Marketing Automation Software Development

Geomotiv tailors full-fledged marketing automation services to help maximize revenue from marketing activities. With our marketing automation professional services, you can set up custom lead lifecycles, simplify complex marketing workflows, and have a single view of all activities on every channel.



The Essence of Automated Marketing Services

In a densely populated marketplace, automation has become necessary to outperform competitors and enhance the ability to obtain deeper insights and fuller customer care throughout the lead generation lifecycle. Marketing automation relies on the technology that makes it possible to deliver real-time and personalized messages and maximize ROI for every dollar spent on each activity. Our marketing automation services aim to deliver a single view of all omnichannel marketing activities and a centralized hub for monitoring their performance.

With this functionality, marketers can fine-tune their messages on any channel and deliver a truly laser-focused user experience. Besides, you can execute marketing campaigns by putting complicated workflows on automatic triggers on account-based or individual levels.
Through an in-depth analysis of user behavior, the marketing automation software can build a real-time lead score and identify the exact stage of the lead lifecycle. Then, it can suggest certain steps to help push each lead forward to the next stage and figure out what works in the wrong way.
Tracking each step of the lead nurturing process, automated marketing services can help identify marketing investments that paid off and use this information in future campaigns. All this happens in an easy-to-use back-end, Excel-like planning interface, a central tool for collecting budget and roll-ups, and visual dashboards.


Choose Your Marketing Automation Solution Type

Lead Generation & Affiliate Marketing Software
Lead Generation & Affiliate Marketing Software
Lead Generation & Affiliate Marketing Software

We assist you in getting the most of marketing automation software development to create optimal lead generation and nurturing tactics. Convert new website visitors into marketable leads across every touchpoint, guide them through the sales funnel, and easily manage affiliate, loyalty, and referral programs.

Mobile Marketing Automation Solutions
Mobile Marketing Automation Solutions
Mobile Marketing Automation Solutions

We help unlock the full potential of mobile marketing channels to increase engagement, reduce churn, and integrate user data to yield the best results. With mobile automated marketing services, you can manage, schedule, and optimize the distribution of personalized SMS, push notifications, and in-app messages using a single tool.

Marketing Analytics Software
Marketing Analytics Software
Marketing Analytics Software

With our expert marketing automation services, you can drive the right insights, track user journeys and conversions, analyze cross-channel behavior, and much more using one centralized tool. Add robust analytics capabilities using visual dashboards and an easy-to-use Excel-like interface allowing each marketer to overview problem areas, optimize customer experience, personalize funnel, and improve campaigns.

Omnichannel Marketing Automation Solutions
Omnichannel Marketing Automation Solutions
Omnichannel Marketing Automation Solutions

We enable the real-time distribution of personalized and unified brand messages across every customer touchpoint to create a seamless user experience. Let us help you craft superior marketing campaigns based on predictive intelligence, segmentation engines, dynamic customer profiles, and other cutting-edge automation technologies.

Conversational Marketing Solutions
Conversational Marketing Solutions
Conversational Marketing Solutions

Access our deep engineering expertise to build and integrate targeted messaging, intelligent chatbots, and interactive voice response (IVR) technology. With our expert help, you can engage prospects with personalized, one-on-one real-time conversations that guide to specific product recommendations or offers.

Product Recommendation Marketing Solutions
Product Recommendation Marketing Solutions
Product Recommendation Marketing Solutions

We can help you create the right logic behind custom recommendation engines that deliver personalized recommendations across all marketing channels. As a result, our developers will find the most optimal strategy to promote your products, boost engagement, and increase revenue while reducing management efforts from the marketing team.

Benefits for Business

What you Get with Custom Marketing Automation Software

Full-cycle development of the required functionality

Easy integration with third-party software

Unlimited functionality as required by the project

Improved scalability at the desired pace

Long-term cost efficiency due to the elimination of hidden and unnecessary expenses

Full ownership of custom marketing automation software without licensing fees

Clear and straightforward user experience

Ongoing maintenance, support, and evolution

Need to raise the efficiency of marketing efforts in the long run?

Geomotiv’s team is ready to help your company get a tailor-made marketing automation solution to optimize budgets, streamline workflows, and save time for more creative tasks.

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    Tamuna Basaria Head of Sales and
    Business Development

    The service scope offered by Geomotiv exhibits a profound
    understanding of the intricacies and demands of modern businesses.
    A deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the domain enhances Geomotiv’s comprehensive marketing automation services.
    Our commitment to tailored solutions, adherence to best practices,
    and expertise in legacy system modernization and integration make us
    a valuable partner in achieving marketing automation excellence.

    Service Scope

    The Range of Marketing Automation Services

    Custom Development and Design from Scratch

    We have vast experience with custom solutions built from the ground up and employ Agile best practices to facilitate change and evolution in project scope and specifications. Our proficient teams will cover all areas of from-scratch marketing automation software development, from custom design to intricate back-end integrations and deep customization of each feature.

    Discovery Phase Service

    We know the right way to start with the project to ensure its success on the market. Our team researches, collects, and analyzes essential project information, specifies requirements, and discovers risks and constraints to plan an entire product development cycle with clear milestones and delivery dates.

    MVP Development

    Tap into Geomotiv’s vast engineering capabilities to verify business assumptions for custom marketing automation software or test the demand for a new product with core features and functionalities. With us, you will be able to get feedback early in the software development life cycle and improve the offering with minimum investments.

    Legacy System Modernization

    If you rely on an outdated marketing automation solution that fails to reach transformational business agility, our team can lend you a helping hand. We can migrate the existing system to modern, scalable, and reliable tech platforms to accommodate growing data volumes, eliminate the risk of downtime, and accelerate your business growth.

    Current System Transformation

    Our automated marketing services are up to these challenges if you need to add extra functionality on top of a current solution or enhance an existing feature set. Rely on our vast technological expertise to overcome stability, security, and performance limitations and upgrade your marketing automation software to meet present and future needs.

    Integration with Existing Business Processes and Third-Party Software

    We ensure the necessary connectivity between all components of your current tech ecosystem for better reliability, efficiency, and coherence. Our development team will integrate your marketing automation software with third-party systems, current business processes, and other disparate solutions to make them run like clockwork.

    Work Stages

    End-to-End Approach to Marketing Automation Software Development

    Project Initiation
    Business Analysis
    Design Concept
    Project Implementation
    Quality Assurance


    Our Work Speaks for Itself


    Media Buying Platform

    A technical solution designed to optimize and automate ad campaign deals, and to streamline “advertiser-account manager-publisher” communication.


    Automated Mail Marketing Platform

    The Mail Marketing Platform was an automatic system created for niche digital-to-direct sphere operations.


    Facebook Campaign Manager

    An ad management application that allowed for administering ad sets faster than Native Facebook Ads Manager could do.


    Staff Augmentation for AdTech Company

    A technical solution for ad campaign automation that was developed within the client’s integrated omnichannel DSP and DMP platforms.


    Custom Solutions for AdTech Company

    Discover our support solutions built for efficient software development and enhancement of AdTech products.



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    What is marketing automation software?

    Marketing automation software is a technology that unites all marketing activities into one centralized platform. It facilitates marketing campaigns and eliminates manual work with automatic triggers, personalized messages, and other forms of engagement.
    Marketing automation platforms collect and archive all the information regarding campaigns, leads, and channels and provide an at-a-glance view of real-time data. Besides, such a solution enables you to identify and score leads, build custom lead lifecycles, follow user activities, and engage website visitors individually.

    What are examples of marketing automation?
    How to choose a development company for your marketing automation software development?
    How to succeed with marketing automation?


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