Library Supply Management System

A united library supply manager created for students and teachers. One single interface to publish books and media assets and one single interface to use them.

About the Client

It was a federal project run by the state administrative department. We worked on public order, and the finished product was intended to be used by over 500.000 students around the country.

Technologies Used

The client wanted to develop a unified system providing an actual list of all the available media resources that could also deliver them to schools and colleges. As an executive organ, the client had a flexible federated search across the existing publishers that could be improved with a system supplied with a single interface for students and teachers.

Work Description

The core requirements were to create a system that could provide convenient access to the existing federated search while supporting 3rd party service integration. We used Java for backend development and JavaScript for the front-end part. The client required a simple user interface, so we applied Angular for that. Another requirement was to develop a comprehensive mobile app. We used Cordova to create a hybrid one, thus saving the client’s time and money.

Work Stages
  1. Procure business requirements
  2. Design high-level product architecture
  3. Create functional and non-functional requirements
  4. Develop back-/front-ends
  5. Make a hybrid mobile application
  6. Maintain the product and provide full support

The project was social-oriented rather than value-driven. The product helped schools and colleges optimize their library systems and allowed students and teachers for easier access to federal media sources. With the delivered solution, teachers could also supervise how and what their students read and advise them on new educational materials.

Case Studies
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