Offshore Dedicated Development Team

We assemble offshore dedicated development teams by sourcing and hiring highly-trained, English-speaking software developers from Europe, Asia, Canada, and South America. Get a tightly-knit team of hand-picked talent with soft and hard skills to meet your unique needs.


Why Geomotiv

Benefit from Setting up an Offshore Dedicated Development Team With Us

Unmatched speed of team assembly – It takes from 2 to 4 weeks to assemble and set up your team

Professionalism in every aspect – A perfect blend of expertise, experience, and hard/soft skills that match your requirements

Reasonable prices – Shift the development to more affordable regions without sacrificing the quality of deliverables


What Is Offshore Dedicated Team

There’s a widespread dilemma regarding software development: you need to create top-notch software catering to your unique requirements and constantly manage rising costs along the way. To tackle this challenge, the offshore dedicated team approach has gained much traction among businesses.

The offshore dedicated development team is a model of cooperation with an IT outsourcing service provider located in geographically distant countries. It enables you to build an offshore development team of specialists hand-picked to your requirements and dedicated only to your project.

Relocation of development work outside your home country is nothing new in business. However, you need to find offshore development team with the optimal price/quality ratio to succeed. That’s where Geomotiv can step in and provide close-knit development teams at reasonable rates. Our experienced company lets you access a vast talent pool ready to undertake your project and maintain a long-term focus on your goals.

Key Drivers

Reasons to Hire Offshore Development Team

Reduce Hiring Costs icon 64 variant2

Reduce Hiring Costs

The cost of hiring dedicated developers varies with their location. But today’s hiring market is abundant in top tech talent in…

Reduce Hiring Costs

The cost of hiring dedicated developers varies with their location. But today’s hiring market is abundant in top tech talent in any part of the world. You can engage the best offshore development team that charges less for their services due to a lower cost of living than in the USA.

Instant Access to Top-Level Talent icon

Fill Talent Gaps

If you lack the required competencies nearby, partner with an outsourcing company in a country with a wealth of talented…

Fill Talent Gaps

If you lack the required competencies nearby, partner with an outsourcing company in a country with a wealth of talented professionals in-house or on-call. This will allow you to focus on other essential aspects of your business while entrusting the staffing process to reliable hands.

Team Scalability icon

Access a Large Pool of Specialists

When you opt for IT outsourcing to offshore locations, you open up access to a vast talent pool that may not be available…

Access a Large Pool of Specialists

When you opt for IT outsourcing to offshore locations, you open up access to a vast talent pool that may not be available through local staffing. You can find experienced, dedicated teams eager to join your project in countries like Poland, Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, and many others.

flexibility icon4

Gain Flexibility and Scalability

You can start with a team comprising at least one project manager, a QA specialist, and 2-3 developers and conform to dynamic…

Gain Flexibility and Scalability

You can start with a team comprising at least one project manager, a QA specialist, and 2-3 developers and conform to dynamic changes on the go. We’ll boost your development capacity without the hassle of hiring or onboarding on your side.

Transparency icon

Control the Operations

By engaging an offshore software development team, you can maintain the same control over each developer as if they…

Control the Operations

By engaging an offshore software development team, you can maintain the same control over each developer as if they were in-house. You will participate in the hiring process, communicate directly with each team member, distribute tasks, receive regular reports, and share feedback.

Your Case, First

When Offshore Dedicated Team Beats Other Outsourcing Models

I’m a Startup

I need to assemble
a full-cycle evelopment team
in the shortest timeframes
and at acceptable rates
to outsource product
development and maintenance

I’m a Developing Mid-Size Company

My goal is to develop an additional or on-going product but I don’t want to cause disruptions to internal teams. I also need to reduce expenses associated with internal hiring

I’m an Enterprise

I’m looking for an offshore software development company to build our international recruitment strategy and expand into new markets by hiring offshore dedicated development teams

Offshore Dedicated Development Team for Hire

What Kind of Offshore Talent Do You Need?

Front-end/Back-end Developers

Leverage our wide network of highly competent front- and back-end developers with 10+ years of practice in React, JavaScript, Angular, Node.js, PHP, Python, Java and more. We can let you hire the most promising candidates with the right combination of knowledge, skills, seniority level, and professional experience.

