already used by millions of people worldwide:

Tamuna Basaria Head of Sales and
Business Development

Modern online course platforms can serve as a bridge between learners and educators worldwide. We can help you build a cutting-edge solution with advanced functionality that will satisfy the requirements of even the most highly demanding users. Having solid expertise in EdTech software development, we are confident that, together with you, we can change the landscape of the learning industry.

What we Do

Our Custom Software Development Services

  • Business Analysis and project estimation
  • End-to-end development from scratch
  • Mobile development
  • Enhancement and custom components development
  • Integration with third-party software
  • Testing and QA
  • Post-implementation support, user adoption, and training
Let Us Estimate the Functionality and Related
IT Services
FeaturesTimeCost, $43/hour
Authorization and Security72 hours$3,096
User Profiles42 hours$1,806
Home Page84 hours$3,612
Search and filters64 hours$2,752
Product page42 hours$1,806
UI/UX development42 hours$1,806
Reviews & Ratings68 hours$2,924
Payments42 hours$1,806
Course page96 hours$4,128
Course creation124 hours $5,332
Course management64 hours$2,752
Admin panel124 hours$5,332
Dashboard124 hours$5,332
Notifications32 hours$1,376
Shopping cart64 hours$2,752
Total1,084 hours$46,612


Tech Stack to Create an Online Course Platform


Solid experience goes hand-in-hand with mastering appropriate toolchains.
We use both cutting-edge and classic technologies.


Case Studies


Project Launch Optimization on Typo3 CMS

Helping the client streamline the work on projects and automate mundane tasks with our IT staff augmentation services.


Student Information System

Student Information System was a centralized platform developed to store, manage, aggregate, and process student-related data.


Financial and HR System for Educational Centers

Financial and HR Systems are designed for educational centers to optimize financial, HR, educational, and management operations.


Educational Event Management System

A unique and sector-specific solution to manage events and conferences. A comprehensive calendar with booking and notification features.


Library Management System

A solution to manage library resources created for schools, colleges, and educational centers that can be accessed from anywhere.



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