Fast, reliable, and productive AdTech solutions ensure reaching business goals faster and more efficiently for numerous players, including AdTech companies, digital agencies, publishers, and brands. We offer end-to-end custom AdTech solution development and support services. Our vast expertise in creating and supporting scalable, high-load systems as well as deep knowledge of AdTech industry makes us an invaluable partner for implementing your ideas!

60% of our clients come from AdTech and MаrTech
Our clients are leaders in their industry
Cooperation with us accelerates ramp-up time and time-to-market by 30 to 40%
Benefit from AdTech Development

Optimize your company’s budget as commissions to intermediaries are no longer required

Integrate the technology into your marketing tech stack or third-party services

Coordinate all advertising campaigns across platforms

Outperform your competitors using innovative methods of Big Data collection and analysis

Reach goals of any complexity based on unique business needs

Gain full control over advertising inventory and data

Improve your advertising strategy with up-to-date and efficient tools

Build your own end-to-end platforms that can resolve AdTech challenges in a timely manner

Establish trusting relationship with your partners


Trusted Marketplace Technology

Based on our previous industry experience and significant number of projects, we’ve managed to develop our own AdTech platform, Adoppler Trusted Marketplace.

Our sister company Adoppler offers you a unique opportunity to benefit from one of the best in-house solutions ready to be customized to specific business needs.

With Adoppler Trusted Marketplace, you’ll be able to automate advertising campaigns and establish transparent relationship between media buyers and sellers. As a result, you’ll get a unique programmatic platform, significantly reduce your costs, and gain an edge over your competition.

Why Entrust Your AdTech Development to Geomotiv

Fully transparent customer interaction process

Full project
and support

Focus on niche solutions for online advertising and marketing

Profound knowledge of AdTech and MarTech industries

Massive experience in working with leading AdTech and MarTech companies

Commitment to Agile
best practices

Technology-driven strategic approach

Our Work Speaks for Itself
Advertising Automation

Powering up a unique independent marketplace to automate the entire advertising ecosystem across all inventory.

Big Data Chemistry

A system to optimize the entire ad serving system that allowed for collecting, processing, and reporting on, billions of transactions every month.

In-House Digital AdTech Platform

Adoppler was a system comprising DSP, SSP, and Ad Exchange that allowed all market parties to transact directly.

Data Processing Layer Optimization in an RTB Platform

An RTB platform with a particular layer for preprocessing data to be used in subsequent OLAP cube preparation.

RTB Platform Logging System Optimization

A solution designed to reconsider the client’s existing system and to improve data storage and processing.

Distributed Demand Side Platform

A system that collected multiple ad and data exchange accounts into one single interface allowing media buyers to transact more efficiently.

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