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The right offshore software development services company allows you to focus on your core business while taking advantage of faster time to market, cost optimization, and global talent.


Our Strengths

Why Is Geomotiv Your Offshore Software Product Development Company?

More than 14 years in the offshore software development service market

Only top-notch professionals with the most robust expertise and excellent skills

Reasonably-priced software development services and transparent pricing


What You Can Get If You Choose Us as an Offshore Software Product Development Company?

We are a one-stop-shop company which means that we can fully take all the responsibilities related to the creation of your solution, starting from the stage of planning. We have access to the broadest pool of the best talents, which allows us to cope successfully even with the most ambitious and challenging software projects.

As an offshore software development services company, we can build user-friendly software apps of different types with eye-catching interfaces, intelligent navigation, and the most advanced features that will perfectly meet your business needs.


You Can Choose the Most Comfortable
Business Model

Offshore Dedicated Development Team Offshore Dedicated Development Team

We can create a dedicated development team in strict accordance with your requirements. This team will be fully focused on your tasks and will be managed by you but at the same time, you will have the possibility to avoid all the issues related to hiring and onboarding.

Offshore IT Staff Augmentation Offshore IT Staff Augmentation

When you do not have enough in-house resources for carrying out some project tasks, we can help you to fill in the gap and overcome skill deficiency. Our developers will join your team to share their knowledge and expertise which are required for building your solution.

Offshore Outsourcing/ Project-Based Model Offshore Outsourcing/ Project-Based Model

You can fully transfer all the tasks related to software development to our team. At Geomotiv, we have solid expertise in project realization from A to Z and are ready to provide you with our assistance while you will be able to concentrate on your core business activities.

Are you looking for the best offshore software development company?

We will be happy to tell you more about our services and find the most appropriate model for building our cooperation.

Alex Kharkauski Chief Operating

With an extensive track record of over 14 years in offshore software development, we excel at providing versatile cooperation models
tailored to your specific needs. You can expect us to be well-equipped
to recommend the most suitable approach for your project’s success.
For example, you may want to hire developers for long-term needs so
a dedicated team would be a better choice. Similarly, choosing IT staff augmentation is the way to go if you want to add more tech capacity with temporary employees. If you opt to outsource, you’ll delegate the project’s scope to us, and we’ll become your one-stop-shop company.


What New Opportunities Can You Leverage with Offshore Software Development Services?

Cost optimization and better budget planning

Great scalability and flexibility

Time savings and faster time-to-market

On-demand access to expertise and knowledge

Cooperation with the best talents from all over the world

Possibility to concentrate more on your core business tasks

How We Address Your Needs with the Best Offshore Software Development Services
Modernization of Your
Existing Software
Building of Custom Software
from Scratch
Customization of Your
Existing Solution
Your app upgradingTransformation of your ideas into real products with the help of advanced technologies and toolsNew feature building
Migration of your solution to a newer version of the used technologyProvision of support at all the stages of product developmentExpansion of your software functionality
ReplatformingPost-release maintenance and updatesOptimization of app performance
Code refactoringDevelopment of cloud-native applicationsIntegration of new third-party services
Rehosting, redesigning, or encapsulation of your solutions to make them meet your up-to-date requirementsIncorporation of AI functionalityAdjusting the existing functionality to your changing business needs


When Should You Establish Cooperation
with Offshore Developers?

  • You want to avoid responsibility for all hiring and
    recruiting tasks alone.
  • You plan to leave your team with something other
    than in-house specialists for the long term.
  • You are looking for developers with specific expertise,
    and there aren’t appropriate candidates in your local
    labor market.
  • You want to find the best quality-price ratio and
    cooperate with highly professional developers
    at reasonable rates.
  • You want to enjoy flexibility to the team composition.


By Cooperating with Our Company,
You Can Work with the Best IT Experts Worldwide

Want to hire offshore developers?

Just share your requirements with us.
And we will find the most appropriate candidates with all the necessary skills.


We Are Working Hard to Offer the Best Offshore Software Development Services

Vast Experience

For more than 14 years, we successfully provide our offshore software development services to businesses in different industries. We are always open to new projects and can guarantee an entirely individual approach. We do our best to become your reliable partner and apply all our skills and knowledge to deliver products of the highest quality and ensure the fastest time-to-market. At Geomotiv, we can not only build solutions from scratch but also modernize and upgrade the existing ones to make sure that they help you to cope with your ongoing business tasks.

