How to Hire React JS Developer for Your Project?


Julia Sakovich , Author at Geomotiv
Reviewed by Varvara Vinogradova, Head of Recruitment at Geomotiv
Published: Oct 16, 2023

The correct choice of developers is one of the main steps to guarantee successful project realization. That’s why if you are going to build your software solution and do not have your in-house resources, you have several options, like working with freelancers or establishing cooperation with a reliable custom software development company

Today, a wide range of technologies can be selected for your software solution. React JS is currently included in the rankings of the most widely applied frameworks for projects of different types. 

In this article, we’d like to focus on this technology and speak about the ways to hire ReactJS developers who will be able to deliver the best solution fully tailored to your business needs.

What Is React.js?

The React.js (React) framework is a free, open-source JavaScript framework and library for creating interactive user interfaces based on components. It is maintained by Meta (former Facebook) and the community of companies and individual developers.

As of 2023, it is the second most popular web framework used worldwide. According to the survey results published by Statista, nearly 40.6% of respondents indicated React as the framework used in web development projects, and 42.75% named Node.js. However, Node.js managed to win the leadership only in 2023. Earlier it belonged to React.

Most used web frameworks among developers worldwide in 2023

Today a lot of companies rely on React.js in their projects. Among them, there is a row of companies with prominent names that you have heard about.

hire react programmers - companies using react

The core reason for this is the possibility to build easy-to-maintain and scalable systems with these libraries. But what are other benefits of this framework that can explain why so many businesses want to hire ReactJS website developers and why so many developers are interested in working with this technology?

  • Component-based architecture. The UI in React comprises separate pieces, and a developer builds all of them independently. This approach makes it easier to create software solutions and modernize and update them when required.
  • Reusability of UI elements. ReactJS development projects are often less time-consuming than those that rely on other frameworks. Developers can significantly streamline the process of building a solution thanks to applying reusable elements without the necessity to create everything from scratch.
  • Enhanced software performance. Thanks to ReactJS, you can achieve your apps' excellent performance, which is possible thanks to virtual DOM (Document Object Model). It can be defined as a representation of the DOM of a web browser, and it exists entirely in memory. When a developer creates a ReactJS component, this component won’t be written in the DOM directly. The features a developer writes are virtual; React will turn them into the DOM. As a result, the performance will be smoother, and the UI re-rendering will take less time.
  • SEO-friendliness of web pages and higher conversion. As you may know, page rendering and load time are among the most critical factors that influence the position of your website among the results shown by search engines. When you use React for building your website, you can minimize the time needed for loading a page and expect better visibility of your pages, as well as lower bounce rates and higher conversion.
  • Ease of learning and use. According to many developers who use ReactJS but have studied other technologies before, React is relatively simple to learn and deal with. It is supported by excellent documentation. There are a lot of tutorials and learning materials. If a developer has a JavaScript background, many things will be intuitively clear in React.

ReactJS is a popular choice among developers, and we are proud that we have excellent ReactJS experts on our team. According to our developers, this programming language allows programmers to quickly solve many challenging front-end tasks. A comprehensive and well-established ReactJS community, as well as the availability of a large number of talented specialists, are among the benefits of choosing this front-end language for your projects.

However, as it happens pretty often when we are speaking about the strengths of any framework, it is also worth mentioning its weak sides. In the case of ReactJS, they are:

  • High pace of changes. The ReactJS library is quickly growing and quickly changing. On the one hand, framework development is a positive tendency. Still, on the other, all these updates mean that developers often need to change their approach to coding, which may be somewhat annoying.
  • Lack of conventions. Due to the lack of conventions, it may be quite challenging for developers to start working with legacy projects. It may happen that programmers will need to work with code variations that they have never seen before.
  • View-orientedness. From the entire MVC (Model View Controller) architecture, ReactJS deals only with its one part - View. To address Model and Controller, developers must work with additional tools and libraries.

