IT Staff Augmentation Service

Geomotiv is your one-stop-shop provider of fast, cost-efficient, and flexible team augmentation services. With our help, you get top global talent best suited to your business requirements and aligned with your vision and goals. We match qualified, experienced, educated talent with your project team and engage and monitor resources throughout the development cycle.



Fill Temporary, and Long-Term Tech Hiring Needs
in Your Company


Expand your in-house team with motivated specialists worldwide quickly and cost-efficiently.


IT staff augmentation lets you reinforce the tech capabilities of your in-house developers for short-, long-term, or temporary needs.

You will be matched with remote specialists meeting all your soft and hard skills requirements, domain knowledge, and seniority-level requirements in the shortest time frame. 

Your company will retain complete control over project management, task distribution, and monitoring project progress, seamlessly integrating these resources into your in-house team.













Benefits for Your Company Type
Elevate Your Business with Our
IT Staff Augmentation Company
Startups and Small BusinessesGrowing companies and Enterprises
Engage the right talent quickly to meet critical project needs.Access an extensive talent pool from global locations.
Involve specialists whose expertise lies at the intersection of different disciplines.Find specialized talent with a deep understanding of your subject area.
Minimize your expenses by hiring specialists at competitive rates.Get transparent rates and reporting tailored to your particular processes and needs.
Reduce the workload of your HR specialists or operate without the need for dedicated HR personnel.Gain professional help with strategic workforce planning activities.
Expand your teams on-demand and grow your headcount to meet evolving business needs.Blend different collaboration models according to goals and priorities for various projects.
Streamline your processes with our support – our Project Managers can promptly join your project at any stage, assisting with configuring workflows to ensure optimal operational efficiency.Differentiate your global presence and get the essential support needed to scale operations by adding a trusted staff augmentation partner to your vendor list.
it staff augmentation process_learn software development case

Our Success Stories

SMEs and Enterprises Entrust Us with Hiring The Right Talent

Software Development for a Leading Streaming Services Provider – Pluto TV

Challenge: Hire proficient software engineers with experience in custom platform development for OTT and Linear TV.

Team: Over 6 years, the initial team has increased from 3 AdTech specialists to 100+ cross-functional software engineers in 18 hybrid units.

Our Work: Ongoing development of the AdTech stack, video engineering, playout, transcoding, CMS, 12+ client apps, and other services since 2017.

Key Results: Our team helped implement a scalable and fault-tolerant platform for delivering FAST channels on three continents and developed a high-load monetization system with hundreds of thousands RPS. We managed to achieve 10x viewership base growth.

it staff augmentation process_learn software development case

Our Success Stories

SMEs and Enterprises Entrust Us with Hiring The Right Talent

Custom Solutions Prototyping, Development, and Integration for an AdTech Company – MediaMath

Challenge: Find experienced AdTech developers to architect, design, and implement custom solutions for media buying as a part of a professional services unit at a top-3 DSP company.

Team: Full-time team with relevant expertise in AdTech consisted of 3 senior full-stack developers and 2 quality assurance engineers collaborated with the client for more than 5 years.

Our Work: Development of custom self-serve and white-label solutions, MVPs, and prototypes on top of the client’s demand-side platform.

Key Results: The continuous improvement of the core MediaMath platforms, expansion of their functionality, implementation of 7 separate projects, delivery of 10+ prototypes and RFPs, reduction in software maintenance costs, and automation of development tasks for future projects.

it staff augmentation process_learn software development case

Our Success Stories

SMEs and Enterprises Entrust Us with Hiring The Right Talent

Web Development and Technology Integration Services for a Digital Agency – BBG

Challenge: Find a development partner with previous WordPress, WooCommerce, and Shopify plugin integration and development experience to assist with ongoing projects.

Team: Up to 4 senior PHP developers and 2 Project Managers; the team size scales up and down depending on project needs since we started in 2020.

Our Work: Ongoing development of customer projects; WordPress CMS development; integrations with the third-party services and APIs; data migration services; technology audit and estimation.

Key Results: Web and mobile development of a fully-integrated websites with easy navigation and user-friendly interface, increased website traffic and improved conversion rates for the client’s customers. The new features and site launches are often performed ahead of schedule.

