Advantages and Capabilities of Dedicated Development Team


Olga Demidenko
Author, Geomotiv
Published: Jan 10, 2020

The term Dedicated Development Team refers to an engagement model of financial and operational cooperation where the client and outsourcing company agree that the latter provides a professional team with the necessary skills and experience needed to complete the client’s project. This model suits the clients who know the exact course of action in project delivery. It fits the clients who can set clear requirements for the prospective development team’s skills.

Today, many businesses prefer to work with development partners who provide outstaffing services. In this way, such engagement model allows you to get a qualified engineering team faster and with better value as opposed to hiring locally. We’ll treat the benefits you will reap in more detail later. First let’s focus on how exactly the model can help to address your challenges.

When to Choose Dedicated Development Team ModelHow to Choose the Right Dedicated Development Team
You want to minimize the budgetVerify experience
You need specific expertiseFind committed self-organized individuals
You plan for a long term projectEnhance your research with strong interview procedure

When to Choose Dedicated Development Team Model

  • You want to minimize the budget. Hiring a dedicated team allows one to cut down on recruitment, development and operational costs. For example, if you set up your in-house US-based team, you will have to deal with high compensation and expensive recruitment efforts. Apart from that, you will have to equip workplaces, provide a comprehensive benefits package, pay for office rent, etc. As a result, hiring remote dedicated software engineers can provide a stunning 70% of savings. Especially if we compare to the expenses associated with setting up your team in house.
  • You need specific expertise. Lack of particular talents in local market is a good reason for choosing the dedicated team model. You can get a team of software engineers with extensive expertise in the given area. Especially it works if you don’t have time to train/hire your own in-house team.
  • You plan for long term. The dedicated team model works best for large and complex projects. It works for projects with workload predictable for mid and long term.

How to Choose the Right Dedicated Development Team

  • Verify experience. Make sure you find proof that you can trust the potential development partner. Verify the team’s competence, ranking, customer reviews, and the types of clients they’ve worked with. Find confirmation that the potential vendor has proper credentials to deliver quality software. Relevant niche experience, necessary tech stack, typical project types to name a few.
  • Find committed self-organized individuals. Research for a service provider that will make technical decisions on their own without your strict supervision. Apart from this, adhere to quality standards and self-motivation of the potential contractor. It will also help to avoid micromanagement and save time.
  • Enhance your research with strong interview procedure. Contact selected developers to inform them about the project requirements. During interviews, you will understand if the selected team can meet your demands. You can ask for references from real clients. You also can understand if there are possible language or cultural barriers.

Take into account the cases mentioned above. Think about your determination to invest in a long-term relationship with a remote service provider. Сhoosing the DDT model can become exactly what you need for reaching your business goals. And it is hard to ignore other important advantages of such cooperation. What are they?

Crucial Benefits of Dedicated Development Team

  • Lower expenses. Remote dedicated developers have much lower rates than your compatriots in the USA. Moreover, you don’t have to spend on administrative procedures, office rent, team-buildings, workplace organization. You exclude all the activities associated with setting up an in-house team. As a result, you will normally save up to 50 % of your expenses. It really works if you opt for dedicated developers elsewhere.
  • No recruitment hassle. It doesn’t take much effort to gather your dream team together. First and foremost, you have to provide job descriptions and requirements for the prospective candidates. The vendor generally provides bespoke recruitment services to shortlist the best suited developers. Many clients entrust the selection of team members to their development partner. They serve as decision-makers to verify and approve the candidates.
  • Cost transparency despite team remoteness. It is easy to track monthly expenses for the team. All the expanses are based on a fixed per-individual specialist rate. You can plan the expenses as you would in your on-site team.
  • Direct communication and transparency. You will interact with the remote team as if they were your in-house employees. That is possible because the dedicated developers can fully integrate into your company’s processes. They can serve as an extension to your team. For instance, if it is customary with you to hold weekly project meetings, then your remote team can participate in them. Or if you prefer that the vendor’s project manager should coordinate the development process in full, then the vendor will be the one who interacts with the team.
  • IP ownership. You are  the only owner of all the code produced. The vendor guarantees solid intellectual property protection mechanisms and NDA. IP ownership and NDA clauses are a part of the contract.
  • Best talent. With trusted partners like Geomotiv, it’s much faster and easier to find the right tech talent in a sea of applicants. We can help with any seniority level of developers and tech stack as per the project requirements.

Geomotiv can provide you with the most qualified resources necessary to implement your brightest ideas.

As you can see, partnering with a dedicated team can do a good job for your business and contribute to the overall success. Now that we’ve shed light on the benefits of hiring a remote front end developer, let’s address hiring issues and focus on how to set up the team.

How the Hiring Process Works

  1. Contact the vendor and provide information about the project scope and requirements. Share job descriptions.
  2. Outline the terms of agreement and sign the contract.
  3. As the hiring process starts to roll out, the vendor gathers the development team based on job descriptions provided. You can also participate in the recruitment process that can be divided in two stages. The first one is conducted by senior developers on the vendor's side. At the second stage, your representative can join in to make sure the candidates match your expectations.
  4. The remote service provider brings the approved specialists together. They form the dedicated development team that starts to work at predefined rates.

Summing Up

If you plan for the long term, want to minimize expenditures, or lack talent with specific expertise, hiring dedicated developers is a worthy alternative to hiring in-house.

Dedicated developers will become part of your company and integrate into your processes. With this model, you will be the only owner of the code produced despite the team staying remote. 

Are you looking to fulfill your idea but lack the resources necessary to implement it? Geomotiv has extensive experience working in dedicated teams. We can deliver bespoke software solutions as your trusted development partner. Let us examine your idea and check if we can be of help.



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