Full-stack Developers

Access an extensive talent pool of highly qualified full-stack developers worldwide. All our experts have hands-on experience in front- and back-end development and a proven track record working in offshore dedicated teams. Working with our full-stack developers lets you greatly optimize your project costs.

Business Analysts and Project Managers

Leverage our large database of business analysts and project managers of the highest caliber. We carefully select each candidate and present you with relevant specialists with expertise in different tools, frameworks, and styles. Our professionals will bring real value to your project and help to achieve the highest results in its realization.

Testers and QA Engineers

Are you looking for offshore development team comprising elite software testing specialists and QA engineers? All our offshore experts are familiar with multiple types of manual and automatic testing, operate a vast testing tech stack, and know how to ensure the high quality of your end product.

UX/UI Designers

Incorporate experienced UI/UX designers with a strong portfolio of previous work into your offshore dedicated team. All our specialists have the skills and expertise necessary to create seamless user experiences from start to finish. With their understanding of user behavior and design principles, they can create intuitive interfaces that are aesthetically pleasing and functional.

AI and ML Engineers

Source pre-qualified AI and ML engineers from our vast on-demand talent network to get started with the most challenging technical tasks. All our experts have the right combination of skills and experience to develop next-gen solutions: from NLP and computer vision functionalities to predictive analytics tools and custom chatbots and AI assistants.

DevOps and Cloud Engineers

Choose the best DevOps and cloud engineers from a pre-screened international talent pool. Let Geomotiv’s experts take care of your CI/CD pipelines, orchestrate deployment pipelines, and leverage the utmost capabilities of modern clouds: AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure.

Big Data Engineers and Architects

Don’t let talent scarcity and unjustified rates of local Big Data engineers and architects hold back your project’s success. Engage our dedicated development teams of senior experts ready to cover a comprehensive range of data-related activities.

Can’t find the required experts to join your local team? – Offshore dedicated development team is ONE answer you need.

We gather full-cycle development teams at lightning speed. Leverage our expertise to get offshore dedicated development teams just like the ones you operate in-house.

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    Flexible Options

    Types of Offshore Development Teams We Provide

    Establish a Development Department from Scratch

    Here is the way how to hire an offshore development team using our flexible approach – establish a development department from scratch.

    If your company doesn’t have an internal IT department, you can hire Geomotiv’s offshore dedicated development team to cover all your technical needs. We can assemble a team of several specialists, such as developers, QA engineers, and software testers.

    Another scenario is the establishment of several teams working on several customer projects or implementing different functionality. In each case, we recommend including a Project Manager in your team structure – to oversee processes and ensure complete alignment with your goals.

    Create an Additional Development Team within the Existing Tech Department

    Your internal development department may require extra help collaborating on the core project. Moreover, you may need a standalone team to work on side activities. We can help increase your development capacity by creating dedicated teams that work seamlessly with your existing technical staff. Our team at Geomotiv understands how to hire offshore development team and integrate our resources with your internal engineering team to ensure that projects are completed with the envisioned results.

    At A Glance
    How Offshore Dedicated Development Team Drives Value to Your Company
    You GetYou Avoid
    Access to top English-speaking tech talents in every part of the worldGoing through a long and tiresome
    hiring process by yourself;
    instead, you delegate it to professionals
    Hiring specialists at attractive rates
    without compromising quality
    Expenses associated with setting up
    local entities and infrastructure;
    your software vendor handles
    all the administrative tasks for you
    Quick time-to-hire, from 2 to 4 weeks,
    not months
    Burden on the internal HR department,
    as your vendor is responsible for team hiring and maintenance
    Simple scaling – ramp up the team in no timeComplicated management and administration
    Time zone alignment – work in the same or
    overlapping US time zones
    Possible issues arising from working
    with project-based developers
    Opportunity to increase workforce inclusion
    and diversity
    Slow growth and scalability roadblocks
    More valuable time to focus on core
    business goals
    Mishires and specialists with irrelevant skills
    Fair and transparent pricing guaranteesLegal and security issues
    Full control over your offshore dedicated
    development team
    Lack of control over the operations