Find Software Engineers

Access Senior Developers with our IT Staff Augmentation Services


Geomotiv provides senior back-end developers with proficiency in multiple server-side programming languages and accompanying toolkits, including frameworks, libraries, and testing tools. Hire experienced professionals to manage API integration, database management, server-side operations, and other processes behind the scenes.


Our front-end developers have 8+ years of experience with established client-side programming languages, frameworks, graphic design tools, and version control systems. You can rest assured that our software engineers will deliver seamless user experiences, intuitive navigation, and responsive design optimized for scalability, speed, and practicality.



Choose the best professionals from our pool of experienced mobile developers for your project and get started in less than two weeks. Each developer is ready to design cross-platform and native applications using industry-standard tools and best practices tailored to your requirements and preferences.

React Native


Our company has nurtured an extensive database of vetted cloud engineers well-versed in the most popular cloud platforms and tools. Relying on their experience, you can design and deploy cloud-native apps, solutions with microservices architecture, containerized applications, and resilient infrastructure for cloud-based initiatives.

Microsoft Azure

Find SDLC Specialists

Access Proficient Experts in Any Element of SDLC

  • Solution Architecture;
  • Software QA;
  • UX and UI;
  • DevOps;
  • Data Architecture;
  • Data Science.

Emerging Technology

Hire Experts in Cutting-Edge Technologies

  • AdTech / MarTech;
  • Streaming and Video Engineering;
  • Blockchain;
  • Artificial Intelligence;
  • Machine Learning;
  • Big Data;
  • Computer Vision;
  • Natural Language Processing;
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality.
Need to add senior talent from global locations to your project team?

Let us match you with pre-vetted developers from our extensive candidate base.
Add specialists proficient in necessary technologies, tools, and frameworks without delays.

Talent Match

How We Ensure All Candidates Meet Your Requirements

Choosing IT staff augmentation with Geomotiv grants rigorous evaluation of your ideal candidate’s requirements.
We take time to collect all the necessary information and project requirements to ensure the perfect talent match:

  • Team composition and headcount;
  • Project information: stage, domain, etc.;
  • Technology stack;
  • Time zone and location;
  • Minimum required working time overlap;
  • Required English proficiency level;
  • Preferences for soft skills;
  • Engagement duration, expected start date;
  • Additional requirements.

Extensive Geography

Where We Source and Hire Your Ideal Candidates


Comprehensive Approach

Geomotiv Team Augmentation Services Go Far Beyond Talent Acquisition


Recruiting & Hiring
Our senior recruiters have 5+ years of experience sourcing IT personnel and executing streamlined processes to ensure 100% talent match. Each specialist handles up…

Recruiting & Hiring
Our senior recruiters have 5+ years of experience sourcing IT personnel and executing streamlined processes to ensure 100% talent match. Each specialist handles up to 7 vacancies concurrently, delivering up to five active candidates to your request. Our success is evident with a remarkable 95% offer acceptance rate, reflecting our precision and efficiency in talent acquisition.


IT staff augmentation with Geomotiv means your new hires blend into your organizational structure without hassle. We familiarize new team members with your company’s…

IT staff augmentation with Geomotiv means your new hires blend into your organizational structure without hassle. We familiarize new team members with your company’s required practices, set up the necessary hardware and tools, prepare documentation, and conduct essential training to ensure your new contractors are ready to reach shared goals.


Geomotiv’s mature HR processes ensure the highest retention rates throughout our IT staff augmentation engagement. Our specialists help remove communication barriers…

Geomotiv’s mature HR processes ensure the highest retention rates throughout our IT staff augmentation engagement. Our specialists help remove communication barriers between developers and management, providing seamless alignment of expectations and processes. We offer comprehensive administrative support for new hires and prioritize their professional development, health, and overall work satisfaction.


Finance & Legal
As your dedicated IT staff augmentation provider, we expertly handle legal and financial aspects. Our services extend to legal compliance management, ensuring contracts align with service…

Finance & Legal
As your dedicated IT staff augmentation provider, we expertly handle legal and financial aspects. Our services extend to legal compliance management, ensuring contracts align with service agreements. Additionally, we excel in finance management, overseeing payroll, tax filing, and delivering transparent project expense reports.


