RTB Platform Logging System Optimization

A solution designed to reconsider the client’s existing system and to improve data storage and processing.


About the Client

HIRO Media is a technology company that developed one of the top-rated online video ad ecosystems with more than 100 million unique users and over 4 billion ad views. The company patented one of the fastest prediction-based RTB systems with robust features and innovative architecture. Their proprietary technology enables all ecosystem players to optimize their performance and open new revenue streams.

Technologies Used


The client expected the company to grow at least 30%, so they wanted to prepare their system infrastructure for the increased load. The original RTB platform was designed to store user action data in MySQL databases, and it was not a suitable solution due to the technology limitations. As a result, it became the project bottleneck as the number of ad impressions and clicks continued to rise.

Work Description

Geomotiv initiated in-depth problem analysis to discover that the same MySQL databases were used to store, read, and pass raw event data simultaneously. After that, we started the bottleneck search stage, which helped us to understand why precisely the existing solution failed. We compiled a list of other possible solutions, conducted load testing, and chose the most suitable option according to the client’s requirements. As our last step, we implemented the selected solution, repeated complete testing, and deployed it in production.

Work Stages

  1. Conduct deep analysis
  2. Reveal the bottleneck
  3. Test possible solutions
  4. Provide Quality Assurance
  5. Deploy in production


MySQL queries were executed within minutes in the original system. Our solution allowed the client to execute them in split seconds, thus preparing the system for the increased load.


Case Studies


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Data Processing Layer Optimization in an RTB Platform

An RTB platform with a particular layer for preprocessing data to be used in subsequent OLAP cube preparation.


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Adoppler was a system comprising DSP, SSP, and Ad Exchange that allowed all market parties to transact directly.



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