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If you need to address critical downsides of your business or scale existing operations but are unsure where to start, our IT consulting company is the answer. We offer the full spectrum of IT consultancy services, from strategic guidance to custom solution and development consulting. Rely on our 14+ years of experience in the IT consulting services market to bridge the gap between business and technology and create a unique strategy for your case.



IT Consultancy Model for Your Company

Leverage the power and capabilities of a multi-disciplinary technical team, which combines deep niche development expertise, fundamental business knowledge, and a thorough understanding of the modern market. With our technology consulting services, you’ll be able to gain an external perspective and unbiased view of the current state of things.
Through detailed Analysis of business needs and strategic IT services consulting, we can Synthesize the best solution with the help of the most optimal technical stack.

We are Your Thought Partner

Analysis Stage of IT Consulting Services

IT Strategy Consulting IT Strategy Consulting

With expertise in both business and technology, our IT strategy consultants can facilitate the development of an integrated IT strategy for your domain to stay competitive. Our approach is a focused engagement that includes analyzing the current and future state and identifying major initiatives for consecutive implementation.

Software Consulting Software Consulting

We examine the current software systems that support business processes and analyze gaps, problems, and inefficiencies in each solution. Using a collective experience, we analyze the most viable opportunities to remove the existing roadblocks and get you back on track.

Enterprise Software Advisory Enterprise Software Advisory

As an experienced software development company, we assess the technical architecture of on-premises software, databases, operating systems, servers, and other Enterprise facilities. Our IT strategy consultants explore the most optimal way to ensure the transition from legacy software to new and innovative solutions such as cloud platforms.

Strategic Advisory

Solutions Stage of IT Consulting

Custom Software Development

We suggest custom software development to address unique business needs and explore how to add features and functionality for individual requirements.

Software Product Development

We can help you get a clear vision of how a new software product can be used to meet your business objectives.

Legacy App Modernization

Our specialists explore improvement opportunities in your business processes and suggest a proper digital transformation roadmap within legacy app modernization.


Based on identified resource and skill gaps, we can suggest the right approach to meet your demands in any role with dedicated teams or other staffing solutions.

Strategic Roadmap

Strategic Roadmap

Having completed a rigorous evaluation of your needs, goals, and pain points and suggesting the best ways to address them, we present in-depth guidelines with detailed step-by-step tactical moves.

Your Helping Hands

Implementation Stage of Our IT Consultant Services

Based on deep technological and domain expertise, we can bring the desired solution to life upon your request. Vast experience with custom solution development, Big Data processing, eCommerce, OTT and Linear TV, Healthcare, and EdTech enables us to design, develop, and refine precisely focused solutions.

Petro Tkachuk Business Analyst and
Project Manager

Suppose you are planning to build a new software solution, considering different approaches to software modernization, or looking for the best ways to develop your business digital transformation strategy. In that
case, IT consulting can become the first step toward solving these

With our rich expertise in IT and businesses, we are sure that after
a detailed analysis of your case, we can offer you the best solutions
that will bring real value to your company.

Service Scope

What you Get with IT Consultant Services

Lead your company forward with our expert IT consulting services.

We can empower you with the right IT strategic roadmap that propels your company ahead of competitors.
Find out more about how we can help you today.


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What are IT consulting services?

Broadly speaking, Information Technology consulting services mean suggesting businesses on how to leverage information technology to meet their objectives. This process involves evaluating various digital technology strategies and matching them with the needs of a particular business. Also, IT consultancy provides an assessment of the existing IT environment, and formulates recommendations on how to improve, modernize, and upgrade it to remain competitive and relevant to customers.

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