Client Support
Our integrated IT staff augmentation service prioritizes dedicated client and employee HR support during regular business hours (24×7 support can be arranged, too). The key responsibilities…

Client Support
Our integrated IT staff augmentation service prioritizes dedicated client and employee HR support during regular business hours (24×7 support can be arranged, too). The key responsibilities involve regular client communication and team audits, monthly health check-ins, and feedback gathering. We proactively address and prevent various issues or concerns related to contractors, payments, and processes before they arise.

More on the Hiring and Recruiting Process

How We Ensure You Get The Best Talent Match

  • Prepare compelling job descriptions tailored for our
    extensive internal candidate database of 80,000+
    individuals and distribute them across 30+ job
    boards and platforms.
  • Screen CVs: examine applicants’ qualifications,
    experience, skill sets, and overall fit with your
    company’s culture and values.
  • Conduct 40-minute interviews with senior recruiters
    with 5+ years of experience that combine diverse
    practices adapted to roles and seniority levels:
    structured, competency-based, case interviews,
  • Organize obligatory 2-hour technical interviews
    with lead engineers with 8+ years of experience
    in multiple domains (front- and back-end,
    mobile, AI, etc.).
  • Participate in a final interview with you and/or
    your technical team.
Looking for the fastest way to boost your in-house tech capacity?

Engage Geomotiv to access up to 5 active candidates within days.
Get the specialists you need in less than 2 weeks.

Talent Retention

We Work Hard to Keep Our Employees
Engaged and Motivated

Geomotiv profoundly cares for every specialist we bring into your team, so we work tirelessly to create an environment that nurtures their dedication and enthusiasm. We strive to cultivate lasting relationships and maintain high employee satisfaction levels.

Notably, the average attrition rate for our specialists working for our clients is around 2.5% per year. Our unrivaled talent retention rates ensure that Geomotiv’s specialists remain committed to you regardless of the project duration.

Focus Areas
Keys to Better Retention Rates
Professional DevelopmentAdministrative SupportIndividual Health
Career growth supportRemote/in-office work arrangementsRegular one-on-one check-ups and follow-ups
Regular performance reviewsLegal and tax assistanceMental health monitoring and support
Assessment of feedback from team leadsHealth insurance

Pricing Options

Choose The Most Optimal Billing Structure

Hourly Rate

  • Pay for the time and effort spent on implementing your project at a predefined hourly rate.
  • Suitable for projects that demand multiple iterations and flexibility. 
  • Ensure you can adapt and refine your scope as needed, making it a practical choice for projects where the requirements may change or evolve.

Monthly Rate

  • Pay for each team member at a fixed monthly rate. 
  • Suitable for long-term projects or engagements with a large or growing backlog. 
  • Ensure you can slice and dice your backlog without re-adjusting workload, scope, and team structure.

Benefit from Our Approach

What Makes Us Your Go-To Technical Staff Augmentation Partner

Global Access to Senior Experts

  • 10 locations across 5 timezones.
  • 80% of senior specialists.
  • A large internal base of 80,000 specialists.
  • Candidates with 8+ years of experience in multiple domains, technologies, and industries.

Efficient Sourcing and Hiring

  • 95% job acceptance.
  • Internal IT recruiting team of specialists with 5+ years of average professional experience.
  • Laser focus on exclusive talent unavailable in the common labor market.


  • 97,5% retention rate.
  • Dedicated HR support.
  • Personalized administrative support.
  • Regular individual health monitoring.
  • Professional growth support: performance reviews, one-on-one follow-ups, etc.


  • 1-2 weeks from initiation to onboarding.
  • 100% match your requirements.
  • Obligatory technical interviews with our internal tech leads.

Personalized Approach

  • 24/7 support of evolving needs.
  • Free dedicated account management.
  • Tailored commercial arrangements per your specific needs.

Comprehensive Services

  • From recruiting, hiring, legal. assistance, retention, and client and HR support.
  • 14+ years of PM and software delivery experience.
Supercharge your project team with the flexible staff augmentation model

Ramp up your technical capacity without extra recruiting charges or administrative burdens.
The entire process is on us.

