Healthcare CRM for Medical Center

A custom Healthcare CRM system for doctors and administrative staff to securely access, edit, and manage information.


About the Client

Sante is one of the leading private medical centers in Belarus. It offers highly professional medical care, advanced equipment, modern treatment methods, and a wide range of services. The client’s goal was to improve patient and staff management with the use of technology.

Technologies Used


The client aimed to automate administrative processes and manage the data on patients and staff in one system. The existing EHR (Electronic Health Records) system lacked the design and functionality to address these challenges. Moreover, the medical center wanted to improve the patient experience by tracking appointments and collecting feedback. The vision was to integrate the existing EHR system into a custom comprehensive healthcare CRM and add enhanced features and rich functionality.

Work Description

Our team started with implementing the features necessary to enable efficient interactions with patients. The system allowed the staff to collect and store detailed EHRs, including medical and treatment histories of patients. Users could access and edit each record simultaneously and update the information in a secure environment. We also added a module that could schedule and track appointments in a user-friendly format.

In the next phase, the system could support data entries about doctors, their schedules, vacations, and available appointment dates. We also developed and set up an in-built notification system able to inform patients and staff about the date of appointment or its no-show/reschedule/cancel status. The system could also collect feedback from patients via email or text messages.

Finally, Geomotiv’s team successfully integrated the existing EHR system with the center’s CRM. We also ensured seamless integration with third-party apps and services necessary for the system.

Work Stages

  1. Business Analysis Stage. Procurement of general requirements from the client
  2. System development
  3. Quality assurance
  4. Deployment
  5. Integration of the existing EHR system into a new CRM system. Data migration.


Geomotiv’s team delivered the full scope of work on time. The client received a custom Healthcare CRM with an in-built Medical Appointment Reminder system. To date, the system has helped to process and manage the data on more than 40 doctors and 15,000 patients.

The developed solution allowed our client to spend less time on processing the data about patients and doctors, increase the quality of medical services, and reduce expenses. The client reported a 15% revenue boost after the system launch.


Case Studies


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A comprehensive medical assistant chatbot that could provide medical consulting, improve outcomes, and reduce operational costs and personnel expenditures.


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A web-based cross-platform mobile app that allowed to assist/provide support for patients anytime and anywhere.


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A solution designed to reconsider the client’s existing system and to improve data storage and processing.



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