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Geomotiv is here to serve your needs by applying technology expertise, an in-depth understanding of your industry, and vast experience with custom web app development. We will build a custom web app with the boost it needs to win in oversaturated markets.



What is a Custom Web Application?

A custom web app is a tailor-made software solution that suits the needs of particular audiences and provides an efficient and straightforward user experience. Unlike websites, which present static and visual content solely, web apps can serve to inform users but mostly rely on their input and interaction, complex data processing, and generating a response to browsers.
Think of an app like Slack or Trello; these renowned mentions go beyond informing end-users about their offering and marketing their online brand. Instead, they cater to specific audiences, establish efficient communication with them, and act as a collaboration and interaction point for customers.
Rather than focusing on everyone else’s problems, custom web application development projects address individual necessities and specific pain points. Invest in custom web application development to reap the benefits for you and the customers you serve:

  • Unique functionality and design that make your solution stand out;
  • Ultimate security of internal data, payment information, and credentials;
  • Optimal scalability and flexibility enabling you to meet changing needs and adapt the solution to growing demands;
  • Ongoing maintenance and support from a custom web application development company;
  • Expenditure reduction in the long run, since there’s no need to cover additional expenses;
  • Added values of improved customer experience and individualized customer journeys.
Types of Web Applications
Custom Web Application Development Solutions
Static Web ApplicationsInformation display
and delivery
Blog posts, landing pages, forms, announcement pages, portfolios,
“About us” pages
Dynamic web ApplicationsInteraction with users and real-time data outputSocial media, healthcare apps, transportation and logistics apps, forums, and eCommerce apps
Portal Web ApplicationsRegistration-based customer or/and employee-facing resourcePortals for students and faculties, online banking, insurance, governments, patients, or employees
Single-Page Web ApplicationsFast and dynamic work
inside a browser
Email services, social media, maps, etc.
Multi-Page Web ApplicationsRepresentation of vast amounts of interconnected content and UIsEnterprise-grade apps, eCommerce apps
Progressive Web ApplicationsWorking as a web page and mobile app on any deviceeCommerce apps, banking, insurance, social media, news, and media portals
Content Management SystemsContent creation, updating, and publishingPersonal and corporate blogs, news pages, sales, and marketing portals
Animated Web ApplicationsContent delivery with animation effects to hold user attention and increase engagementEducation and gaming apps
eCommerce Web ApplicationsSelling goods and services
in a single place
eCom businesses

We are Tech-Enablers

Leveraging the Latest Techs for Web App Development

Our team of custom web application developers can lay the course of the next project with ease thanks to vast experience with the latest technologies and tools. We ensure that your tailor-made software meets the highest user expectations, visual standards, performance demands, and security needs. Our team takes time to understand industry-specific requirements and estimate the project’s timeframes and budget limitations to shortlist the pool of the most fitting technologies.

As no business is the same, we are dedicated to choosing the best-suited tools or their combinations and guiding you through the selection process. Explore our vast capabilities in traditional and evolving tech stacks, which serve as a foundation for custom web application development.

Front-end Part

JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, React, Vuejs, Angular

Back-end Part

PHP, Java, С# , Nodejs, Golang


MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB, Redis

Infrastructure and DevOps

AWS, Microsoft, Azure, TeamCity, Docker, Jenkins, Kubernetes, GitLab, Nginx, Google

Need a partner to implement a new bright idea or enhance an existing solution with new techs?

Our web application development company has a proven track record of a virtually unlimited number of use cases: from static web solutions to complex multi-page Enterprise software solutions. Hit the Get in Touch button below to get started with the project.

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    You Get

    Custom Web App Development Services

    Initiation and Planning

    We start by researching your business preferences and dive into co-creating a practical vision of a bespoke custom web app dev project. Our Business Analysts elicit requirements from stakeholders, build wireframes, plan further steps of creating an MVP of the solution, as well as provide time and cost estimates. To ensure fast and efficient project implementation, we initiate a hiring process and present you with the qualified tech talent that you may need.

    Web Design

    The design stage of bespoke custom web app dev involves UI designers’ creative work, which transforms wireframes into visual interpretations of the future solution. Guided by the client’s approval, we finalize the UI design with the required information structure and content visualization patterns, include basic functionalities, and add the necessary level of responsiveness.

    Web App Development

    In this stage, we get down to implementing the envisioned features and crafting capabilities of the future web application. Our team follows the Agile development methodology, which splits the work into 2-week sprints and delivers each increment consequentially.

    Quality Assurance

    Quality assurance encompasses manual and automated efforts and is a continuous process tightly integrated into the development process. We undertake multiple testing rounds to ensure the web application complies with quality standards and covers functionality, usability, compatibility, security, performance, and other aspects.


    As experienced custom web app development consultants, we are ready to expand the solution’s functionality with third-party integrations such as CRM, HRM systems, or CMS solutions. We can also plug into new functional modules according to the product roadmap to meet new and evolving demands.

    Support and Maintenance

    Our custom web development services encompass post-launch support and maintenance to fine-tune the system, configure existing features, and fix bugs. Based on your needs and customer feedback, we introduce changes or updates to enhance your solution with game-changing capabilities.

    Web App Enhancement

    Whether you need to evolve the existing architecture, enhance it with new functionalities, or add cutting-edge capabilities to outperform competitors, our team is ready to address these challenges. With us, it is easy to reshape the design and layout of a web app or move it from monolith to microservices-based architecture without affecting current operations.

    Web App Development Consulting

    Need to validate your product idea or get an external view of the current operations and future needs? Our experienced custom web app development consultant team is ready to deconstruct and analyze your pain points and roadblocks and synthesize the best solutions backed by cutting-edge technologies.

    Sergey Lobko-Lobanovsky Founder and CEO

    At Geomotiv, we’re your trusted partner for custom web application
    development. Our track record speaks for itself, and here’s why we
    stand out. First, we’re industry experts. We understand the unique
    challenges your business faces, and we tailor solutions to fit your
    specific needs. Next, we’re all about cutting-edge technology. Our
    team stays ahead of the curve, ensuring your web app leverages
    the latest tools and frameworks. But our commitment continues
    after project delivery. We provide ongoing support and maintenance,
    keeping your web app running per changing requirements and
    introducing enhancements as needed.

    Cost Estimates
    Price Ranges of Custom Web Applications Development
    Simple AppsMedium AppsComplex Apps
    $3,000 to $16,000$16,000 to $52,000Up to $250,000
    SPAs or static web apps with the least amount of contentApps for SMEs or eCom businesses with a substantial number of interactive parts and plenty of contentEnterprise-grade applications with non-trivial functionality and a large amount of related content


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    What is a custom web app?

    A custom web app is a type of software available using the Internet and is implemented in browsers. Unlike ready-made applications, custom solutions serve unique business purposes and perform exclusive functions. They are easy to scale, modify, and adjust to changing requirements. Unlike other types of web-based software, custom web applications are action-oriented, interactive, and responsive to user input.

    How to create a custom web application?
    How long does it take to create a bespoke web application?
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