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Geomotiv delivers one-of-a-kind solutions for corporate customers of all sizes and in a variety of industries. With our ERP development experts, you can put your critical business processes and functions on auto-pilot, take care of data security, and make cross-department collaboration easy and transparent.



What is Custom ERP Software?

ERP is a system that stores, manages, and analyzes company-wide data. One of the main goals of such a software solution is to optimize work processes by uniting them into one system and making them operate as a coherent and interconnected ecosystem. As a rule, it is used by large Enterprise-grade companies that have to manage many processes and build synergy across departments.

Its ultimate goal is to give the utmost visibility to team members and improve collaboration for all units.
An ERP consists of smaller elements called modules, which are small applications united under the roof of the ERP, embracing-all entities. A crucial aspect of ERP solutions development services is integrating all application parts into a central database, so there’s a single source of precise information.
Custom ERP development is the most optimal way to address the unique Enterprise needs. At the same time, it allows for fine-tuning the system and going beyond the standard offering of generic off-the-shelf software. Our ERP software experts maximize the efficiency of business processes and prevent you from overpaying for redundant or insufficient functionality.

Your Options

The Scope of ERP Development Services

ERP Development from Scratch ERP Development from Scratch

A full-cycle development process that encompasses: business analysis (detailed business and technical specifications and project scope); design (the visual design, wireframing, prototyping, and technical design of software architecture); development (this stage is managed by an expert development team); deployment (integration with existing business processes, data migration, and employee training); support and maintenance (end-user support and continuous system updates).

ERP System Enhancement ERP System Enhancement

We assess the necessity of a legacy ERP system innovation by investigating gaps in the service, identifying areas of improvement, and disclosing other bottlenecks that prevent it from thriving. Our Business analysts conduct thorough research of customization options, including removing redundant features or adding new functionality to address lack of scalability, confusing functions, invalid code in an older system, or other limitations.

ERP Module Development ERP Module Development

Guided by your business needs and cross-department demands, we provide end-to-end ERP module software development services. From business analysis, and UI/UX design to deployment and maintenance, we implement the right amount of features and include only relevant functionality. Our experts ensure that each standalone element of the application integrates well into the common system.

ERP Development Consulting ERP Development Consulting

Let our experts investigate the most appropriate strategy for fast and efficient ERP implementation and development. We examine the current business processes, identify critical gaps, and find solutions that respond to changing requirements and market conditions.

Business Upsides

Benefits You Get with a Custom ERP

Enhance business operations by identifying roadblocks, reducing inefficiencies, improving customer interactions, and facilitating real-time collaboration across departments

Improve the security of sensitive information through the implementation of multiple security systems and industry-standard compliance and authorization procedures

Add efficiency to the decision-making process by removing duplicate or conflicting data sources, automating the reporting routine, and gaining highly informative insights with up-to-the-minute updates

Leverage high accuracy and availability of business data by unifying all sources of information in a single database and making it visible anytime, anywhere

Gain better competitiveness in the market through better performance, enhanced operations, automatization, and full ownership of the developed ERP system

Provide advanced customer service through removing administrative hassles and focusing on the ways to improve customer satisfaction

Are you ready to transform your business with ERP solutions?

Then, get in touch with our experienced ERP experts. Learn more about how we can help you innovate with a tailor-made solution with your budget and business needs in mind.

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    More Advantages

    Why Choose Custom ERP Development instead of
    Other Options

    Ease of Adjustments
    Ease of Adjustments
    Ease of Adjustments

    Whether you request a specialized feature or want to remove it from the solution, custom ERP software development enables it all. There is no need to change the existing business process to match it with the functionality of ERP software.

    Fast Project Execution
    Fast Project Execution
    Fast Project Execution

    Custom ERP development is based on a thorough business analysis stage, which includes a step-by-step investigation of the company’s bottlenecks. It is designed to reflect the actual process flow and boost project execution speed as the implemented features are used to their maximum.

    Lifetime Support and Maintenance
    Lifetime Support and Maintenance
    Lifetime Support and Maintenance

    Unlike ready-made ERP solutions, tailor-made software receives ongoing end-user support from a dedicated team of IT specialists. Since they know the developed solution from top to bottom, they can modify it or adjust for changes.

