Tech Partnership for WordPress Development Projects

Web development and technology integration services for a Chicago-based design company.


About the Client

The client is a Chicago-based award-winning interactive agency with over a decade of experience in design, development, strategy, and hosting. They serve small and medium-sized businesses, non-commercial organizations, and online store owners.

Technologies Used


The client needed a tech partner that would understand their business needs and provide additional manpower to handle ongoing projects. Ideally, it would be a team of professional web engineers with previous WordPress, WooCommerce, and Shopify plugin integration and development experience and excellent communication skills.

With our backup, the client wanted to help brands grow and excel on the market, address their technical needs, and reduce time-to-market for their digital products. Together, we aimed at creating a partnership that could help brands stand out on the market and put them above the pack.

Work Description

The project had started prior to engaging with Geomotiv, and the team had to smoothly join in. The envisioned software had pre-defined functionality that our team was tasked with implementing keeping in mind the agreed-on schedule.

Our team immediately jumped into the process and followed the scope of work as required by the project: 

  • WordPress CMS development
  • Technology integration
  • API integration
  • PHP
  • Technology audit and estimation
  • Backend development

To achieve the desired project objectives, we implemented necessary integrations with the third-party services. First, we ensured secure payment processing by integrating PayPal and Stripe. Our team made these solutions easy to configure and operate for the client.

Apart from that, integration with Constant Contact helped to grow and manage the user base. We ensured easy embedding of custom email sign-up forms on the web pages. To design, launch, and automate email marketing campaigns, the client wanted to implement a seamless MailChimp integration. We enabled the client to establish and actively engage a large subscriber base. Furthermore, we integrated Shopify with WordPress to turn the website into an online store. 

We effectively integrated social media with the existing platform. This allowed our client to administer accounts, schedule content, and communicate with their large customer base.

One of the crucial project requirements was to collect valuable data about the website user behavior. For that, we added Google Analytics into the WordPress website. Required HubSpot touchpoints were also integrated so the platform could automate various marketing tasks of the client.

Last but not least, our team assisted the client in secure migration of the relevant data, including customer records, order history, transactions, and much more.

The project we are involved in is ongoing. Our team includes an account manager, a project manager, and 3 senior software engineers. Our specialists are responsible for the delivery of the necessary features. Close collaboration and mutual understanding between our teams help a lot in this regard. The new features and site launches are often performed ahead of schedule.

Work Stages

  1. Development
  2. Integration
  3. Deployment
  4. Support


A fully-integrated website with easy navigation and user-friendly interface. We continue to implement all the required functions by integrating disparate operations into a single centralized system. Geomotiv’s expertise has been vital for driving web and mobile traffic for the client since the website went live. The client also reported a solid boost in conversion rates. 

We expect our partnership to continue and grow in the future as we’ve managed to go beyond the client’s expectations. Our team implements the project deliverables ahead of schedule and completes the required milestones on time and budget. 


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