Though there are some obvious disadvantages, the advantages of this framework sound rather weighty for different teams planning to build different solutions and looking for ReactJS developers for hire.

We have a rich talent pool and are sure we will find developers with the required expertise!

What projects can be built with ReactJS? This framework is typically used for building web and mobile solutions of different types:

  • eCommerce platforms;
  • Social media apps;
  • Blogs;
  • Movie search websites;
  • Weather apps;
  • Job boards;
  • Online quizzes, and many others.

Who Is a React.js Developer?

A React.js developer is a front-end programmer with the skills and qualifications to create and implement components of user interfaces for web and mobile apps with the help of open-source React libraries. As a rule, such specialists participate in all the steps of designing interface components, from ideation to testing and app release.

If you want to hire ReactJS app developers, you need to clearly understand what exact tasks you have for them and what required knowledge and expertise. Based on the specificity of tasks, you can define developers of what level of seniority you should look for.

Junior ReactJS DeveloperMiddle ReactJS DeveloperSenior ReactJS Developer
1-1,5+ years of experience in commercial developmentmin. 2 years of experience in commercial development5+ years of experience in commercial development
basic understanding of Reactdeeper understanding of all the technologies required from junior developersskills in building React-based UIs with React.js and TypeScript
general knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, Git, RxJSproficiency in JavaScript and TypeScriptskills in building APIs/RESTful services
working knowledge of different databasesexperience of using Reduxknowledge of Javascript frameworks like jQuery, Vue, Angular
understanding of MVC/MVVM concepts, as well as QA processes and Server-Side Renderingknowledge of Node.js will be a plusunderstanding of development patterns like MVC, MVVM, IoC
experience of working with testing frameworks and writing unit and integration testsexperience with WebPack, ES6, SAAS

When you are preparing a job description, among the responsibilities of React.js programmers, you can mention:

  • Development of UI features with React.js;
  • Writing code;
  • Creation of reusable components that can be applied in various projects;
  • Turning wireframes and designs into code;
  • Optimization of components for their high performance on various devices and in different browsers;
  • Participation in testing and bug fixing;
  • Contribution to the general app concept development;
  • Planning of the development life cycle;
  • Introduction of regular app updates;
  • Implementation of newly built software.

Steps to Hire React Programmers

six steps to hire react programmers

If you are planning to hire React JS developer for your app development, you should clearly understand how the search process is typically organized. At Geomotiv, we have the following approach to hiring programmers.

1.Open a vacancy.

When hiring a new specialist, the relevant tasks are assigned to recruiters, who will prepare a vacancy text with a job description. The job ad can be published on job boards, our corporate website, our LinkedIn page, and in various professional chats and forums for ReactJS developers.

2.Conduct research.

At this step, our recruiters need to look for potential candidates and offer them to consider the open position, as well as to accumulate the CVs of candidates who have submitted their applications independently.

3.Conduct pre-screening and a competency-based interview.

Then recruiters must choose the best candidates. They should analyze all the received CVs following a special checklist to do it. 

After that, recruiters schedule interviews with the most promising candidates. Within the framework of such interviews, they assess the weaknesses and strengths of developers in the context of the competencies required by the role.

Our recruiters always have a task to check the English skills of all the candidates because, for our company, it is vital to be confident that our ReactJS developers can communicate in English with our customers and easily understand all the provided project requirements.

It is also necessary to discuss all the terms and conditions of potential cooperation with those specialists whose skills seem most relevant to the project. What details are discussed at this step? Preferable types of employment, salary, work hours, expectations, etc.

After analyzing all the facts, recruiters will decide whether a person will move to the next step and provide independent candidates to the team lead.

4.Organize a tech interview.

The team lead will choose those candidates with whom we will organize tech interviews, and if a customer approves this choice, candidates are invited to pass the next stage of the hiring process.

