A suitable toolchain is the backbone of any successful project. At Geomotiv, we address complex challenges through the use of traditional and cutting edge technologies to provide our customers with seamless development experience. Our experts will help you define the best tech stack for your project, be it a small startup or a large enterprise software project.



Our Technology Expertise


We apply a powerful combination of field-proven languages as the server-side foundation, platforms, and other tools to help you meet your business challenges.


We create reliable solutions based on JavaScript and its frameworks and use CSS together with Bootstrap to provide responsive cross-browser applications.


We take advantage of both relational and NoSQL databases to build scalable database solutions for small, medium, and large scale apps.


Experts in mobile development, we will create an application for Android based on Java and Kotlin and for iOS through the use of Objective-C and Swift. Apart from that, we can develop a cross-platform app that will look great on both OSs.

Big Data

We apply the entire Big Data technology stack to deliver smart yet agile solutions. Equipped with deep expertise, we will help you make the most out of your data.

DevOps Tools

Optimized development process reduces time-to-market and increases efficiency. We automate development operations and provide continuous integration through the use of advanced technologies upon the customer’s request.

Public Cloud

Our cloud solutions are based on cutting-edge technologies provided by Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

Ad Tech

Our team is well-versed in the OpenRTB protocol and RTB ecosystem and has created a number of AdTech / MarTech platforms for many technology companies.

Testing and QA

The client may require both manual and automated testing in a particular context. We provide those along with other types of testing based on advanced technologies and methodologies.

Egor Zablotski Director of Engineering

The choice of the right tech stack for your software development project is one of the weightiest factors of its success. At Geomotiv, we work
with a rich tech stack and can help you choose the most appropriate
tools for your project. For the selection, we will consider modern trends,
your requirements regarding the app functionality, and the technologies used for building your broader software infrastructure.


Our Work Speaks for Itself


Custom Solution for Ad Campaign and Strategy Scheduling

Explore our user-friendly Scheduler system for ad campaigns and strategy scheduling integrated into the client’s DSP.


AdTech Bidding Module Development

Achieving a 40% development boost, 60% leak cut, and 200ms processing speed in optimizing the client’s Bidding module.


Project Launch Optimization on Typo3 CMS

Helping the client streamline the work on projects and automate mundane tasks with our IT staff augmentation services.


Programmatic Advertising Optimization Platform

Custom software development for a programmatic advertising platform with critical performance requirements.



Expertise at Your Service

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