Dedicated Development Team Services

Here at Geomotiv, we have assembled, motivated, and scaled dedicated development teams worldwide for over 13 years. Engage top talent that matches your business objectives, industry specifics, and tech requirements and feels like an integral part of your in-house team.


Why Geomotiv

Partner with our Dedicated Development Company

13+ years of experience with dedicated teams

Save up to 50% of your budget

Get your dedicated team in 2-4 weeks

Dedicated Development Team

Meet our Battle-Tested Developers Ready to Undertake Your Project

We have over 13 years of experience assembling, managing, and supporting dedicated development teams for clients worldwide.

We provide development teams of fully dedicated, motivated, and collaborative software experts with mature software engineering and project management practices. With your particular requests in mind, we assemble a group of specialists ready to work together seamlessly and on a long-term basis.

With us, you can access the full range of roles needed for successful software development and implementation as we carefully select each candidate for your project. Vast experience enables us to quickly kick off the project while you retain complete control over the development process and can easily make changes.

When to Hire a Dedicated Team
Addressing your Needs with Expert Dedicated Development Teams
Organizational/Management ReasonsFinancial ReasonsTechnical Reasons
To reduce time-to-market
thanks to quick and easy access
to qualifiedresources
To engage development teams at attractive ratesTo gain access to niche specialists with extensive experience
To retain complete control over
the development process and have visibility into the developer’s work
To reduce costs related to hiring, office renting, equipment, taxes, benefits, etc.To leverage the expertise of collaborative development teams with mature processes
Need a dedicated expert team with relevant expertise?

Then, share your candidate requirements and let us provide the best talents for your project. We’ll assemble a ready-to-go team in no time and take care of all administrative work for you.

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    What You Get

    Here’s How you Benefit from Geomotiv’s
    Dedicated Teams

    Reasonable rates without sacrificing quality and value

    Access to top developers with diverse tech experiences

    Free-of-charge recruitment services

    Deep understanding of cutting-edge technologies

    Full attention exclusively to your project

    Cultural similarity with your people

    Flexible team scalability without workflow disruption

    Seamless integration into your processes

    Increased tech capacities and capabilities

    Dedicated Development Team Use Cases

    Here’s How We Apply a Dedicated Team Model

    Assemble Standalone Dedicated Development Teams

    If you have no in-house IT department, you can hire a dedicated software development team of relevant technical experts. For example, Geomotiv can assemble a team comprising at least one project manager, a QA specialist, and 2-3 developers or extend it to 20-30 specialists if needed. Or we can create several teams working on different client projects or functionalities within one project.

    Expand Your In-House Capabilities with a Dedicated Team

    Do you need extra hands within the existing tech department to work on the same project? Or do you require an additional team to operate independently on a side project? We can scale your development capacity by building dedicated development teams that work alongside your technical staff.

    Are you looking to augment your team with additional talent?

    If you need to hire more specialists for your team, opt for our expert IT staff augmentation services.
    With us, you will extend your development capabilities without roadblocks.

    Involvement in the Process
    Areas of Commitment for Geomotiv and
    Your Company
    GeomotivYour Company
    Sources, recruits, and hires your dedicated team that corresponds to project requirementsOutlines the requirements for every specialist in the dedicated team and approves candidates
    Provides and maintains office facilities and equipmentSets standards and expectations
    Focuses on team retention and professional growthShares the strategic vision, project priorities, and SDLC
    Takes care of administrative, legal, and operational issuesKeeps full technical and quality ownership of the project’s deliverables
    Complies with your corporate policies and company valuesConducts onboarding sessions to introduce the project to team members
    Provides a free dedicated account manager that oversees HR processesRetains complete management control over the project and dedicated team
    Ensures process transparency and direct reportingmonitors the progress and submits feedback on our work deliverables
    Adds on-demand technical expertiseSuggest improvements in the collaboration process
    Provides immediate free employee replacement
    Transfers our company’s best practices and accumulated knowledge to your team

    Your Options

    Pick the Right Dedicated Team Service Model

    Nearshore Dedicated Team Nearshore Dedicated Team

    Set up a full-cycle dedicated
    team within comfortable time
    zones, usually in neighboring

    Offshore Dedicated Team Offshore Dedicated Team

    Delegate your software
    development project to
    dedicated teams located in
    countries with lower costs
    for high-quality work.

