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Geomotiv has 13+ years of experience providing offshore software development services using Agile methodology. We follow proven Agile practices, a customer-centered approach, and efficient development strategies to incorporate rapid changes for the customer’s competitive advantage.


Why Geomotiv

Partner with our Agile Offshore Development Company

13+ years of highly successful work on the market

150+ seasoned developers and tech experts aboard

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Business Value

How Agile Approach Helps Succeed with Your Project

The main value of the Agile approach is the pace of change implementation

With business software, it is often necessary to quickly and efficiently introduce changes to respond to evolving requirements. Therefore, another crucial aspect is the timely provision and processing of user feedback.
Unlike sequential approaches, using an Agile software process with offshore development allows project teams to deliver potentially shippable product increments within cyclical, boxed timeframes. For that, our company employs an Agile practice known as iterative development. It produces deliverables in increments rather than all at once, enabling clients to collect, use, and include user feedback in each iteration.
That means the development process, budgeting, and deliverables aren’t plan-driven and predictable. Instead, Agile involves project schedule evaluation, which can be adjusted with each iteration. This means the development team has several envisioned features concerning specific delivery dates.

Agile approach in action: adapting to change

Instead of elaborating on detailed requirements from the project’s start, you submit the requirements before each iteration and initiate change.
Therefore, the initial assessment is undergoing adjustments while staying in tune with the project vision and end goals. This is the core value of the Agile approach – you can initiate these changes “just in time.”

How it Works

Here’s How Our Offshore Development Company Uses Agile Approach for Your Project

Client and Product Owner:

You assign a Product Owner – a liaison between you and your offshore development team. In this role, a specialist has deep subject matter knowledge, gathers requirements from stakeholders, and is entirely committed to your project’s success. The Product Owner submits the requirements before each iteration and initiates change in consecutive sprints.

Project Backlog:

The development team derives features from the project’s backlog, which a Product Owner organizes as a prioritized list of tasks to be fulfilled in future sprints. The top of the backlog contains features that must be implemented in the current iteration. The Product Owner updates the Agile backlog based on the feedback or evolving requirements.

Development Cycle:

Stages: Plan – Design – Develop – QA – Review
The development team works in iterations – 2-4 week sprint cycles – that include an entire feature development cycle: from planning to production. Stakeholders observe and interact with shippable product increments and submit their feedback that the Product Owner and the development team further collect and process.


When all the requirements are met, the Product Owner accepts the results of the current iteration. It is also necessary to update the project backlog based on accumulated feedback and the new conditions that might have been introduced during the project realization process. Then, the development team goes back to the updated backlog to derive tasks for a forthcoming sprint.

When to Go Agile
Cases When Agile Beats Waterfall Development
Vague project ScopeAdjusting to ChangesMultiple StakeholdersSupport and Legacy
With the Waterfall approach, you define project requirements and identify the scope from the outset. Agile development omits this stage and gets started with a vague project scope but a well-defined vision of where the project is heading.User-centered apps in B2B and B2C sectors and SaaS solutions, need to react to user feedback and respond to their expectations as fast as possible. The Agile approach follows the process that enables rapid change implementation.Opting for the Waterfall approach makes you spend time on getting approvals from various stakeholders before starting the development process. However, when you go with Agile, you need to negotiate the requirements for the forthcoming sprint, which is a faster and easier way to develop software.It is challenging to reasonably estimate the efforts of changing and supporting a system for objective reasons. Unlike traditional approaches, Agile enables your development team to get the details of the system’s work step-by-step while starting on iterative development.

Business Value of Agile

What you Get with Agile Offshore Software Development

High-Quality Products
High-Quality Products
High-Quality Products

By dividing large tasks into smaller ones, development teams can more efficiently manage tasks and deliver quality, bug-free solutions. In addition, the Agile tools, practices, and frameworks in the developers’ arsenal help increase code quality and, consequently, the results of each iteration.


With the Agile approach to software development, there is no need to wait for the entire SDLC to be over to incorporate new features. Instead, you can initiate changes when it is necessary to meet evolving expectations or shift priorities based on accumulated feedback.

On-Time Delivery
On-Time Delivery
On-Time Delivery

Geomotiv is an Agile offshore development company that uses tried-and-tested methods to develop stable software versions with each iteration. Our developers strive to maintain an optimal development pace where each sprint produces production-ready features on time.

Improved Productivity
Improved Productivity
Improved Productivity

Our Agile software development company knows how to maximize the tech team’s productivity and increase development efficiency. We dedicate much effort to improving productivity metrics for each sprint. The development process is tailored to reaching a predictable productivity cadence – a metric expressed in the number of features per iteration.

Complete Involvement
Complete Involvement
Complete Involvement

The Agile approach presupposes consistent and regular customer involvement in the development process. The Product Owner represents the client in the Agile flow and takes part in all of the most important activities: scope discussion and feature prioritization to feedback collection and change management.


With Agile offshore development, you gain complete visibility into your project as the process is geared for regular and transparent collaboration. The Product Owner is a natural part of the development team and regularly interacts with our offshore developers. As a result, you can observe where the time and effort are going and remain in the loop throughout the project.

Sergey Lobko-Lobanovsky Founder and CEO

By adopting Agile methodologies, you gain the ability to effortlessly
adjust to the shifting tides of uncertain, complex, and ambiguous
business environments. This approach strengthens your ability to
survive and thrive in an ever-evolving world of changing customer
expectations and market conditions.

Business Models

Choose What’s Relevant for Your Business

Project-Based Offshoring Project-Based Offshoring

Let Geomotiv provide end-to-end
coverage of your Agile project
needs: from requirements gathering,
custom software development, and
design to QA and testing and consecutive
support and maintenance. Our offshore
developers will take care of your project
or its part from start to finish and ensure
the timely delivery of envisioned software.
Given the expertise and the highest level
of responsibility of all our specialists, you
can fully rely on us.