Alex Kharkauski Chief Operating Officer

Finding and hiring required specialists can be time-consuming when you have established development teams and face a tight project deadline or skill deficiency. However, there’s a solution: quality recruiting and hiringfrom our experienced company. Our talent hunt and communicationprocesses are always active, and we can bring qualified employees towork temporarily alongside your team. This way, you can meet yourproject deadline while maintaining the quality of deliverables.

How We Hire

Your Hiring Journey Begins Here

Step 1.
Share Your Requirements

Our experienced recruiters gather all the information regarding your hiring needs, from project domain, tech stack, and duration to candidate seniority level, preferred time zone, and soft skills.

Step 2
Get Pre-Approved Candidates

In a matter of days, our recruiters will source the most fitting candidates, conduct internal HR and technical interviews, and present them to you.

Step 3
Make a decision and get started

Make the final choice based on your specific preferences and requirements and let us send a job offer.

Step 4
Onboard new specialists

We help integrate new team members and ensure their successful onboarding in your company.


Discover What Our Clients Are Saying

Jason Schwartz
Creative Director at Bright Bright Great

Bright Bright Great had been looking for a reliable technology partner for almost a year. Geomotiv was recommended to BBG through a mutual friend, and we immediately started work. Jumping into previously created work is always tricky. However, the Geomotiv team not only helped us maintain deadlines but delivered ahead of time. They are very communicative. We work with their team daily from Chicago to Belarus without issue. BBG clicks with Geomotiv. We understand each others needs and work to get things done collectively. Also, they are great people. We look forward to speaking to them every day. Working with Geomotiv has been amazing, and we expect to continue, and grow our partnership. I recommend the Geomotiv team.

Show more
Victor Fei
Founder and CEO at Ormi Labs, Inc.

Thanks to Geomotiv’s efforts, we have been able to secure deals with top blockchain providers and decentralized finance projects that have over 3 billion assets. I can say that Geomotiv provided the best engineers to be a foundation for our success. We’ve been truly impressed with the quality of candidates they offer, their flexibility, the interview process, and their pleasantness to work with. The team has exceeded expectations and solves any engineering problem. Overall, they’re reliable, driven, and easy to work with.

Show more
David C Peterson
CTO at PebblePost

I’ve worked with Geomotiv since 2013. 4 Years when I was at the Rubicon Project and am currently using them for the past two years at PebblePost. We work together to find excellent quality engineers in big data, high performance, high scale computing and tiered web development. We utilize the engineers as a team extension which allows us to build our core team faster, get our products to market more quickly, and have near round-the-clock coverage of our systems. The engineers have good English, maths, computing skills, and a great attitude in collaborating. I will continue to use Geomotiv since they are an excellent partner, and I would encourage anyone else who has similar needs to do the same.

Show more
Mike Ory
Director of Engineering at Pluto TV

We have been working with Geomotiv teams in multiple locations for quite some time now. They are hard-working, excellent developers who have proven to be a valuable part of our team. Happy to have finally met most of the team in person. They are a fun group with excellent English skills as well.

Show more
Andrei Shavel
Director of Operations at Sante

Geomotiv has done an incredible job of automating the internal processes of our medical center. We appreciated that the guys were always in touch and actively participated in discussing ongoing tasks and use cases. We’re delighted with the team’s technical background and engineering skills of each developer in particular. We also appreciated the terms of project delivery – all the work was done on time and, importantly, within the budget.

Show more
Shafi Mustafa
CEO and Co-Founder at Savveo

Geomotiv has been an invaluable full-cycle development partner for Savveo during our ongoing multi-year relationship. From product inception and ideation to implementation, we see Geomotiv as more than a traditional offshore outsourcing group, but rather an essential team extension. Geomotiv works closely with Savveo on some of our toughest challenges and has proven a great thought partner. The members of the Geomotiv team for Savveo are dedicated resources who focus on our business on a full-time basis. From its management team to business analysts and engineers, Geomotiv has proven the capability of providing experienced and highly skilled team members on an ongoing basis.

Show more
Eugene Nashilov
Chief Product and Marketing Officer at Black Beacon

Cooperation with Geomotiv was smooth and productive, and we were pleased to have such a company as a partner. We needed to develop a solution for player churn prediction in the game. Geomotiv provided continual interactions with our team and helped define critical features that would predict the churn. Thanks to their dedication, the project was completed on time.

