Node.JS Development Services

Geomotiv provides expert Node.js development services to build robust
and sophisticated solutions for clients across the globe.


Creating Value

For Companies of Different Scale


Node.js gives the superpower to realize and accelerate disruptive startup ideas. Benefit from our unmatched expertise in building real-time, scalable, and data-intensive Node.js solutions.

What our team can handle:

  • MVP
  • Rapid Application Development
  • Prototyping

Growing companies

We assist you in creating new lines of business and facilitate their growth with our superior Node.js development services. Years of experience and dozens of completed projects let us deliver business value with lightweight and efficient products.

What our team can handle:

  • High-load solutions
  • SaaS
  • B2B
  • B2C


Cloud-Native Node.js Application Development

Cloud-native applications are now imperative for businesses willing to innovate constantly. With our expert Node.js development services, you will be able to deploy scalable, secure, and fault-tolerant applications in the cloud.

Our developers are well-versed in microservice architecture and employ Docker for containerization and Kubernetes for container orchestration. Based on these technologies, we implemented a scalable and high-load OTT Advertising Service. It is a set of solutions designed to give the client full control over the data and costs associated with their ad-related activities.

Our integration services allow you to use cloud-native applications in third-party environments:

  • Amazon Web Services;
  • Google Cloud.


Choose Your Node.js Based Project

Enterprise-Level Software

Real-Time App Development

Microservice Development

Social Network Development

Payment System Development

API Development
and Integration

Have a Node.js development challenge to address?

Let us step in and provide expert consultation for your project. Our dedicated teams are open for resolving your business challenges and tech problems on your side.

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    Tech We Apply

    Geomotiv takes advantage of both laser-focused and all-purpose Node.js frameworks
    and tools to provide the best software solution for your project


    Express, Hapi, AdonisJs,
    Fastify, Koa, NestJs,
    and others


    JavaScript, TypeScript




    MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL




    Node.JS Experts at Your Fingertips


    Node.js Development

    We provide a full range of custom Node.js development services: from web apps, large-scale systems to enterprise-level software. Geomotiv strives to grow long-term partnerships with our clients. Working with us, you get a reliable technological partner ready to create and evolve the project from its onset to after-delivery support and maintenance. Read more >


    Dedicated Node.js
    Development Team

    We help companies to set up and scale remote dedicated teams tailored to the client’s specific needs. Hire Node.js developers to have your software project done on time and budget – without hiring complexities or administrative overhead. Read more >

    Our Strengths

    Why Entrust Your Java Software Development
    to Geomotiv

    Industry Expertise

    Geomotiv applies extensive industry expertise to provide you with a superior solution to attain your business goals.
    Our hands-on experience in AdTech, MarTech, Healthcare, EdTech, Hospitality, Logistics, Linear and OTT TV has made every single one of our engineers a top expert in their fields.

    Technology Proficiency

    Our team provides you with a robust Java tech stack. We employ senior engineers with 8+ year experience with frameworks like Spring, Spring Boot, Hibernate, JSP, platforms like Java SE, Java EE, servers like Tomcat, JBoss. We carefully examine your requirements and deliver a performant, stable, and reliable solution.

    Transparent Process

    We establish and maintain good rapport with our clients. At our daily get-togethers, we discuss the results and plan our further actions. We believe that mutual involvement provides a shorter feedback loop and accelerates the development process.
    A transparent environment reduces risks and ensures product delivery on time and of the best quality.

    Agile Development

    We use Agile development best practices and methods to enable early and predictable delivery of Java-based software. By incorporating the ability to change, we focus on a constant refinement of the product backlog caused by shifted plans, iterations, or roadmaps.

    Vast Java Experience

    With 10+ years of Java app development experience, we have formed a mature and reliable SDLC process.
    Our team knows how to grasp versatile Java capabilities and turn them into a modern mobile, desktop, web, or server solution. As a result, you get a custom software product tailored to your needs and meeting security, performance, and availability demands.

    Quality Control

    We synergized our extensive testing expertise to prevent unexpected or problematic Java solutions and produce clean Java code on every stage of SDLC. Our team of QA experts applies rigorous testing practices to ensure the premium quality of each deliverable.


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