When interviewing with ReactJS developers, it is always worth inviting tech experts to join the process. Their knowledge will be required to evaluate developers' skills and understand whether their qualifications are appropriate for your project. Quite often, customers also join such interviews to see whether candidates have the desired expertise from their perspective.

Usually, when we are looking for ReactJS programmers and are communicating with them during interviews, we ask them to tell us about their previous experience and projects that they worked on. We also ask candidates to explain what tasks they had on those projects and how they solved them, what difficulties they faced and how they managed to address them. It is always important to understand a specialist's practical skills and whether they will be valuable for your company.

What other tech-related questions can you ask when you are interviewing a React js developer for hire?

  1. What is the virtual DOM?
  2. How can you optimize the performance of a ReactJS web app?
  3. How to handle ‘State’ in React apps?
  4. What are patterns in Reach and how do you use them?
  5. What are Props in React?
  6. What are the key limitations of using ReactJS for mobile web applications?
  7. How to handle errors in apps written with ReactJS?
  8. How is it possible to transfer data to React components?
  9. How to prioritize development tasks and understand what should be done first?
  10. How do you control the work with the team and review the code written by your team members?

5. Prepare a job offer.

If a candidate successfully passes a tech interview, together with a customer, we will make a hiring decision. And suppose both parties are satisfied with the choice. In that case, recruiters need to communicate with a team lead and the company’s managers to set the details of a job offer that will be further sent to a candidate.

6. Close a position.

If a candidate accepts our offer, the next task is to begin the onboarding process. And the position will be closed.

At Geomotiv, we can take all these responsibilities and help you hire best React JS developer without any special effort from your side!

Different Ways to Hire React JS Programmers

When hiring React JS developer, you always have several approaches to consider. Suppose you ask us what is the best approach. In that case, we won’t be able to provide a single answer without analyzing your case, considering your business needs, further plans, and financial resources that you are ready to allocate for software development. 

Below is some basic information about your options with their key pros and cons.

Option 1. Hiring in-house programmers

This model is quite traditional, and many businesses consider it in the first turn just because the entire process is well-known to them. They already have their staff, and they have a good understanding of how to look for specialists, onboard them, and communicate with them in the future. When you have developers on your team, you fully manage and control their work, and they are 100% focused on your project. 

But will it be a feasible approach in your case? We strongly recommend you consider this option only if you already have an in-house IT department or if you have already decided to create it and you are sure that this step is fully compatible with your business plans.

Expanding your in-house staff with React JS developers is worth expanding only if you are sure their skills and knowledge will be required in the long term. Moreover, you should have the budget for paying salaries and bearing other related expenses (taxes, bonuses, training, equipment, etc.) even when you do not have any tasks for your hired specialists. 

It can be a rather challenging task to hire ReactJS app developers who will become your in-house employees, as in the majority of cases, you can look for such specialists only in your city or country. It can be a real problem when you want to find programmers with niche expertise.

Pros of in-house hiringCons of in-house hiring
Simple way of communicationHigh costs
Full management and control of the development processA lot of administrative tasks
High engagement of developersThe necessity to provide equipment and fully organize all work processes
Time-consuming hiring and onboarding
Limited area of search for experts

Option 2. Outsourcing

If you want to build a software product but have neither in-house specialists nor inner specialists who will coordinate the process, you can outsource such services. In other words, you need to find a company that will become your outsourcing partner and will be able to write your project on React in full accordance with your requirements.

In this case, all the tasks related to software creation and team management will be the responsibility of this company. But to achieve the desired results and get the highest quality solution, you should find a highly professional company that you can trust.

Among the strongest benefits of this model is the possibility of saving your costs and concentrating more on your core business functions while professionals are working on your project.