    Quality Solutions
    Quality Solutions
    Quality Solutions

    The best way to ensure that everything is working properly in an ERP is to go with a custom solution. ERP development companies ensure that no potential bugs or failures reach the final project stages. The testing process is ongoing and starts at the requirements gathering stage, proceeding to software delivery.


    Custom ERP solutions handle business growth, change over time, and accommodate other scalability requests in the long term. Whether you want to update the software, increase the solution’s capacity, or address any company’s growing demands, custom ERP development services can serve these needs without disruptions.

    Integration-Ready Architecture
    Integration-Ready Architecture
    Integration-Ready Architecture

    Tailor-made software is designed with particular business needs in mind, which eliminates migration and compatibility issues of ready-made software.

    Petro Tkachuk Business Analyst and
    Project Manager

    As a rule, the ERP vendor determines off-the-shelf ERP feature sets and capabilities and offers standardized packages. In contrast, custom ERP
    functionality is defined by customers and thoroughly tailored to their
    unique needs and specific processes. This customization allows
    for integrating advanced technologies such as AI, ML, IoT, and
    blockchain, enhancing business efficiency to its maximum potential.

    Custom ERP Development Project

    Project background. Geomotiv initiated the development of a custom ERP system to address critical challenges in managing our internal operations: scattered business processes, non-automated workflows, time-consuming reporting, and unsatisfying functionality of commercial software. 

    Goal. The high-level goal was to automate and integrate critical day-to-day operations—time and project management, human resources, and accounting. The envisioned custom ERP system would eliminate manual efforts and inefficiencies and be a single point of truth for our company.

    Work process. Through well-planned phases, including market analysis, detailed business analysis, design, and Agile development with Scrum methodology, Geomotiv crafted a tailored ERP solution on top of the Google Cloud Platform and a microservices-based architecture. 

    Results. The Beta testing phase revealed the product’s value, leading to consecutive development of the rest of the prioritized features. Upon completing the data migration process, we anticipate the ERP system to reach all envisioned goals. 

    Feel free to read the complete case study for details on development stages, estimations, implemented modules, and more insights.


    Custom ERP Modules that We Provide

    ERP Modules

    • Financial management
    • Procurement
    • Manufacturing
    • Inventory and Order Management
    • Warehouse Management
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Human Resources Management

    Advanced Modules

    •  Service Resource Management
    • eCommerce and Marketing Automation
    Cost Drivers
    Custom vs. Off-the-Shelf ERP Software Solutions
    Off-the-shelf ERPCustom ERP
    $40.000 – $50.000$150.000 – $750.000
    Hidden costs may triple the sum ($120k-$150k):
    – licensing; 
    – source code modification;
    – integration with other systems;
    – system enhancement;
    – user training.
    – Enterprise system of medium complexity,
    five modules $200k – $250k 
    – A smaller system of medium complexity $150-$200k
    – A complex system with advanced functionality $250k+

    Food and Beverage
    The Most Popular Domains for ERP System
    The Most Popular Domains for ERP System
    Beauty and Fashion
    The Most Popular Domains for ERP System
    Education and Learning
    The Most Popular Domains for ERP System
    The Most Popular Domains for ERP System
    The Most Popular Domains for ERP System
    The Most Popular Domains for ERP System
    The Most Popular Domains for ERP System
    Retail and Wholesale
    The Most Popular Domains for ERP System
    Food and Beverage
    Beauty and Fashion
    Education and Learning
    Retail and Wholesale


    Our Work Speaks for Itself


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    What is an ERP system?

    ERP is a system that consolidates, manages, and analyzes company-wide business processes and resources in a single database. It helps establish an efficient workflow across multiple departments by connecting all units and fostering collaboration between them.
    To function properly, an ERP system should comprise separate modules that interact with each other and integrate into a uniform solution. Each module is focused on a specific performance area, including sales and marketing, human resource management, financial management, and many others.

    How to choose a development company for your ERP system?
    What does the custom ERP system development cost?
    Why prefer a custom ERP over an off-the-shelf (ready-made) ERP?
    What technologies should be used to develop ERP?


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