    How it Works

    5 Steps to Hire Offshore Dedicated Development Team with Geomotiv

    STEP 1 Analyze your goals and challenges and create a budget & action plan
    STEP 2 Describe your needs and formulate technical requirements
    STEP 3 Select critical criteria for your candidates (Domain expertise, price, skills)
    STEP 4 Submit all the details to Geomotiv, interview candidates, and approve the best ones
    STEP 5 Sign the contract with Geomotiv

    About Geomotiv

    Why Choose Us to Gather Your Dream Offshore Dedicated Development Team

    Quick Team Formation without HR Headaches

    Geomotiv’s HR experts have a proven track record of selecting, vetting, and assembling IT specialists in a dedicated team. Thanks to our vast experience, we provide quality hiring and onboarding processes regardless of your specialization and company size. Just share your requirements with us and we will do our best to meet them.

    Pro in Building Offshore Dedicated Development Teams

    We have over 14 years of experience building, managing, and supporting distributed teams for global clients. You can expect our teams to deeply understand modern technologies and development processes, adapt to the client’s needs and requirements, and have excellent communication skills.

    Flexible Partnership

    We provide flexible partnership opportunities for rapidly growing technology companies. Our team is ready to adapt to your existing business model and help to tune all the processes to make the collaboration effortless on your side. One of our top priorities is to make you feel comfortable while collaborating with us.


    Choose Locations for Hiring
    Offshore Dedicated Developers



    Pick the Right Dedicated Team Service Model

    Nearshore Dedicated Teams Nearshore Dedicated Teams

    Is geographical proximity a significant factor for your company? Then, set up a full-cycle dedicated team within comfortable time zones, usually in neighboring countries.

    Offshore Dedicated Development Teams Offshore Dedicated Development Teams

    Are you looking to boost the cost-efficiency of your project? Then, delegate your software development project to dedicated teams located in countries with lower costs for high-quality work.

    Hybrid Dedicated Teams Hybrid Dedicated Teams

    Don’t want talent scarcity and skills shortage to affect your project’s success? Then, opt for engaging a dedicated hybrid team from a global talent pool.


    Tech Stack We Deliver


    React Native
    Varvara Vinogradova HR Manager &
    Head of Recruitment

    As a highly competent company providing offshore dedicated
    developers, we boast an impressive history of working with small
    and large dedicated teams, including those distributed across
    different locations. Our extensive experience and refined
    methodologies enable us to integrate team members
    seamlessly and ensure a development process ticking
    like a clock.


    Our Work Speaks for Itself


    Video Streaming Platform

    The OTT Advertising Service was a set of solutions designed to give the client full control over their ad related activities.


    Staff Augmentation for AdTech Company

    A technical solution for ad campaign automation that was developed within the client’s integrated omnichannel DSP and DMP platforms.


    Custom Solutions for AdTech Company

    Discover our support solutions built for efficient software development and enhancement of AdTech products.


    White-Label Ad Management Solution

    A flexible ad management system for large advertisers that brought industry recognition for MediaMath.


    Custom Solution for Ad Campaign and Strategy Scheduling

    Explore our user-friendly Scheduler system for ad campaigns and strategy scheduling integrated into the client’s DSP.


    AdTech Bidding Module Development

    Achieving a 40% development boost, 60% leak cut, and 200ms processing speed in optimizing the client’s Bidding module.



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    Need Help? We’ve Got You Covered!

    What is an offshore dedicated development team?

    An offshore dedicated development team is a team of developers that works full-time for a stipulated period from outside your premises. You retain full control of the project deliverables while Geomotiv oversees resource hiring, retention, and training. We also provide the proper infrastructure and administrative setup, including hardware, licenses, and accounting support.

    For instance, say you want us to assemble an offshore dedicated JavaScript development team. We’ll initiate the hiring and onboarding process in a preferred location and organize the workplace environment for your dedicated JavaScript specialists.

    Who needs to hire an offshore dedicated development team?
    How do I find an offshore dedicated development team?
    How to assess the quality of the dedicated offshore team for my project?
    What are the best regions for hiring offshore dedicated development teams?
    Who manages offshore developers?
    What is the structure of the offshore dedicated development team?
    How do I communicate with an offshore team?


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