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Leverage our HR software development services to achieve maximum efficiency of every HR process in your organization. Manage employee lifecycle from candidate management to payroll and financial data reporting, make smart talent decisions, and do whatever it takes to understand and grow your workforce fully.



What is Human Resource Management System

HRM is a suite of software solutions that introduce technology-enabled HR operations inside an organization. It aims to avoid the limitations of traditional management systems, which are associated with splattered workforce-related data that is difficult to manage and organize across disconnected software systems.

With the help of HRM software development, companies can automate human resource business processes and manage transactions, payroll, and compliance processes.
Rich functionality and vast self-service capabilities enable human resource staff to eliminate repetitive administrative tasks and boost employee satisfaction with interconnected and easy-to-use systems.
With our expert HR software development services, you can switch to a full-fledged solution that is easily accessible on any device. Whether you want to gain a competitive edge, accelerate a wide array of HR processes, manage compliance, or lay the foundation for future growth.

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The Scope of HR Software Development Services

Custom HRMS Development Custom HRMS Development

Geomotiv creates custom HR solutions from scratch, ensuring full alignment with current business processes and seamless integration into an existing ecosystem of tools. Once we have a deep understanding of your operations and the case itself, we move on to HRMS software development, following the key steps: MVP development, product development, and ongoing maintenance.

Existing HRMS Customization Existing HRMS Customization

With our expert HR software development company, the standard functionality of generic software can be adapted to unique Enterprise needs. We can either add or remove a specific feature set, add new configurations to existing functionality and update new business logic applied to it. Depending on your goals and vision, our team can enhance the current version of an HRMS to make it more dynamic and satisfactory for end-users.

Single Process Automation Single Process Automation

Our team can focus on one particular HR-related process and develop a specific module for its automation, optimization, or enhancement. For that, we build a full-fledged HR component with necessary features and integration-ready architecture that address particular business needs.

Mobile App Development Mobile App Development

We deliver feature-packed mobile solutions that enable multi-device connectivity for distributed and traditional workplaces. With a mobile device, the HR staff will leverage a comprehensive software platform to manage the personnel in real-time, boost productivity, and improve efficiency.


Functional Modules of HRM Systems

Recruitment and Hiring Management

This module serves to accelerate time-to-hire and remove manual efforts from the hiring pipeline. It automates the entire candidate search, screening, resume matching, interviewing, and hiring process.

Payroll and Benefits Management

Eliminates manual data entry from payroll processing workflows, reduces the number of errors, and automates the administration of benefits, including pension plans, medical insurance, maternity leave, sick leave, and vacations.

Time Tracking and Attendance

Adds functions like absence and overtime management, scheduling, and in and out checking hours and ensures compliance with labor regulations and other workplace-related compliance legislation.

Reporting and Analytics

Robust reporting and analytics features included in this module allow users to retrieve and process vast amounts of sensitive data for further analysis, forecasting, and decision-making.

Employee Retention Management

A simple and reliable way to implement proactive initiatives that address team retention issues and improve employee turnover rates through every step of the employee lifecycle.

Performance Management

Equips the company with a centralized tool to manage the training and development of the entire workforce. HRM software creates opportunities for continuous learning, improved productivity, and personalized learning paths.

Security Features

Protection of Sensitive Data with HRMS

Role-based Access

HRM software development ensures different levels or tiers of access to information, data, and reports for individual employees. This helps improve data security, mark a divide between private and public data, and manage constituencies for every role inside an organization.

System Segmentation

Role-based access is tightly coupled to system segmentation settings and security protocols adjusted to each workforce segment. One of the crucial areas is that executive payrolls are split into separate categories to ensure ultimate data protection.

Two-factor Authentication

HRM software ensures an extra layer of sign-in security by requiring two authentication requests: a username & password and a confirmation code sent to a user’s device. Thanks to the widespread adoption of mobile phones and tablets, two-factor authentication can secure each credential and verify every login attempt.

Password and Reset Policy

An HRMS must apply a strong password policy to all employees across each department to prevent unauthorized login to sensitive data. This includes setting standardized rules for strong password creation, the protection of these passwords, and the frequency of consecutive reset activities.

Data Encryption

The need for keeping sensitive data encrypted has increased as companies realize the risks of data leaks in the current technical environment. Custom HR system development largely employs encryption algorithms to secure data at rest or in transit and provide the last defense shield against the theft and exposure of employee data.

Looking for a custom HRMS software development?

We will help you to develop HR solutions that fit the most stringent security requirements.

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    Business Value

    Reap the Benefits of HRM Software

    Central Data Storage
    Central Data Storage
    Central Data Storage

    HRM systems provide universal access to HR data anytime and anywhere, which eliminates the need to manage multiple systems and switch between different windows. Storing employee data in a central hub saves time on employee supervision and eliminates manual and usually tedious work hours.

    Efficient Hiring Process
    Efficient Hiring Process
    Efficient Hiring Process

    Instead of wasting time on duplicate efforts or switching between different priorities, your HR staff will be able to operate at maximum efficiency and land new hires faster. HR software development services enable companies to automate pre-screening and streamline communication between recruiters and candidates.

    Data Analytics
    Data Analytics
    Data Analytics

    An HRM solution forms an integral base for planning and strategic activities with its robust data analytics capabilities. The system lets you quickly view workforce costs and trends, identify problem areas and at-risk employees, and leverage this information to drive enhanced decision-making.

    Fewer Risks
    Fewer Risks
    Fewer Risks

    Custom HRM software reduces the number of unwanted risks and data-related vulnerabilities since it unites all sensitive data under one reliable umbrella. Eliminating problems before they arise helps improve profitability, revenue, reputation, and other crucial aspects of a modern business.

    Compliance with Regulations
    Compliance with Regulations
    Compliance with Regulations

    HRMS software automates compliance procedures associated with federal, state, and local regulations alongside other applicable rules and obligations. This helps to stay in line with any changes in employment-related legislation, remove load from the HR team, and cut off the risks of heavy fines or penalties.

    Better Collaboration
    Better Collaboration
    Better Collaboration

    HRM software helps to organize efficient communication and collaboration flows in a workplace. Employees can easily share ideas,and feedback on a unified platform, which helps increase their satisfaction and boost productivity. Vast self-service opportunities enable employees to get their queries resolved anytime, which removes load from the HR department and creates a healthy atmosphere in a team.

    Cost Drivers
    Custom vs. Off-the-Shelf Solution Comparison
    Custom HRMSOff-the-shelf HRMS
    best for Enterprise and mid-sized businessesbest for small businesses
    500+ employees< 500 employees
    Specific, advanced functionality that addresses unique business needsLimited, generic functionality
    $100k-250k+ (based on the number and complexity of features and integrations)$60/user per month, hidden expenses, and subscription costs increase over time
    Varvara Vinogradova HR Manager and
    Head of Recruitment

    For more than 14 years, Geomotiv has been helping companies address their business needs with advanced custom software solutions.And HRM systems are not an exception. You can entirely rely on usif you want to implement HRM software with tools for automatingmultiple human resource-related processes.


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    What is an HRM system?

    An HRM system is a type of software designed to address the needs of the HR department and ensure complete coverage of various administrative tasks. It embraces many HR functions, including talent sourcing, hiring, payroll, benefits, performance and attendance tracking, career development, and other activities. Through technology, companies can automate manual processes, optimize the work of the HR department, and gain insightful information about disparate employee data.

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