A complex system comprising both software and hardware components that provided an easy paperless way to track workouts that players completed.

About the Client

The client was a technology company with a focus on sports and games in particular. They aimed at acquiring and analysing athletes’ stats to improve their performance. The customer wanted to pay more attention to basketball, and therefore to build an app to track the players’ activity on the court. They wanted to use the data for further strategy improvements.

Technologies Used

The task was to build an app that would harvest the player’s real-time stats regarding their workouts and games, then store the data, and help coaches analyse it to improve on their training programs.

Work Description

The team decided to use two specific sensors based on the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. The wrist sensor was affixed to the player’s hand to detect shot attempts. The net sensor was affixed to the basket to detect effective throws. A common interface was created to display the real-time statistics from both wrist and net sensors.

Work Stages
  1. Procure business requirements
  2. Design the architecture
  3. Create sensors
  4. Develop back- and front- end
  5. Assess the quality level
  6. Deploy in production

The original application exceeded the client’s expectations, so their product expanded into several additional applications for various purposes soon after release. Our team continued to enrich the app functionality and provide maintenance services.

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