    Hybrid Dedicated Team Hybrid Dedicated Team

    Opt for engaging a hybrid
    dedicated team from a global
    talent pool with virtually
    any possible skill sets.


    Choose a Location for Hiring Dedicated Teams


    Dedicated Development Team for Hire

    What Kind of Remote Talent Do You Need?

    • Front-end/back-end/full-stack
      engineers and developers
    • Business analysts and project managers
    • Testers and QA engineers
    • DevOps and cloud engineers
    • UX/UI designers
    • AI and ML engineers
    • Big Data engineers and architects

    Our Hiring Culture

    What We Consider
    When Choosing the Candidate

    • Technical and industry expertise as required by the upcoming project
    • Ability to work according to the process and fluency
      in the primary methodologies (Agile, Kanban, Scrum, etc.)
    • Previous work experience
    • Teamwork and soft skills
    • English proficiency
    • Ready to work in your time zone
    • Your individual preferences (e.g., preliminary test task)


    Building Up a Dedicated Team


    Develop a team size and workload plan


    Select best candidates who meet all requirements


    Interview and verify candidates’ soft and hard skills


    Submit cumulative feedback and interview results


    Gather your feedback and select the best candidates


    Approve candidates and make job offers

    Talent Pool
    Pricing Models
    Transparent Terms without Hidden Costs
    Monthly RateHourly Rate
    Fixed monthly payment per each developerPay per hour of development time

    Legal Protection

    We Take Your IP Seriously

    We Protect
    Sensitive Information

    We are open to signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before engaging in a new partnership.

    We Safeguard Your
    Intellectual Property

    By default, our agreement contains Intellectual Property rights assignment clauses. It is based on the work-made-for-hire model. We never share your IP with third parties.


    Why Hire Geomotiv’s Dedicated Team

    Instant Access
    to Top-Level Talent

    We source the required professionals for your dedicated team from a vast pool of software developers, QA and testing specialists, PMs, and other talents. Thanks to accessibility to the best minds from a wealth of significant software development hubs and locations, we can quickly assemble your ready-to-go team in 2-4 weeks.

    Years of Experience

    With 13+ years in the US and European markets, our company has united experienced developers ready to cover your needs with the most modern technologies. Our offshore development teams work with both ambitious young startups and large Enterprise companies.

    Easy Administration

    We take care of the back-office, finance, and legal routine, thus relieving you of the administrative burden. However, accounting, payroll, employment support, office renting, and setting up a workplace environment are on us so that you focus on core tasks.

    Fair Pricing

    We guarantee fair and transparent pricing without hidden costs. All dedicated specialists work at fixed monthly/hourly rates.

    Focus on
    Professional Growth

    Our company operates a dedicated in-house recruitment and onboarding team that focuses on dedicated team management, support, and retention. We create a space where engineers can focus on professional growth and development. Be sure that your team stays with you as long as it is needed.

    Transparent Workflow

    Transparent Workflow

    Hiring a dedicated team with our company enables you to have full control over the development process and coordinate with other teams working in your company.

    Do you need to fill talent gaps or extend your tech capabilities?

    Then, you may be interested in IT staff augmentation services.
    Get in touch with us to see how we can help meet your staffing needs.


    Trusted by Top Customers Globally

    Jason Schwartz
    Creative Director at Bright Bright Great

    Bright Bright Great had been looking for a reliable technology partner for almost a year. Geomotiv was recommended to BBG through a mutual friend, and we immediately started work. Jumping into previously created work is always tricky. However, the Geomotiv team not only helped us maintain deadlines but delivered ahead of time. They are very communicative. We work with their team daily from Chicago to Belarus without issue. BBG clicks with Geomotiv. We understand each others needs and work to get things done collectively. Also, they are great people. We look forward to speaking to them every day. Working with Geomotiv has been amazing, and we expect to continue, and grow our partnership. I recommend the Geomotiv team.

