Software Testing and QA

No piece of software can be allowed in production without proper testing. Our team applies field-proven testing methods and approaches to ensure high quality of your end-product. We will make sure that your entire project works as it should, beginning with its design through functionality to performance.



Choose What’s Relevant for Your Business

  • Functional and regression testing
  • Smoke testing
  • Unit testing
  • Integration testing
  • API testing
  • Data warehouse testing
  • Load and performanсe testing


Multi-Perspective Testing Approaches

Functional Testing

We will find out whether the end-product functionality meets your stated business requirements, and if so, then how accurately it does that. This type of testing helps us understand what exactly the end-product does and what tasks it performs.

Unit Testing

This type of testing allows the program to be checked for correctness of its individual modules such as functions, components, etc. Unit Testing is extremely important as it allows errors to be found in the code logic at an early stage, and thereby minimizes the cost of fixing them.

Integration Testing

We will take individual modules and test how they interact with each other. For example, we can find out how your payment system works with the user database and other modules of your software.

Performance Testing

This approach allows us to determine your software behavior under high load conditions. We will check such indicators as your system throughput, latency, stability, and data loss under ever increasing loads.

Regression Testing

We will test how smoothly your software interacts with the new changes. We will also verify the already tested parts again on introducing new functionality, patches, updates, and other improvements.

UI/UX Testing

User-friendliness is an important attribute of any software. We will test your product design from the user’s perspective and assess its main aspects such as its structure, ease of navigation, usability, etc. Thus we will find out how user-friendly your product is overall.

Load Testing

We will assess your software behavior under normal and maximum load conditions. Thus you will know how many users your system can handle at a time.


End-to-End Approach to Testing and QA

Requirement analysis
Test planning
Test case study
Test plan execution
Test and bug reports
Bug-fixing and regression testing
Software release


Why Entrust Your Testing and QA to Geomotiv

Self-Perfection Is Our Zest

It is not enough to acquire high qualification; one needs to also maintain it. Our QA engineers are constantly learning and improving their skills. Our proficiency certificates and a  growing number of successful projects confirm that. We are experts in our field and we can handle any challenges regardless of their complexity.

Smooth Team Integration

Our team will quickly integrate into your development process and will easily establish cooperation with your PMs and developers. Be it an ongoing project or just the initial development stage, our QA engineers will get to the core and ensure high quality of your end product.

Our Methodology

We have a wealth of experience with a large number of complicated devices such as Roku TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, Xbox, PlayStation, various mobile devices, etc. In addition, we can conduct more than 25 different types of testing, so we have your project covered.


Extensive Multi-Vertical Expertise




Linear and OTT TV



Collect Diverse Data, Automate Daily Tasks and Show Relevant Ads That Convert

We are ready to serve any technically demanding AdTech need. Geomotiv protects you by laying the groundwork for efficient data management, precise ad targeting, and timesaving automation. Our expertise and in-depth industry knowledge is something you can always rely on. Read more about AdTech>

Leverage Emerging Technologies to Gain Full Control over Commercial Landscape

Geomotiv knows how to design and launch efficient marketing programs to help you achieve the desired results. With our deep knowledge of the industry and its underlying Big Data technologies, and thanks to our extensive software development background, we can become your most valuable partner in creating impactful MarTech solutions. Read more about MarTech>

Software for Healthcare Sector Built with Deep Engineering Expertise

Geomotiv is ready to develop unique software for the Healthcare sector. Our top-notch solutions help Healthcare organizations provide accurate and personalized services to their patients. Our skilled developers can implement virtually any technical idea in the domain. Read more about Healthcare>

Automate TV Media Buying and Selling with Our Innovative Solutions

We can help you leverage industry standards and stay on top of trends that shape modern TV consumer habits. Covering advanced technologies like OTT and CTV, we also cater for Linear TV that is being challenged to stay ahead of the competition. Geomotiv’s team develops software solutions that make it easy for the TV industry to monetize content and deliver better services to ordinary TV viewers. Read more about Linear and OTT TV>

Advanced EdTech Solutions to Train Experts of Tomorrow and Elevate the Learning Processes

The main eLearning business advantages today – agility, consistency, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. Build custom forward-thinking solutions with Geomotiv. Leverage our EdTech experience to ensure success. Engage our dedicated teams at any stage of the project to achieve your business goals. Read more about EdTech>

Harness the Power of Cutting-Edge Technologies to Fuel your eCommerce Growth and Deliver Unmatched Shopping Experiences

Tap into Geomotiv’s technical excellence and years-long domain expertise in eCommerce development. Our dedicated talents ensure that you receive innovative tailored services that match your particular requirements. With us, you get a next-gen, scalable, and unique eCommerce solution adjusted for every business, from startups to enterprise clients. Read more about eCommerce Software Development>


Tech Stack We Deliver















Rest Assured




Egor Zablotski Director of Engineering

The role of testing in the software development process shouldn’t be
underestimated. Ensuring that the built solution functions as it should
and delivers outstanding user experiences is vital. At Geomotiv, we pay
a lot of attention to this stage and do our best to help you reach the
highest user satisfaction.


Our Work Speaks for Itself


Staff Augmentation for AdTech Company

A technical solution for ad campaign automation that was developed within the client’s integrated omnichannel DSP and DMP platforms.


Custom Solutions for AdTech Company

Discover our support solutions built for efficient software development and enhancement of AdTech products.


White-Label Ad Management Solution

A flexible ad management system for large advertisers that brought industry recognition for MediaMath.


Custom Solution for Ad Campaign and Strategy Scheduling

Explore our user-friendly Scheduler system for ad campaigns and strategy scheduling integrated into the client’s DSP.


AdTech Bidding Module Development

Achieving a 40% development boost, 60% leak cut, and 200ms processing speed in optimizing the client’s Bidding module.


Media Buying Platform

A technical solution designed to optimize and automate ad campaign deals, and to streamline “advertiser-account manager-publisher” communication.



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