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Are you looking for a trusted partner to jumpstart with custom desktop application development? With Geomotiv, you can transform your basic idea into a market-winning product with rich functionality, a user-friendly interface, and faultless performance. Our team is ready to become your desktop application development company.



What Is a Desktop Application?

A desktop app is a software that runs on a local device and serves specific end-user purposes. Instead of interacting with a web browser, a desktop application is a standalone solution that doesn’t rely on an Internet connection to perform associated tasks. Rather, it depends on an operating system such as Windows, macOS, or Linux and has to meet hardware requirements to operate correctly.

Desktop applications are geared toward meeting the internal needs of mid-sized companies and Enterprises and their clients. For example, millions of consumers and business users use desktop apps like Microsoft Word, Discord, Powerpoint, and Chrome.
Alike desktop-based solutions for financial institutions and healthcare companies can serve niche purposes and, among other things, provide the ultimate security level for its users.
With our desktop application development services, you can benefit from expert from-scratch delivery of quality solutions for various platforms. Our forte is in developing custom desktop applications, modernization, and system integration services.

Platforms we Serve

Cross-Platform Desktop Applications

Microsoft Windows

As the most popular platform for delivering desktop application services, MS Windows offers the most versatile set of capabilities. It comes with a robust ecosystem of ready solutions and pre-packed products, solid interface clarity, and has outstanding usability.


macOs is a proprietary operating system that offers enhanced security, stable performance, and strict compliance with privacy guidelines. Thanks to the intuitive design and a wealth of integrated developer tools and marketing services, the platform has gained a large audience of loyal customers.


Linux is an open-source operating system with a command-line interface and a wide pool of instruments for deep customization. With an active community of contributors and a transparent distribution model, Linux is a top choice for companies willing to gain full control over the desktop application’s look and feel and its functioning.


Desktop App Development Services

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Desktop Application Development from Scratch

We have vast experience with end-to-end delivery of highly responsive desktop applications that perform well on any OS and in any development environment.

Let us turn your next app idea into a new market sensation using the latest methodologies, in-house expertise with modern technologies, and the top talent: Business Analysts, software architects, QA specialists, and DevOps professionals.

Cross-platform Desktop Application Development_11zon

Cross-platform Desktop Application Development

Let us help you develop cross-platform solutions that run on all popular desktop operating systems and share a single codebase.

Geomotiv’s developers have vast proficiency in different fields of expertise. They are ready to employ Qt, .NET (WPF, UWP, Xamarin), and Electron.js technologies to cut development costs and reduce time-to-market for your desktop apps.

Desktop Application Modernization icon

Desktop Application Modernization

With us, you will be able to overcome the confines of legacy applications that can hold back the company’s and users’ productivity and

delay the success of the solution on the market. Our team will evaluate the current state of things and devise the best approach to desktop app modernization to combat low performance and security flaws and stability and usability issues.

MS Office Add-in and Plugin Development icon

MS Office Add-in and
Plugin Development

Whether you want to improve the efficiency of particular processes, communication procedures, or specific tasks, outsource desktop application development services to Geomotiv.

We know how to make the most of Microsoft Office’s rich functionality and remove the complexity of day-to-day workflows using the most appropriate Microsoft technologies to craft custom plugins and extensions for your business case.

UWP Application Development icon

UWP Application

Our team follows the latest Windows upgrades and updates. It has years of practice developing and testing highly-functional, feature-rich,

and scalable UWP apps that run on all Windows-compatible environments and devices. We develop tailor-made and results-driven UWP apps with intuitive UIs, high-performing features, and ultimate data security.

Desktop Software Integration icon

Desktop Software

We ensure your desktop application can seamlessly communicate with other systems used by your business.

With us, you will be able to enable error-free data transfer, eliminate duplicate content, and contribute to the efficiency of internal workflows so that the entire ecosystem of business tools works as intended.

Desktop Software Testing icon

Software Testing

We assist you in delivering quality desktop solutions and creating exceptional end-user experiences.

Our team will examine the functionality of the desktop application, evaluate its performance and reliability under varying loads and critical conditions, and ensure data integrity on any platform and OS.

Ongoing-Maintenance-Support x2

Maintenance and
Support Services

Geomotiv ensures sustainable growth and business continuity of your desktop app while keeping the total cost of ownership low.

Our desktop application maintenance and support services help improve agility and allow for continuous improvement and consistency of user experience.

Tap into the benefits of expert desktop app development services

Geomotiv develops custom desktop software from scratch and takes up development at any software lifecycle phase. Discuss the requirements with us, and let’s make your project a success together!

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    Our Approach to Custom Desktop Software Development

    Requirement Gathering:

    At the onset of a MarTech software development project, our team focuses on understanding your stakeholders’ business problems, project needs, and potential roadblocks. Beyond project requirements, we delve into the existing software infrastructure and current systems, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of the most critical aspects. Those insights are integral to crafting solutions that resonate with your vision and propel business growth.

    Planning and Backlogging:

    With a wealth of information collected, our team starts with detailed planning and creating a step-by-step implementation roadmap. We evaluate resource needs, estimate costs, and determine project timelines. Next, we’ll prioritize use cases with a restricted number of the most vital features. Having created a prioritized task list, we’ll discuss strategies, tools, and frameworks necessary to develop the solution. This phase lays the foundation for a comprehensive roadmap that steers the project’s realization.

    Product Development:

    Stages: Plan – Design – Develop – QA – Review

    Our developers create MarTech software following the Agile approach, which fosters the incorporation of change, timely delivery of the essential features, and the best quality of deliverables.

    Each iteration, spanning one to two weeks, comprises planning, design, development, QA, and review. Your feedback prompts us to iteratively deliver product increments until the desired outcome aligns seamlessly with your vision and goals.


    The development journey involves client approvals and validation at the end of each iteration. Deploying new features requires careful testing to ensure flawless functionality and timely correction of occurring bugs. Leveraging Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, we guarantee the timely release of the proper MarTech functionality with ultimate quality.


    Desktop Software Development Techs


    Visual Studio


    MS SQL Server
    Alex Kharkauski Chief Operating Officer

    At Geomotiv, we firmly believe there are no “insignificant details” in
    desktop app development. We implement a comprehensive approach
    to realizing our custom software development projects. Our experts
    always do their best to choose the right stack for each solution that
    perfectly corresponds to the client’s requirements.


    Why We Can Be Your Next Desktop Software Development Company

    Deep in-house expertise in the latest technologies and tools

    Focus on user-centric UI and UX design

    Agile approach to desktop application development

    End-to-end delivery of quality desktop solutions

    Transparent communication and reporting

    In-depth knowledge of eCommerce, Healthcare, AdTech, and adjacent fields

    Proven experience with advanced techs, including AI, ML, and Big Data


    Our Work Speaks for Itself


    Programmatic Advertising Optimization Platform

    Custom software development for a programmatic advertising platform with critical performance requirements.


    Student Information System

    Student Information System was a centralized platform developed to store, manage, aggregate, and process student-related data.


    Linear TV DSP

    PDX was a web-based software product that integrated the in-house TV CRM, programming, and inventory maintenance systems.


    CTV Ad Server

    Adoppler was a system comprising DSP, SSP, and Ad Exchange that allowed all market parties to transact directly.


    Financial and HR System for Educational Centers

    Financial and HR Systems are designed for educational centers to optimize financial, HR, educational, and management operations.



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