Dedicated Team Dedicated Team

If you have no in-house tech
department or need extra hands
to meet your current objectives,
engage Geomotiv’s dedicated developers!
We assemble offshore dedicated teams
of specialists with the required experience
and skills for your Agile project. With us,
you will leverage complete control over
your team, eliminate administrative hassles,
and expand to new markets ahead
of competitors.

IT Staff Augmentation IT Staff Augmentation

This model lets you quickly extend
the existing technical capabilities
and avoid staffing and recruiting
routines that drain time and money.
We provide you with additional resources
that combine technical capabilities with
Agile methodology and are ready to
integrate into your in-house teams
without roadblocks. Let Geomotiv fill
local talent gaps quickly and bring
qualified experts from diverse offshore
destinations aboard.

Are you looking to source development teams for your Agile project?

The Agile approach favors team assembly across borders, so you can undoubtedly leverage distributed teams for your project.
Get in touch with our specialists to discover more details about this offering.

Things to Expect When Cooperating with Us

Our Agile Offshore Development Company is Ready to Deliver on Each Promise

Rapid just-in-time delivery in every iteration, strict adherence to deadlines

A DevOps-defined culture that prioritizes CI/CD, and well-organized processes that are comfortable for the team

Flexibility and readiness to adjust to your requirements even after the beginning of the development stage

Tight collaboration throughout the development cycle, readiness for a sincere dialogue

Regular asynchronous communication — daily standups, code reviews, feature demos, project updates

Your complete involvement in the development process and the possibility of introducing changes

Customer-focused culture and highly individual approach to each project

Transparent cooperation with developers and open discussion of every Agile development iteration

Predictable productivity cadence, clear tasks and goals, which facilitate progress tracking


Tech Stack We Use to Implement Agile Projects

Our offshore Agile software development company offers a robust tech stack to facilitate an efficient and result-oriented Agile development process for your project. All our developers have accumulated extensive experience with classic and modern technologies throughout 13+ years of serving diverse customers across the globe.

You can no longer depend on your local area’s limited pool of technical talents. Our company has direct access to a pre-vetted talent pool proficient in different technologies with vast experience dealing with technical challenges of any kind. Geomotiv can provide qualified talents with proven expertise, profound business knowledge, and a deep understanding of your niche or industry.

Our developers use a combination of different programming languages, frameworks, libraries, servers, software tools, and UI/UX solutions to make the Agile process a breeze. We ensure that the chosen tech stack helps keep up with fast feedback loops, evolving requirements, regular iterations, and flexibility.

Programming languages: Python, Java, Scala, and C++;
Data-related technologies:
Processing tools – Kafka, Storm, Spark, Flink, Druid, Hadoop MapReduce, Apache Giraph.
Databases – Cassandra, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Synapse Analytics, Amazon Redshift, Amazon DynamoDB, Apache Hive, Apache HBase, Apache Nifi, MongoDB.
Data storage solutions – Amazon S3, Azure Data Lake, Apache Hadoop, GCP Cloud Storage.
Data management tools – Apache Airflow, Talend, Informatica, Apache Zookeeper.

Back-end and Front-end Stack

Java, Node.js, Python, PHP, Javascript, Angular, React


PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server, MariaDB

DevOps Tools

Docker, Git, GitHub, Maven, CircleCI, Gradle, Bamboo, Sonar, Jenkins, TeamCity, Kubernetes


AWS, Google Cloud, Azure

Why Choose Geomotiv

We Are Your Go-To Agile Offshore Development Company

Experienced Company

With 13+ yrs of experience in adopting Agile processes in offshore software development, our company has the knowledge and skills to fit your needs. We bring in our business knowledge, technology proficiency, and a thorough understanding of the modern market. Thanks to our expertise we can always define the best types of Agile development methods that will be the most appropriate in each case.

Knowledge of Agile Processes

We’ve built immense expertise with multiple Agile practices, including Scrum and Kanban. All our specialists have a proven track record of successful project delivery using iterative development techniques. We deeply understand the role and peculiarities of all Agile development stages, which helps us organize the entire project realization process most efficiently. With our knowledge, the best results are guaranteed.

Reasonably-Priced Offshore Software Dev Services

With us, you can transfer the development process to affordable locations and avoid overpaying unreasonable price tags. We are ready to match you with candidates of the same or higher quality while keeping your costs down. We have experience working with projects with different budgets and know how to find the right approach to the development process to avoid unpredicted or unreasonable expenses.


Our Work Speaks for Itself


Custom Solution for Ad Campaign and Strategy Scheduling

Explore our user-friendly Scheduler system for ad campaigns and strategy scheduling integrated into the client’s DSP.


AdTech Bidding Module Development

Achieving a 40% development boost, 60% leak cut, and 200ms processing speed in optimizing the client’s Bidding module.


Project Launch Optimization on Typo3 CMS

Helping the client streamline the work on projects and automate mundane tasks with our IT staff augmentation services.


Programmatic Advertising Optimization Platform

Custom software development for a programmatic advertising platform with critical performance requirements.


Advertising Automation

Powering up a unique independent marketplace to automate the entire advertising ecosystem across all inventory.



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What is the Agile offshore development approach?

The Agile approach involves a set of practices that ensure rapid delivery of small increments per iteration and promote regular communication between you and the development team. Offshore developers work in 2-4 week sprints and coordinate tasks with a Project Owner (PO). In this role, a specialist acts as a representative of your interests in a development team. A PO collects feedback from stakeholders and prioritizes tasks based on that input.

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