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Exceed expectations with a custom Learning Content Management System covering the entire content lifecycle: from courseware assembly, authoring, and publishing to distribution and in-depth analysis. Let us step in and help achieve your eLearning goals by implementing modern LCMS software for your organization.



About a Learning Content Management System

A Learning Content Management System (LCMS) is a centralized platform used to create, categorize, store, distribute, manage, and track educational content on the web. It allows experts, instructional designers, and other content professionals to author content as learning assets and reuse them to create online courses, exams, or lessons. 

On the other hand, LCMS software enables learners to access course materials, register for training, take multiple assessments, and different types of interactions.
Essentially, an LCMS brings together the entire learning content management lifecycle, eliminates duplicate efforts, and allows for rapid assembly of multi-format content. This helps organizations to boost their efficiency, optimize expenses, and increase the quality of learning materials.
And when an LCMS is combined with a
custom LMS, it is possible to get the best of the two worlds: leverage both content authoring and eLearning system administration.


What LCMS Content Lifecycle Looks Like

  • Author. This component is responsible for rapid content assembly upon request. Educators can reuse learning objects rather than recreate them from scratch and assemble them as lessons, quizzes, or exams.
  • Publish. An LMCS relies on a standard XML language that makes it easy to update and release the learning materials in just a few clicks. Content authors can publish Microsoft Word, PDF, SCORM-compliant eLearning, HTML5, Microsoft PowerPoint files in just a few clicks.
  • Deliver. This part is responsible for the consistent delivery of specific learning content to target audiences.
  • Analyze. Modern LCMSs provide the metrics that help educators to analyze the learning object’s relevance and efficiency. With sophisticated eLearning analytics, organizations can continue to refine and improve their content in the long haul.

Core Functionality

Integral Features of Learning Content
Management Systems

For Authoring

  • Content reusability and assembly in one place;
  • Collaborative authoring in real-time;
  • Flexibility to use multiple content types, including text, video, audio,
    presentations, etc.;
  • Rapid course, exam, or lesson creation using small learning assets;
  • Support of multiple types of user interaction;
  • SCORM-compliant learning materials.

For Publishing

  • A centralized repository of learning materials;
  • Adding metatags for all pages;
  • Content organization with comprehensive search capabilities;
  • A versioning system to revert changes;
  • Simple workflow for content reviewing;
  • Different levels of access for user roles;
  • Multilingual content capabilities and localization.

For Analyzing

  • Page-level learner engagement and performance tracking;
  • Data segmentation by region or location;
  • User-friendly dashboards with an intuitive interface;
  • Granular data on learners’ assessment;
  • Course activity metrics tracking;
  • Content use/reuse reporting.

For Delivery

  • Support of multiple output formats;
  • Advanced content filtering for different audiences;
  • Mobile-ready interface.

We Power

The Right Content Journey for Your LCMS

Our Offering

LCMS Development Services we Provide

  • Business analysis, project estimation
  • End-to-end development from scratch
  • Enhancement and custom components development
  • Integrations with third-party software
  • Testing and QA
  • User adoption and training
  • Post-implementation support
Egor Zablotski Director of Engineering

The quality of your training and educational programs dramatically depends on how you can manage your content. That’s why it is so crucial to use reliable software. A modern LCMS can help you address
a wide range of tasks related to content creation. Thanks to our more
than 14 years of experience in the software industry, we are sure that
we can build the best learning content management system that will
be fully tailored to your organization’s needs.


Tech Stacks for LCMS Development


WordPress is a beginner-friendly content management system that doesn’t require a technical background to go through the initial setup. This platform makes LCMS software development an easy-to-follow and straightforward process. Its unlimited flexibility makes it easy to author and deliver course pages, exams, and assignments and access analytics insights about learner’s performance and progress. Although most of the WordPress-based LCMSs have only basic functionality, their extensive library of customizable plugins comes to the rescue to enhance the capabilities of your platform.



Drupal-based LCMSs offer an organized content management and classification system with easy administration and highly scalable infrastructure. With out-of-the-box translation capabilities and an extensive list of eLearning-related content templates, the platform helps to streamline content authoring and distribution. Despite having a steep learning curve, instructional designers can leverage the platform to add learning materials in various formats, including videos, interactive content, music, and HTML files. One also has to take into account that adding external plugins can hinder the performance of your Learning Content Management System.

Explore Key Functions of Each Solution
To support traditional, offline learningTo support digital learningTo create and distribute digital materials for both online and offline learning events
To reuse existing learning materials
from outside experts
To convert in-house expertise
into learning materials
To provide a single system for all learners to access and interact with the content and generate detailed analytics on students and their progress/activities
To support blended learning and track
its efficiency
To create and deliver eLearning
assets using one tool
To leverage xAPI integrations
along with SCORM
To capture learner profile data and ensure easy access to coursesTo streamline the process of authoring learning materialsTo shift from an obsolete to a
modern authoring tool
To launch SCORM-compliant courses when other formats are not applicableTo access detailed analytics on how learners interact and progress
with the content
To publish and track content using
xAPI rather than SCORM


Why Geomotiv for LСMS Software Development

Agile Approach

We apply time-proven Agile methodologies to accelerate SDLC and align the development process with the product requirements.
Our experienced projects managers and business analysts apply a step-by-step actionable plan to implement the desired features and functionality in the solution.

Dedicated Development Teams

Our expert pool of dedicated Edtech and eLearning developers is ready to cater to your company’s unique needs. We can ramp up software development teams of pre-negotiated seniority and skill level to create and deploy a custom Learning Content Management System – LCMS within stipulated timelines and budget.

Visibility and Control

We put a particular focus on seamless communication and continuous reporting to our clients. From daily stand-ups with the latest updates to weekly meetings and monthly reports, we ensure the client is on the same page with their dedicated development team and their progress with an LCMS – Learning Content Management System development.


Our Work Speaks for Itself


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What is an LCMS?

A Learning Content Management System (LCMS) is a centralized platform that enables multiple users to create, store, manage, deliver, track, and analyze eLearning content. It serves instructional designers, trainers, coaches, and subject-matter experts who can author and organize content and evaluate its efficiency using a unified tool. So, instead of opting for outside platforms, organizations can assemble and deliver learning materials in one place.

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