Next Generation of Culinary

An application that connected travelers with hosts around the world and simplified the entire travelling process at the same time.

About the Client

The client was an online marketplace that provided travelers worldwide with authentic food experience granted by native hosts. The customer operated in a number of countries across Asia, Europe, Africa, and South America. The company was a large and experienced market player with a lot of references in the press. The client’s policy presupposed close cooperation with the hosts, and the ambassador system they developed allowed them to provide a high level of quality and safety.

Technologies Used

The customer wanted to build an app that would connect travelers and hosts worldwide and provide a quick match based on filters and travelers’ requirements. Booking and payment systems were supposed to be refined to support large numbers of real-time users. The client wanted to have a new app UI design, Facebook login authentication option, and robust dashboard.

Work Description

The app was unlike any other, so accurate business requirements were of prime importance. Such a project required a specific technology stack. As a result, the app was built based on JavaScript, Ruby, PostgreSQL, and other technologies. Our team worked in close contact with the client through all the development stages from business requirements analysis to QA and production deployment.

Work Stages
  1. Procure business requirements
  2. Define the technology stack
  3. Develop functional specifications
  4. Implement the requirements
  5. Assure quality
  6. Deploy in production

Within two years of our cooperation, we provided full project support. We extended initial functionality and added user feedback driven features, such as new payment systems integration and referral bonuses. Our solution increased the number of monthly active users three times and helped the client to launch in new countries.

Case Studies
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