Amazon Web Services in Video Ad Network

A perfect programmatic video-distribution platform for content owners that maximized monetization and personalization.

About the Client

Our customer was a video ad network that displayed their inventory via partner syndicated videos. The service generated about 2,500 to 4,500 raw events per second that were to be recorded, processed, and made available for further analytical processing.

Technologies Used

The existing solution contained a lot of legacy code and was difficult to scale. At the same time, the customer expected significant business growth in the short run, so the task for the tech team was to make provisions for an increasing load.

Work Description

There was a software solution that powered the customer’s business, so too many system changes could introduce technical risks. Our proposition was to port parts of their ad server incrementally to provide manageability, scalability, and fault tolerance. Geomotiv made use of Amazon Kinesis to process the incoming raw event data, store it on an Amazon S3 file server, and transform and save various aggregated values into a Redshift database for further visualization.

Work Stages
  1. Procure business requirements
  2. Break the work scope into loosely coupled phases
  3. Refactor the Back Office server
  4. Capture Real Time events
  5. Implement additional components
  6. Provide Quality Assurance
  7. Deploy in production

Together with Geomotiv, the client managed to migrate from their old technology platform to the new one within a short timeframe. What’s more, the client used our resources to prototype new product ideas swiftly, which allowed them to address the market needs fast.

Case Studies
Advertising Automation

Powering up a unique independent marketplace to automate the entire advertising ecosystem across all inventory.

Entertainment Ad Sales House

A system created to avoid disruptive ad behavior and security risks of serving ads inline with the page.

Player Churn Prediction System

Our Prediction System provided churn player evaluation based on player metrics and statistics.

Brand-Safe Advertising Platform

Our Advertising Platform was a fully operational system with Facebook integration that allowed for the creation of advertising campaigns.

RTB Ad Platform for B2B

A system developed for media buyers to manage multiple ad and data exchange accounts through a single interface.

Client’s Custom Solutions

A technical solution for ad campaign automation that was developed within the client’s integrated omnichannel DSP and DMP platforms.

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