Show more
Hed Bar-Nissan
VP of R&D at HIRO

We (HIRO-Media) started working with Geomotiv in 2013. We have a lot of experience working with outsourcing and software consultants – and it’s a tricky thing for a small development team. For example, encapsulating projects or components – understanding how they get integrated into your product’s hectic lifecycle. Geomotiv and Sergey Lobko-Lobanovsky, in particular, understand the inherent difficulty and have helped us with tailoring this cooperation to the benefit of both sides. On the technical level, they have exceeded our expectations by supplying fast, accurate and innovative solutions. I like their intuitive balance between the two forces: On the one hand, the will to understand the full context to help you identify the actual challenge and supply the best solution, and on the other hand, working with you to provide you with the needed component even if you both understand that it’s only a temporal bandage.

Show more
Gintautas Kišonas
Former CTO at Natify

Code developed by Geomotiv was used as a stable foundation for future expansion. They communicated daily and were available via multiple channels. They’re professional and place a high value on customer service.

Show more
David C Peterson
SVP Technology at Rubicon Project

I recommend working with Geomotiv’s team for data, platform, middle-tier API, and back-end systems. Pros: diligence and persistence in achieving code quality standards set by our team to address our code review comments. There is also dedication in solving complex technical challenges.

Show more
Engagement Models
Choose What’s Relevant for Your Business
IT Staff AugmentationDedicated Development TeamProject-based Outsourcing
Increased headcount without hiring complexityQuick assembly of a dedicated team working exclusively for your companyFull-cycle software development according to well-established SDLC practices
Access to specialized skills at competitive ratesComplete visibility of the conducted work and project progressEnd-to-end implementation of your vision and objectives
Seamless collaboration with your in-house employeesThe right team structure to meet all your goalsFull involvement in project management is on us
Ideal for: Companies willing to scale existing development teams with quality talentSuitable for: Companies with or without internal development teamsIdeal for: Companies wishing to offload to non-core development or test new ideas
Comparison Table
How IT Staff Augmentation Solution Compares
to Other Models
BenchmarkIT staff augmentationDedicated teamProject-based outsourcing
Typical needsScale an existing teamCreate a dedicated teamDelegate the project to the vendor
Access to exclusive global talent
Obligatory technical screening
English proficiency check
Team management on your side
Reduced in-house team involvement
Skill gap coverage
Integration into your in-house team
Team assembly
Speed of team assembly/Urgency levelHighMediumMedium
Flexibility in workload
Comparing Our Offering to Other
Staff Augmentation Options
GeomotivIT staffing agenciesFreelancers
In-depth understanding of the project
Technical screening during the interview
Group interviewing with the team
Management of HR activities, employee professional development
Mental health monitoring
Allocation of specialists across departments
Free replacement
Tech background check
English proficiency check
Annual attrition rateLowVariesMedium
Legal/accounting assistance for contractors
Employee perks: insurance, team building activities, etc.

Legal Protection

We Take Your IP Seriously

We Protect
Sensitive Information

We always execute a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before engaging in a new partnership.

We Safeguard Your
Intellectual Property

By default, our agreement contains Intellectual Property rights assignment clauses. It is based on the work-made-for-hire model. We never share your IP with third parties.


Need Help? We’ve Got You Covered!

How does IT staff augmentation save costs?

Staff augmentation for IT purposes is a cost-efficient alternative to hiring in-house. The model enables you to add the required skills without investing in costly talent acquisition and retention. It eliminates the need to cover additional office equipment, taxes, employee benefits, and other expenses. Hire a top IT staff augmentation company to leverage expert resources at competitive rates thanks to a lower cost of living in multiple hiring destinations.

How to streamline the integration of the new specialists in my team?
Is Geomotiv an IT staffing agency?
Will my company sign an agreement with individual developers or Geomotiv?
What are your average hourly rates?
What affects developer rates in different locations?
How does Geomotiv define a senior developer?
Can you deliver candidates with exclusive skill sets?
We had a negative experience with the previous vendor. How are you different?
Will you provide IT staff augmentation services for my long-term project?
My project has stringent deadlines. Will there be any delays?
How do you ensure an efficient onboarding process?
What fuels the demand for staff augmentation services? Are they popular?
How do you choose the right staff augmentation partner?


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