Instagram for Schools

A solution that allowed students to transform everyday school tasks and activities into photos and videos while sharing them with the school board.


About the Client

Our client was a technology company that developed, deployed, and was supporting enterprise unified communication software and network infrastructure. They operated with all types of enterprises, both directly and via a vast affiliate network.

Technologies Used


The client wanted to develop an Instagram-like app for school usage only, so it was more of a social project rather than a commercial. Their idea was to improve the students’ social life while establishing closer interaction within a single school. The application was meant to provide a school news feed, event calendar, photo sharing, and messaging. The client’s main requirement was to give students access to the info of their school only.

Work Description

As our first step, we accumulated the client’s business requirements to create a Proof of Concept. With that, we defined a core technology stack, which comprised Java for a native Android app and Objective-C for iOS. Following that, we created basic wireframes and color design. After the client’s approval, we moved on to development. We decided to integrate the mobile app in the school system via XAML authentication involving the client’s server to meet the main project requirements. The integration was performed by teachers’ and students’ IDs. 

Our cooperation was in the form of full-cycle development. Thus all stages comprising design, development, QA, and deployment were executed by our team.

Work Stages

  1. Procure business requirements
  2. Create basic design
  3. Develop back- and front-end
  4. Assess the quality level
  5. Deploy in production


The app we delivered successfully met the client’s requirements and allowed them to improve their company image. Our project was a part of almost two years’ cooperation.


Case Studies


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A web-based cross-platform mobile app that allowed to assist/provide support for patients anytime and anywhere.


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A united library supply manager created for students and teachers. One single interface to publish books and media assets and one single interface to use them.


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A complex system comprising both software and hardware components that provided an easy paperless way to track workouts that players completed.


Educational Event Management System

A unique and sector-specific solution to manage events and conferences. A comprehensive calendar with booking and notification features.


Student Information System

Student Information System was a centralized platform developed to store, manage, aggregate, and process student-related data.


Library Management System

A solution to manage library resources created for schools, colleges, and educational centers that can be accessed from anywhere.



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