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Geomotiv empowers your business with a custom CRM tailored to your needs and built around your goals. Boost business growth, improve workflows and productivity and capitalize on customer-related data and insightful analytics with an experienced software development company.



Exploring CRM in Detail

A CRM (customer relationship management) system deals with the storage, collection, segmentation, examination, and analysis of company-related data from multiple channels. These channels are designed and delivered to meet the specific needs of different user roles, departments, and business areas by improving sales processes, customer service, marketing activities, and more.

Our clients can personalize the customer experience, increase operational efficiency, and enhance every customer touchpoint with valuable insights by leveraging CRM development.
The simplest way for small businesses to achieve this is to go with ready-made cloud-based CRMs, which come with pre-packaged functionality to meet everyday needs: manage contacts, sales pipelines, and tasks, and gain basic analytic insights.
However, when default functionality and performance are not enough, custom CRM development can open its doors for you. Geomotiv team can design a tailor-made solution from the ground up on top of your business needs and add necessary features. With us, you will be able to avoid the limitations of boxed software and include functionality that will work best for your business.

Key Functionality

Core Components of Enterprise Custom
CRM Software


Equips a sales team with the right infrastructure to facilitate an efficient and disciplined lead generation, optimize sales cycles, and integrate seamlessly with various sales channels. By adding a custom CRM to your sales process, you can:

  • set up standardized sales processes;
  • reduce the amount of manual data entry;
  • improve internal team collaboration;
  • aggregate customer data in a single repository;
  • boost accuracy of reporting and forecasting.

Marketing & Customer Engagement

Improves the results of marketing efforts across various channels and touchpoints and fosters alignment between sales and marketing teams. A custom CRM system allows for efficient campaign management and personalized customer and prospect interaction process through:

  • customer segmentation;
  • integration into social media channels;
  • email marketing tools;
  • analysis of real-time data about prospects and campaigns;
  • manual process automation.

Customer Service

Provides a reliable tool for managing omnichannel contact flows, resolving issues and complaints, and measuring customer satisfaction. With a trusted CRM software development partner, you will be able to increase the profitability of your business by turning customer service into an efficient sales channel. CRM customer service functionality includes:

  • a unified and shared knowledge base;
  • a 360° view of each customer;
  • a help desk ticketing system;
  • a unified source of customer care, whatever the channel;
  • automated analysis and measurement of customer service efficiency.

Billing and Invoicing

Helps streamline the lead-to-cash process, get payments faster, and connect with individual customers based on their journey on your website or app. As an experienced software development company, we can build an advanced billing and invoicing functionality that allows users to:

  • automate the billing process;
  • track payment schedules, reservations, and leads;
  • manage tiered pricing, seasonal discounts, channel-based pricing, etc.;
  • upsell and cross-sell items automatically.

Order Management

It makes it easy to handle logistical data, manage and process orders, and send delivery updates. This lets sellers systemize the operations and monitor every process order-related. A good order management CRM module can:

  • track the status of each order;
  • provide accurate reports;
  • import orders from multiple channels;
  • manage shipping rates;
  • automate package slips printing;
  • manage drop-shipping partners.

Branded Customer Portal

Empowers customers with a dedicated space for browsing your products, placing orders, submitting support requests, and interacting with personalized content. In addition, a custom CRM solution can provide you with:

  • individual access-based or invite-only permission;
  • the ability to set user-generated passwords;
  • customization with the company’s branding;
  • order management;
  • a digital knowledge base.

Need to hire an expert team for custom CRM needs?

We can help you determine, build or upgrade the best CRM solution for your particular needs.

Your Options

The Scope of CRM Development Services

Custom CRM Development
Custom CRM Development
Custom CRM Development

We deliver tailor-made solutions that address your company’s needs with utmost precision. With our custom CRM development services, you will leverage only critical functionality without redundant features and additional fees.

Customization of an Existing CRM
Customization of an Existing CRM
Customization of an Existing CRM

Benefit from a fast implementation of a chosen platform-based CRM solution customized according to your requirements. We can develop the best configuration strategy and tweak pre-made proprietary processes to serve your business.