We Go Global

We are a global software development firm. By establishing cooperation with us, you can work with the most talented developers and other IT experts from different corners of the world and easily find even those skills and expertise that are not available in your local labor market. Moreover, we have rich experience in cooperating with clients from all over the globe, including the US, the United Kingdom, and the European region. It allows us to understand better the needs, demands, and trends of the international markets and successfully use them in our work.

Flexible Partnership

We strongly believe that one of our essential tasks is to make our clients feel comfortable with us. That’s why we have adopted the most common engagement business models, which help us ensure that we can establish our cooperation with you in a way that will perfectly correspond to your expectations. We know the peculiarities of the business processes of the different types and sizes of companies, including startups, enterprises, and actively expanding tech firms. Thanks to this, we always know how to build our interaction and become real partners for our clients, not just contractors.


Extensive Multi-Vertical Expertise




Linear and OTT TV



Collect Diverse Data, Automate Daily Tasks and Show Relevant Ads That Convert

We are ready to serve any technically demanding AdTech need. Geomotiv protects you by laying the groundwork for efficient data management, precise ad targeting, and timesaving automation. Our expertise and in-depth industry knowledge is something you can always rely on. Read more about AdTech>

Leverage Emerging Technologies to Gain Full Control over Commercial Landscape

Geomotiv knows how to design and launch efficient marketing programs to help you achieve the desired results. With our deep knowledge of the industry and its underlying Big Data technologies, and thanks to our extensive software development background, we can become your most valuable partner in creating impactful MarTech solutions. Read more about MarTech>

Software for Healthcare Sector Built with Deep Engineering Expertise

Geomotiv is ready to develop unique software for the Healthcare sector. Our top-notch solutions help Healthcare organizations provide accurate and personalized services to their patients. Our skilled developers can implement virtually any technical idea in the domain. Read more about Healthcare>

Automate TV Media Buying and Selling with Our Innovative Solutions

We can help you leverage industry standards and stay on top of trends that shape modern TV consumer habits. Covering advanced technologies like OTT and CTV, we also cater for Linear TV that is being challenged to stay ahead of the competition. Geomotiv’s team develops software solutions that make it easy for the TV industry to monetize content and deliver better services to ordinary TV viewers. Read more about Linear and OTT TV>

Advanced EdTech Solutions to Train Experts of Tomorrow and Elevate the Learning Processes

The main eLearning business advantages today – agility, consistency, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. Build custom forward-thinking solutions with Geomotiv. Leverage our EdTech experience to ensure success. Engage our dedicated teams at any stage of the project to achieve your business goals. Read more about EdTech>

Harness the Power of Cutting-Edge Technologies to Fuel your eCommerce Growth and Deliver Unmatched Shopping Experiences

Tap into Geomotiv’s technical excellence and years-long domain expertise in eCommerce development. Our dedicated talents ensure that you receive innovative tailored services that match your particular requirements. With us, you get a next-gen, scalable, and unique eCommerce solution adjusted for every business, from startups to enterprise clients. Read more about eCommerce Software Development>


We Use the Most Advanced Tools to Create
Innovative Solutions


Oracle Database
Microsoft SQL Server

DevOps tools



Our Work Speaks for Itself


Video Streaming Platform

The OTT Advertising Service was a set of solutions designed to give the client full control over their ad related activities.


Staff Augmentation for AdTech Company

A technical solution for ad campaign automation that was developed within the client’s integrated omnichannel DSP and DMP platforms.


Custom Solutions for AdTech Company

Discover our support solutions built for efficient software development and enhancement of AdTech products.


White-Label Ad Management Solution

A flexible ad management system for large advertisers that brought industry recognition for MediaMath.


Custom Solution for Ad Campaign and Strategy Scheduling

Explore our user-friendly Scheduler system for ad campaigns and strategy scheduling integrated into the client’s DSP.


AdTech Bidding Module Development

Achieving a 40% development boost, 60% leak cut, and 200ms processing speed in optimizing the client’s Bidding module.



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What is offshore software development?

The concept of offshore software development service presupposes working with an outsourcing partner based anywhere in the world. As a rule, “offshore” means that the development team you will cooperate with will be based in another region or continent.

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