Web Summit 2022 Closing Highlights


Olga Demidenko , Author at Geomotiv
Published: Nov 11, 2022

We've just returned from the Web Summit, one of the most anticipated events for startups, technology, and innovation leaders in a post-pandemic world. Geomotiv was proud to be a part of the global occasion and is glad to share our insights and impressions regarding the event.

What's Web Summit?

The Financial Times labels Web Summit as "the world's largest tech conference" for a good reason. It provides a chance to be around:

  • the most significant tech minds, 
  • major players in the technology space, 
  • angel investors, 
  • representatives of Fortune 500 companies, 
  • and innovative startups.

The history of Web Summit traces back to 2015, when Lisbon became home to a colossal tech conference for the first time. Since then, the event has become the most prominent European platform that will continue to be hosted in Portugal until at least 2028.

After surviving two challenging years of restrictions posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the tech event has moved offline and returned to a regular in-person format this year.

More than 70,000 attendees, 2,630 exhibiting startups and companies, 1,120 investors, 1,040 speakers, 300+ partners, and 2,000+ media members joined Web Summit from 160 countries.

What's included in the event?

Web Summit organized multiple events, including speeches by keynote speakers, press conferences, Q&A rounds, expert panels, and masterclasses. Each day was packed with inspiring talks on 17 stages, covering every topic presented by high-profile entrepreneurs, C-suite executives, software and hardware developers, linguists, sports stars, and even actors. 

The Web Summit floor provided a well-organized showcase area at the Altice Arena and FIL pavilions with a combined space of approximately 371 tennis courts. Among the companies presented on the exhibition floor were startups on the Alpha and Beta programs and top names like Stripe, Google, PitchBook, Binance, and AWS.

Our core takeaways at Web Summit

Our CEO, Sergey Lobko-Lobanovsky, along with Tamuna Basaria, The Head of Business Development represented our company at the event. Geomotiv is always looking for opportunities to connect with global audiences, gain valuable insights, and build a strong network of potential partners. 

With a record-breaking number of participants, an overwhelming number of content tracks, and an exciting range of interesting topics, it took a lot of work to keep track of unmissable content. Nevertheless, our representatives took time to prepare for the event and schedule their timetable as they certainly didn't intend to miss out on the essential tracks.

Our reps heard thought-provoking conversations, exciting topics that could be heard across all types of business domains, tech-related discussions, and all sorts of pressing things that excite the world right now. In addition, it was instrumental in grasping where the hiring industry is heading and understanding the most recent trends in remote and hybrid work.

This topic is one of the most exciting ones for Geomotiv. As a company specializing in delivering expert IT outstaffing services, we always look for the top trends shaping the industry today. 

So, for example, we are directly affected by the topic of intermediation in the market for hiring developers. Large companies like Turing, Toptal, A.Team, and others consider vendors like Geomotiv as a ground for sourcing engineering talent. 

For instance, one of the speakers at the conference, the CEO of Turing.com, claimed they have 2 million technical specialists registered on their hiring platform. Their company's staff comprises 600 people who work hard on marketing and spend heavily on talent acquisition.

The speech at the conference reassured our representatives that go-betweens like Turing dominate the competition in the outstaffing niche.

Disintermediation is one of the issues that our company is willing to be on the lookout for in the coming years.

Grasping opportunities in world-level networking sessions

For our business development team, attending the exhibition is not a one-time thing but rather a natural part of lead generation and networking processes. We took this opportunity to increase our network, connect with excellent prospects, and find new ones for our business. 

Web Summit gave Tamuna a chance to introduce our company and provide it with a global presence among tech leaders and entrepreneurs. Tamuna met with a couple of pre-arranged contacts and had productive conversations with potential partners. 

Meanwhile, Tamuna's work doesn't end with any final conversation. Web Summit contributed as a powerful source of new activities for the entire business development and sales team, including contact processing, lead nurturing, and meetups in other locations, including online sessions.

Final Word

Given that you can already pre-register for Web Summit 2023, we can't but mark this event on our calendar again. It was our greatest pleasure to be a part of this exclusive event, and we are eager to feel the entrepreneurial atmosphere and inspiring talks one more time.



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