Software Maintenance and Support Services

Our company delivers outsourced technical support services for any industry or niche specifics.
You can have complete confidence in your digital assets’ 24/7 availability and performance with us.



About IT Support and Maintenance Services

Our specialists are ready to provide IT support and maintenance services to resolve your software-related concerns from our global delivery centers. Geomotiv’s engineers have solid expertise in programming languages and possess a deep understanding of software development processes. That enables us to provide basic and advanced support and maintenance to mission-critical applications and won’t let your business be at risk.
Depending on your needs, our team can help you design the proper scope of services and address your business requirements with utmost precision. In addition, we can provide all aspects of support needed to bring your project to completion. From maintaining software after its release to supporting legacy software and handling the systems developed by other vendors, we are ready to cover your needs and bring peace of mind to your organization.

What We Offer

The Scope of Our Software Maintenance and Support Services

  • Ongoing software maintenance and support
  • Software support and maintenance consulting
  • Software assessment/audit
  • Product integration, OS and server migration
  • Software issues resolution
  • Software improvement
  • Performance/availability monitoring
  • Project Rescue
Unlock business value of IT support and maintenance

Delegate challenging tasks to a trusted service provider covering all aspects of support needed to bring your project to completion.

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    Our Strengths

    Why Geomotiv for IT Support and Maintenance Services

    Extensive Experience with Outsourced Technical Support
    Extensive Experience with Outsourced Technical Support
    Extensive Experience with Outsourced Technical Support

    Geomotiv offers technical support and maintenance as a standalone service or as an addition to the dedicated development team model.

    Advanced Consulting
    Advanced Consulting
    Advanced Consulting

    Apart from getting software support services, we provide advanced consulting on innovation, digital transformation, and various improvements.

    Uninterrupted Operation
    Uninterrupted Operation
    Uninterrupted Operation

    We adhere to the best practices of DevOps to ensure that our support and maintenance services don’t affect the system’s performance and resilience.

    Transparent Process
    Transparent Process
    Transparent Process

    Geomotiv grants complete transparency of the entire support and maintenance lifecycle. We truly collaborate with our clients and foster ongoing relationships with them using open communication channels.

    Technical Support Availability 24/7
    Technical Support Availability 24/7
    Technical Support Availability 24/7

    We provide timely upgrades of the software solutions at your disposal and remove all headaches along the way.


    Tech Stack We Deliver


    Solid experience goes hand-in-hand with mastering appropriate toolchains.
    We use both cutting-edge and classic technologies.

    Egor Zablotski Director of Engineering

    We tailor our services precisely to your needs, helping you design
    the perfect scope of support that aligns with your unique business
    requirements. From post-release software maintenance to modernizing
    legacy software and managing systems developed by other vendors,
    we’ve got your back, ensuring peace of mind for your company.


    Expertise at Your Service

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    What is software support?

    Software support is a set of activities to correct faults, resolve ongoing queries, and update pieces of code not working correctly. It is usually handled by technology companies providing software support services for specific demands. They are ready to offer the most optimal technical solution to solve software-related issues.
    Application support and maintenance is a part of a broader tech support service category, which ensures that apps are highly available, reliable, and relevant to changing business needs.

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