Project Launch Optimization on Typo3 CMS

Helping the client streamline the work on projects and automate mundane tasks with our IT staff augmentation services.


About the Client

Our client is a digital agency that primarily works with the Typo3 CMS development projects. They provide an experienced and creative team of Typo3 developers who deliver websites, online stores, themes, and extensions.

Based in Germany, the company serves various local customers from healthcare, education, leisure and entertainment, religion, and other domains.

Technologies Used


The client required an additional workforce to fulfill ongoing business needs and serve more customers. With Geomotiv’s help, the client planned to streamline the work on projects and automate mundane tasks:

  • Speed up project launch;
  • Reduce the amount of manual work by workflow automation;
  • Reduce the number of system errors;
  • Simplify the work of new team members joining the project;

It was necessary to optimize the current workflow and introduce specific changes.

Work Description

Our developers handled recurring errors when launching or running a project on Typo CMS to achieve the desired outcomes. For example, instead of manually rewriting certain lines of the code, they optimized the number of steps required to launch a project.

For the front-end part, it was necessary to package up the line of code that was responsible for building the interface. So our developers put the code and its dependencies in a separate docker container and wrote bash scripts to create the front-end part. As a result, a straightforward action enabled the devs to launch an application and avoid multiple manual code inputs.

We optimized the number of queries and database calls. First, we wrote a container for installing a backup base. Next, the developers created makefiles, which put the contents of an extensive command line into a small one. As a result, one small command could automatically install the backup into the database.

Work Stages

  1. Procurement of technical requirements
  2. Front-end optimization
  3. Back-end optimization
  4. Testing
  5. Deployment


As a result of the team’s efforts, developers reduced the project’s time-to-launch by 10 times. The implemented changes enabled new developers to start the work on the projects without delays and reduced the number of manual labor. After the optimization, the tasks that could have previously taken up to 2 working days could be completed within 1 hour.


Case Studies


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Travel Industry Application

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Custom software development for a programmatic advertising platform with critical performance requirements.



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