CRM Module Development
CRM Module Development
CRM Module Development

If you need to create fully functional CRM modules for specific business needs, Geomotiv is glad to help. With us, you can supplement an existing ERP system with a feature-rich CRM module or tie the current CRM platform with lead, contact, analytics management, or any other desired functionality.

Mobile CRM Solutions
Mobile CRM Solutions
Mobile CRM Solutions

Our mobile CRM system development services aim to deliver a full CRM experience on smartphones and other mobile devices. We enable sales, marketing, and customer success teams to work from wherever suits them best and access key information on the go.

СRM Consulting
СRM Consulting
СRM Consulting

Let our experts investigate the most appropriate strategy for fast and efficient CRM implementation and development. We examine the current business processes, identify critical gaps, and find solutions that respond to changing requirements and market conditions.

Added Value

Benefits of Custom CRM Software

Tailor-made software with your needs in mind

Ease of integration with current business processes

Specific types of automation for specific departments

Enhanced scalability based on changing business requirements

Precise customer feedback analysis

Mitigated cybersecurity risks and corporate data protection

Elimination of unnecessary expenses and long-term cost savings

Full control and ownership of CRM software without licensing or royalty fees

Tamuna Basaria Head of Sales and
Business Development

A sound CRM system is essential to the company’s successful work.
Developing a custom solution will guarantee that this software will be
fully tailored to your business needs. Thanks to our rich expertise in
building such products for other companies and Geomotiv corporate
use, you can be sure that you will get CRM software that will perfectly
cope with all the set tasks and seamlessly integrate into your broader
software infrastructure.


Our Custom CRM Software Development Process

1 Stage
Business Analysis

We start by understanding your company’s needs and objectives and evaluating the potential of your idea. Then, with expertise across different niches and industries, we can provide a detailed plan of action for the design and development phases to deliver CRM solutions with strong business value.

2 Stage
Risk and Change Management

Based on our well-balanced approach, we put in action robust risk mitigation plans to analyze potential threats early and prevent them from affecting the project. In addition, we ensure that any future changes or adjustments won’t disrupt the time, effort, and cost constraints and maximize the value for the customer.

3 Stage
Design Concept

The core task in this stage is to ensure that the final product matches the client’s vision. We will create visual representations of the future CRM software, create a technical design with flowcharts and mockups, and decide on the technical means of the project’s implementation. Finally, we offer detailed functional specifications for further validation and approval by the end of the stage.

4 Stage
CRM Development

Guided by the best practices of Agile methodology, we get down to project implementation. Vast experience allows us to break down the work into manageable chunks and establish a consistent development process. Our team works in iterations, or sprints, to tailor ready-made features or create custom functionality defined by the functional specification.

5 Stage
Quality Assurance

We ensure that the developed solution complies with rigorous quality requirements and user expectations. In addition, mature QA practices enable us to set up efficient testing strategies to spot bugs, code defects, or deficiencies in each part of the application.

6 Stage
Launch and Monitoring

We release the working CRM software into the production environment and present it to end-users. Then, based on their feedback, we fine-tune the performance, add missing functions, or remove redundant functionality to conform to changing user needs.

7 Stage
User Training

Starting from training the essentials of the newly-built CRM system, we ensure that it is 100% compliant with your company’s procedures. In addition, we implement a comprehensive training plan, provide detailed time and cost estimates, measure the success of each training session, and much more.

CRM Development for Your Vertical
CRM Development for Your Vertical
CRM Development for Your Vertical
IT Technology
CRM Development for Your Vertical
Retail and eCommerce
CRM Development for Your Vertical
Real Estate
CRM Development for Your Vertical
Banking and Financial Services
CRM Development for Your Vertical
CRM Development for Your Vertical
Sport and Fitness
CRM Development for Your Vertical
Beauty and Fashion
CRM Development for Your Vertical
IT Technology
Retail and eCommerce
Real Estate
Banking and Financial Services
Sport and Fitness
Beauty and Fashion


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What is a CRM in web development?

Web development allows for creating custom CRM software that can be accessed from any browser. In addition, vendors can deploy new system updates and novel features online, as there is no need to download or install any software on-premises.

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