    Show more
    David C Peterson
    CTO at PebblePost

    I’ve worked with Geomotiv since 2013. 4 Years when I was at the Rubicon Project and am currently using them for the past two years at PebblePost. We work together to find excellent quality engineers in big data, high performance, high scale computing and tiered web development. We utilize the engineers as a team extension which allows us to build our core team faster, get our products to market more quickly, and have near round-the-clock coverage of our systems. The engineers have good English, maths, computing skills, and a great attitude in collaborating. I will continue to use Geomotiv since they are an excellent partner, and I would encourage anyone else who has similar needs to do the same.

    Show more
    Mike Ory
    Director of Engineering at Pluto TV

    We have been working with Geomotiv teams in multiple locations for quite some time now. They are hard-working, excellent developers who have proven to be a valuable part of our team. Happy to have finally met most of the team in person. They are a fun group with excellent English skills as well.

    Show more
    Andrei Shavel
    Director of Operations at Sante

    Geomotiv has done an incredible job of automating the internal processes of our medical center. We appreciated that the guys were always in touch and actively participated in discussing ongoing tasks and use cases. We’re delighted with the team’s technical background and engineering skills of each developer in particular. We also appreciated the terms of project delivery – all the work was done on time and, importantly, within the budget.

    Show more
    Shafi Mustafa
    CEO and Co-Founder at Savveo

    Geomotiv has been an invaluable full-cycle development partner for Savveo during our ongoing multi-year relationship. From product inception and ideation to implementation, we see Geomotiv as more than a traditional offshore outsourcing group, but rather an essential team extension. Geomotiv works closely with Savveo on some of our toughest challenges and has proven a great thought partner. The members of the Geomotiv team for Savveo are dedicated resources who focus on our business on a full-time basis. From its management team to business analysts and engineers, Geomotiv has proven the capability of providing experienced and highly skilled team members on an ongoing basis.

    Show more
    Eugene Nashilov
    Chief Product and Marketing Officer at Black Beacon

    Cooperation with Geomotiv was smooth and productive, and we were pleased to have such a company as a partner. We needed to develop a solution for player churn prediction in the game. Geomotiv provided continual interactions with our team and helped define critical features that would predict the churn. Thanks to their dedication, the project was completed on time.

    Show more
    Hed Bar-Nissan
    VP of R&D at HIRO

    We (HIRO-Media) started working with Geomotiv in 2013. We have a lot of experience working with outsourcing and software consultants – and it’s a tricky thing for a small development team. For example, encapsulating projects or components – understanding how they get integrated into your product’s hectic lifecycle. Geomotiv and Sergey Lobko-Lobanovsky, in particular, understand the inherent difficulty and have helped us with tailoring this cooperation to the benefit of both sides. On the technical level, they have exceeded our expectations by supplying fast, accurate and innovative solutions. I like their intuitive balance between the two forces: On the one hand, the will to understand the full context to help you identify the actual challenge and supply the best solution, and on the other hand, working with you to provide you with the needed component even if you both understand that it’s only a temporal bandage.

    Show more
    Gintautas Kišonas
    Former CTO at Natify

    Code developed by Geomotiv was used as a stable foundation for future expansion. They communicated daily and were available via multiple channels. They’re professional and place a high value on customer service.

    Show more
    David C Peterson
    SVP Technology at Rubicon Project

    I recommend working with Geomotiv’s team for data, platform, middle-tier API, and back-end systems. Pros: diligence and persistence in achieving code quality standards set by our team to address our code review comments. There is also dedication in solving complex technical challenges.

    Show more


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    Need Help? We’ve Got You Covered!

    What is a dedicated software development team?

    A dedicated software development team is one of the cooperation models between the client and the vendor, which benefits both parties. A vendor provides access to a global talent pool of specialists with the right skill sets and qualifications to address the software development needs. The client, in turn, avoids a costly recruitment process and gets exclusive access to the expertise while keeping full ownership of the code produced. Thus, a guaranteeing dedicated development team becomes an integral part of the client’s in-house team after signing the contract.

    What are the characteristics of a dedicated software development team?
    What is a dedicated project team structure?
    What’s Geomotiv’s experience with creating dedicated teams?
    How many developers do I need to hire for a dedicated development team, and for how long?
    What kind of management and communication tools do you use for managing projects?
    How do I hire a dedicated development team?
    How can hiring dedicated development team reduce software development costs?
    What are the reasons to opt for the dedicated team model?


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