Pros of outsourcingCons of outsourcing
Cost savingLimited control over the project development
No headhunting, onboarding, and other related tasksPossible language barrier
The possibility to work with an outsourcing partner from any corner of the world

Option 3. IT staff augmentation and dedicated development team services

Even if you have your in-house team and need to hire a React JS developer, it doesn’t mean you should expand your staff with new employees. Thanks to the flexibility of modern business models, you can easily avoid the necessity to deal with all the hiring issues on your own. However, you can still get a specialist (or an entire project team) who will fully focus on your project and bring new skills and ideas.

If you have your development team but want to hire ReactJS web developers to fill in the existing gaps, you can opt for a staff augmentation model. Based on its principles, you can hire just one expert, two, or more. To do that, you need to find an outstaffing company that will find specialists with the required qualifications for you and deal with all administrative questions.

You can also hire dedicated ReactJS developers, in other words, you can work the whole team that will be assembled following your needs. At Geomotiv, we can provide you with such services and create a dedicated development team that will be entirely concentrated on your project and managed by you.

Pros of outstaffingCons of outstaffing
Lower costs in comparison with in-house hiringPossible difficulties in communication due to time zone difference and language barrier
Access to offshore react JS programmersNot the best option for short-term tasks
No issues related to recruiting
Comparatively fast hiring
The possibility of managing the process

Option 4. Working with freelancers

And all others, this model has advantages and disadvantages. But the main thing here is that you should clearly understand for what type of projects you can hire freelancers to leverage this approach's benefits.

As a rule, freelancers have lower rates than companies that provide outstaffing and outsourcing services. It is faster to start working with them; this model is a good option for short-term projects.

Nevertheless, do not forget about the lack of control and the quality of final results that can deteriorate because a freelancer is always interested in finishing one task and taking on a new one as soon as possible. Undoubtedly, there are highly responsible specialists with outstanding skills, but it is not always easy to find them.

Pros of working with freelancersCons of working with freelancers
Low ratesUnpredictable situations due to the lack of control
Quick hiringPossible difficulties in hiring the same developers again if you have new tasks on the project
Access to specialists from all over the world

How Much Does It Cost to Hire ReactJS Developers?

Project costs are consistently among the core concerns of every business owner. This amount is calculated based on different factors, and the rates of developers are one of them. When you hire ReactJS app developers and the chosen business model allows you to work with specialists from any corner of the world, we recommend you compare rates in different regions. 

Countries like the United States and Canada are well-known for high rates and salaries for programmers. That’s why many businesses from this region prefer to hire offshore ReactJS developers in Eastern Europe or India.

hire react programmers - hourly rates

When you establish cooperation with a company that will become your IT partner or freelancer, it is always crucial to discuss all the financial terms from the beginning to avoid unpleasant situations in the future.

The rate of developers varies by their expertise and seniority level.

Based on the current situation in the European labor market, ReactJS developers typically get the following monthly salaries (gross).

  • Junior ReactJS developer: $1000-1900;
  • Middle ReactJS developer: $2000-3400;
  • Senior ReactJS developer: $3500+.

However, it doesn’t mean that if you hire a junior developer instead of a senior specialist, you will be able to save money. First of all, it is senseless to expect that less experienced specialists will be able to cope with the same tasks that programmers with more prosperous expertise can handle. As a result, you may have just an unfinished product or a product of low quality.

Secondly, even if a less experienced developer can fulfill all the set tasks, much more time will be required for it compared to the period that will be needed for a middle or senior developer. It means that even if the rate is lower, you may pay more due to the time required.

That’s why we advise hiring the right people for the right tasks because any effort to pay less can result in paying much more than you could expect.

Final Word

Nowadays, the ReactJS framework remains one of the most highly demanded frameworks used in web development. Many companies are hunting for the most talented experts, and if you also need to hire ReactJS developers for your project, your recruiters need to do their best to find the most skillful programmers. Or you can establish cooperation with a trustworthy partner like Geomotiv. We can offer our IT staff augmentation and dedicated development team services and help you avoid the necessity to hire experts on your own. 

Just contact us! Let’s discuss the best model for working with ReactJS developers for you.



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